Live Action One Piece Season 2: Cast, Plot & Release Date

Live action One Piece season 1 was so impressive that waiting for season 2 is impossible. Oda sensei never leaves a chance to surprise his fans. Creating a live-action series for everyone’s favorite anime was one of the best things that ever happened.

Live Action One Piece

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The characters aced it, and fans love each of them. Straw hat pirates nailed it in season 1, and we can’t wait to watch more of them. Everyone loves our goofy boy Monkey D. Luffy, and handsome Zoro. 

Season one’s eight episodes have successfully covered the East Blue Saga. So, the second season will continue the story according to the manga. 

What Is The Release Date Of Live Action One Piece Season 2?

Soon after the first season came to an end, Oda sensei announced that season 2 would be out soon. The production team has started working on it. Becky Clements, the producer of One Piece Live Action adaptation, highlights that the next part can take around a year to release. Though they haven’t specified the exact release date, as per predictions, it should be out in late 2024 or early 2025. 

According to the producer Marty Adelstein, the scripts for season are all set. So, the team is working hard to make the second season a smash hit just like the first one. 

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Netflix’s Live Action Adaptation One Piece Season 2 Plot

We can expect the second season of the live action show to adapt to the Arabasta Saga. Since season one also covered a bit of the Loguetown arc, we can expect the upcoming season to cover the remaining. We can also expect thrilling action sequences based on the manga. 

Season 2 will explore some new locations and introduce us to several characters. In the Arabasta arc, the evil Baroque Works (criminal organization) will make their entry. So get ready to see them in the next season. 

A number of new enemies will enter and try to create hurdles for Monkey D Luffy and the team. Though Baroque Works appear after a number of chapters, so hopefully the Live Action S2 will introduce them. We are hoping to see the heroes against Mr. 5 and Crocodile.

There is so much material to adapt; therefore, the Tomorrow Studios producers are sure about the next six seasons. Fans should be ready for 12 seasons, as the producers expect the same. 

One Piece Live Action Season 2 Characters

There are no official changes made in the cast. Fans should expect all the main characters and some new characters as well. Apart from the main characters, Buggy and Alvida also appear in the manga. Thus, we might see them (Jeff Ward and Illia Isorelys) to reappear in the Live Action. Oda sensei has already hinted at introducing everyone’s favorite Chopper in the coming season.

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Will One Piece live-action have a Season 2?

Yes, the higher-ups are working on releasing season 2 in late 2024 or early 2025.

Who will play Luffy in live-action?

Inaki Godoy played Luffy in the first season.

Is One Piece Season 2 confirmed?

Yes, Live Action One Piece Season 2 is officially confirmed.


Not long ago, Live Action One Piece came to an end. The good thing is the creators are sure to continue the story and present the fans with almost 12 seasons. The only thing that hurts is the WAIT, as it almost takes one year for each season to hit the screens! Let’s wait all together for the epic Live Action One Piece Series to continue to watch our favorite Straw Hats. For more updates stay tuned to our Anime News.

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