Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari Season 2 Key Visual Revealed

Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari Season 2 Key Visual Revealed

The second season of the anime series Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari is one of the year’s most anticipated anime sequel seasons. It will continue the story from where Season 1 left off.

It served as the television anime adaptation of the same-named manga series by author and illustrator Onigunsou, and it debuted to rapturous acclaim from both audiences and reviewers.

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Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari Season 2 Key Visual

Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari, a TV anime based on the supernatural action manga by Onigunsou, has just released a fascinating new key visual (see below) for the forthcoming second season. A new season brings new perils to face.

Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari Season 2 Key Visual Revealed
Credit: Studio BN Pictures

Although viewers weren’t sure what to anticipate before the series began, it ended up being one of the biggest sleeper successes of the Winter 2023 season. Similar to how fans watching the first season after it ended boosted the anticipation for Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari season 2, there is now even more of a desire for the follow-up season.

Despite the fact that the production team had only provided a few details to fans earlier in the month, the most recent information is nonetheless quite interesting. With it, viewers get a fresh key image for the future season as well as the season 2 release date for Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari.

Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari Season 2 Cast and Staff

The same studio that produced the first season, which aired during the Winter 2023 anime season, is returning to create the sequel. The core team is also coming back: Once more serving as a director is Ryuichi Kimura, and the remaining personnel are:

  • Series composition: Keichiro Ochi
  • Assistant director: Takahiro Okawa
  • Main character designer: Shiori Fujisawa
  • Sub-character designer: Yuka Shiga
  • Music: John Kanda, XELIK
  • Photography director: Yoichi Ogami

Also, the most recent teaser released the songs that would serve as the opening and closing themes for the second season: “Dare ga Tame” by MEGATERAZERO for the opening and “Private Room” by Tadokoro Azusa for the closing. Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari’s principal cast members are as follows:

  • Takeo Otsuka as Hyoma Kunato
  • Yuki Takada as Botan Nagatsuki
  • Miyuki Sawashiro as Haori
  • Chikahiro Kobayashi as Nagi
  • Rena Ueda as Yu
  • Yoshiki Nakajima as Suzuri
  • Aimi Tanaka as Kagami

Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari Season 2 Release Date

The series will have a release window, according to the adaptation team. The producers of the show have scheduled the second season to debut in July 2023 and run throughout the entirety of the Summer 2023 season.

The episode structure and production method for the series were still being decided upon when this article was written. Whatever the season’s final composition, at least some of it will debut in the Summer of 2023 season.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the series, but the producers have not yet announced when it will be released. Fans can expect it in the coming weeks, most likely before June ends, but there is currently no information on when the official release date will be.

With the announcement of this release date comes a key image for Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari season 2, featuring the lead character Hyoma Kunato and the new nemesis Karakasa.

According to a recent announcement, Yoko Hikasa, who is most known for creating the theme songs for various anime series including Cells At Work! Code Black, Attack on Titan, and K-ON!, will play Karakasa. She also provided the voices for Farnese in Berserk 2016 and Frieda Reiss in Attack on Titan.

Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari Season 2 Plot

Beginning in July 2023, Japan will begin to air the second season of the show. Crunchyroll is presently streaming the first season of Mononogatari: Malevolent Spirits, and the following is how they summarise the plot:

When spirits cross over into the human world, they can possess old objects and gain a physical form: a tsukumogami. Tsukumogami can be gentle, violent, or somewhere in-between, so the Saenome clan peacefully helps send them back to the spirit world to avoid destruction.

Kunato Hyouma is a member of the clan, but is…less than peaceful, since he holds a grudge from when a tsukumogami robbed him of something important. Afraid that Hyouma’s brash anger in dealing with these spirits will lead to supernatural catastrophes, Hyouma’s grandfather sends him to live in Kyoto with Nagatsuki Botan, an unusual young woman who actually lives with tsukumogami like family!

Can Hyouma learn to control his emotions when dealing with tsukumogami, or is his own spirit doomed to be possessed with rage forever?

Frequently Asked Question

1. Malevolent Spirits: Monogatari Manga?

As of January 2023, the Young Jump Comics imprint had released 15 tankoubon volumes of the 2014-starting manga. Prior to switching to Ultra Jump in 2016, the manga’s first serialization began in Miracle Jump.

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