Kinnikuman Anime Perfect Origin Arc Reveals New Teaser Trailer

That’s exciting news for Kinnikuman fans! The Perfect Origin Arc seems like a great way to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the iconic anime. The fact that the series is picking up where it left off indicates a continuation of the story. Which should be particularly thrilling for long-time fans who have been following the adventures of Kinnikuman since its debut in 1979. The Yudetamago creative duo’s dedication to the series has kept it alive and well for over four decades. It showcased the enduring popularity of the anime. With a new trailer and poster, fans can get a glimpse of what to expect from this revival, and it’s sure to generate a lot of anticipation and excitement.


Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the original anime, Perfect Origin Arc will tackle the titular arc from the 2011 revival manga sequel, which boasts over 200 chapters. This meaty project aims to provide fans with a substantial and comprehensive continuation of the Kinnikuman story. To offer a sneak peek at what awaits in its 2024 premiere, fans can check out the newest trailer for the upcoming Kinnikuman anime, along with a poster and the initial character designs for Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc in the video.

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Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc Trailer

Release Date

Currently, the release for Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc is scheduled for 2024, but the exact date or timeframe remains unconfirmed.

Currently, you can’t legally stream or read it online. So, there’s no official way to prepare for the new anime. However, if you enjoyed Ultimate Muscle, you can jump into the new project directly as it starts a big story arc. Kinnikuman features wild and exciting action inspired by professional wrestling.


The announcement includes that Mamoru Miyano will be lending his voice to our fav character in the upcoming anime. Additionally, Akira Kamiya, who originally voiced Kinnikuman, will join the cast as both Kinniku Mayumi (Kinnikuman’s father) and Prince Kamehame (Kinnikuman’s master). This casting decision brings a nostalgic touch to the project.


The new anime adaptation of Kinnikuman Perfect Origin Arc will be directed by Akira Sato at Production I.G. Handling the series’ scripts is Makoto Fukami, while Hirotaka Marufuji is responsible for character design. Yasuharu Takanashi will be composing the music. Notable additions to the voice cast include Mamoru Miyano as Kinnikuman, Akira Kamiya as Mayumi Kinniku, and Akira Kamiya as Prince Kamehame. Full character designs for these roles have been revealed.

Kinnikuman Manga

The original manga by Yudetamago, also known as Ultimate Muscle in English, has been serialized since 1979 in various Shueisha publications, including Weekly Shonen Jump, Weekly Playboy, and Shu Play News.

The initial volume of Kinnikuman – Road to the Championship Saga, as described by Amazon:

“The Kinnikuman manga comic is finally translated in English! This is the first saga where Kinnikuman rises to fame through the wrestling field. He makes fast friends and foes alike! This volume also contains the rare Kinnikuman prequel. You might remember these guys from the 1980’s as M.U.S.C.L.E., but the story begins here!”


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