Japanese Authorities Arrest Two Foreigners for Posting Weekly Shonen Jump Manga Online Before Publication

Japanese media recently reported that two foreigners have been arrested for allegedly uploading images of manga from the Weekly Shonen Jump online before its official publication dates.

According to police reports, the two suspects, uploaded images of the Weekly Shonen Jump manga illegally last March before the magazine gets released to the general public. The two suspects, one of them named Samir Musa, bought the magazine before their official release dates in Tokyo bookstores in order to get the “early leaks.” Musa is said to run Japan Deal World, a limited liability company based in Tokyo’s Kita Ward.

Shonen Jump

The two suspects are also suspected to violating Japan’s Copyright Act for photographing and copying images via mobile phone last month. The police are suspected that there are others people involved in this case and will be conducting further investigations.

In 2017, the Japanese police arrest three individuals for illegally uploading  manga pages of the popular manga One Piece from the Weekly Shonen Jump.

Source: Esuteru.com (Hachima Kiko)

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