Kuso Miso Technique Anime New Key Visual, April 2024 Premiere

The April Fools’ Day joke from 2023 is turning into a reality! The Kuso Miso Technique anime, which was crowdfunded with success. It is an adaptation of a yaoi hentai manga that became a popular meme in the early 2000s. The anime announced that it will premiere on April 1, 2024, and a new key visual for Shin Yaranai ka, illustrated by Yumeko Kirariyama, was also revealed.

kuso miso technique

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Studio Kingyoiro’s Pierre Itō, known for works like Kenda Master Ken and World, Before You End, directs the anime. “Ikansoku” is the scriptwriter, collaborating with Taiten Kawakami on the scenario. Studio Leo and Anime Tokyo, LLC, are producing the anime, with Bungaku Itō and Cyzo credited for the original work collaboration.

In the anime, Yoshirō Sasaki voices Takakazu Abe, while Sorate, a recent high school graduate, voices Masaki Michishita. Pierre Itō discovered the manga on the online Futaba Channel forum during junior high and created an unofficial live-action fan video on YouTube under the pseudonym “Yoshirō Sasaki.”

The medium-length original video anime is being produced by Anime Tokyo as an all-ages title. Animation production began in May after the crowdfunding campaign exceeded its goal of 8,000,000 yen (about US$57,300) on May 17, reaching a total of 8,680,500 yen (about US$62,200). Although the goal wasn’t formally met due to funds being removed, the anime is still in progress.

Yamakawa originally published the one-shot manga in the second issue of BaraComi, a manga spinoff from the gay men’s magazine Barazoku, in 1987. The manga’s dialogue line “Yaranai ka” became an Internet meme in the early 2000s.


kuso miso technique

Masaki Michishita, an ordinary prep school student, starts the story by hurrying to the bathroom in a park one day. Despite his haste, he notices Takakazu Abe. An incredibly handsome auto mechanic, sitting on a bench. They exchange glances, and after Abe says “Yaranai ka” (Shall we do it?), their encounter begins. The anime will build upon the one-shot manga. It also includes elements from Yamakawa’s other works, as well as introducing its own unique story elements.

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Where can I watch anime for free?

You can watch anime for free on Crunchyroll.

Who is Kuso Miso Technique?

Pierre Ito is directing Kuso Miso Technique.

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