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manga dragon ball super

The recent death of Akira Toriyama, creator of the manga Dragon Ball Super, has hit fans hard. One of the great never-ending larger series. Akira Toriyama underwent surgery for a brain tumor in February 2024 and has been battling the disease since at least April 2023. Even before Toriyama’s death, fans were eagerly awaiting the most intense match between Son Goku and Gohan, which appeared in Chapter 103. Emotions included the audience was solidified by the teasers which can be viewed below:

manga dragon ball super

Manga Dragon Ball Super Series Goku Vs. Gohan

Carmine, one of the current Red Ribbon Army, provided the technique in the previous Dragon Ball Super manga in previous chapter 102. Gohan activated his Beast Mode and Goku immediately moved to the scene as he felt energy not to recognize the source’s large backwash. Therefore, Goku launched Gohan’s ki and suggested a duel between father and son. For fans, Dragon Ball Chapter 102 had a cliffhanger at the end.

This individual chapter 103, “Future Property,” will reveal the full extent of the conflict. The release date for the upcoming chapter is set for March 21, 2024. However, a brief preview of the origin of the chapter was given on the official Dragon Ball website before its official release. Also, as a practice, the two participants exchanged a few punches.

Goku is then thrown into the air and falls off the mountain with one of Gohan’s attacks. He was eager to get ready and fight Gohan at his most intense. He quickly moved away and attacked Gohan from behind. Fans were eager to see them fight even though it was just the beginning. Can’t wait to read the chapter and experience the final phase of the battle.

Manga Dragon Ball Super Popularity Has Been Steadily Rising

The Dragon Ball Super television series took a hiatus in 2018 at the peak of its popularity. Its popularity suffered greatly. But the magic hand of Akira Toriyama brought back the glory days. The manga became popular, and soon, many people started reading it. With the upcoming manga chapter 103, many people will find interest in reading the manga.

Nine years after the manga adaptation began, the anime aired from 2015 to 2018, and there was plenty to remember of these, Son Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation stands out as one of the most watched videos in the history of anime television series, it continues to go viral on the internet and now fans are eagerly awaiting the action scenes between Gohan and Goku. Despite Akira Toriyama claiming that Gohan’s Beast transformation surpassed Goku’s, fans still remain unconvinced. The formal release schedule is March 21, 2024. Small glimpses from the officially released images suggest that neither fighter is ready to admit it soon.

In conclusion, the official teasers for Dragon Ball Super respective chapter 103 offer an exciting glimpse of an epic end to the anime news official “Super Hero” arc with chapter as fans eagerly await the chapter’s formal release and excitement for Goku and Gohan’s climactic battle is palpable. With the future of the franchise hanging in the balance, Chapter 103 promises to be a pivotal chapter in the Dragon Ball Z story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When is the release date for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103?

The release schedule sets Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103 for March 20, 2024.

Q2. What can fans expect from Dragon Ball Super Chapter 103?

Fans can expect an action-packed conclusion to the “Super Hero” arc, with a titanic battle between Goku and Gohan.

Q3. Where can readers access Chapter 103?

Chapter 103 will be available via VIZ and the Shonen Jump app, with previews available on the official Dragon Ball website.

Q4 . What is the significance of Chapter 103 in light of Akira Toriyama’s passing?

Chapter 103 marks the end of the “Super Hero” arc and serves as a tribute to Toriyama’s legacy, with illustrator Toyotarou carrying on his vision for the larger series.

Source: Dragon Ball official website

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