NEET Kunoichi to Nazeka Dousei Hajimemashita Gets Anime Adaptation

The anime studio Quad announced last weekend that the manga NEET Kunoichi to Nazeka Dousei Hajimemashita (For Some Reason I Started Living with a NEET Kunoichi) by storyboarder Yakitomato and artist Kotatsu is getting an anime adaptation. The studio revealed the PV and main visual of the anime. There is no premiere date as of press time.

For the cast, the anime will have the voices of Hinako Yano as Shizuri Ideura and Shoya Ishige as Tsukasa Atsumi. The series narration will be done by Shigeru Chiba.

According to the anime website, the series follows a normal salaryman named Tsukasa who was attacked by demons one night. He was saved a Shizuri, a genius kunoichi. During Shizuri’s time off from her duties, she is a lazy otaku NEET. Both characters end up living together with Tsukasa using his homemaking skills to make Shizuri comfortable as she continues to serve has his bodyguard.

The manga publisher Number Nine has released the 10th compile volume digitally in March 2023. The third compiled physical volume of the manga was published by Kadokawa in March 2023.

Bamboo Blade director Hisashi Saito is confirmed to be directing this anime adaptation over at Quad. Takashi Aoshima will be overseeing the scripts. Masahiko Suzuki is in charge of character design while the music composing for the anime will be done by CMJK.

The official website of NEET Kunoichi to Nazeka Dousei Hajimemashita anime has also revealed the other staff members involved in this production. They are as follows:

Prop Design: Ryūji Iwata

Color Design: Chieko Hibi

Background Art: Kenta Masuda

Art Director: Isamu Nishiyama

Director of Photography: Shinya Kanetake, Hideki Imaizumi

Editing: Jun’ichi Masunaga

Sound Director: Kōhei Yoshida

The website has not revealed further details of the anime including the premiere date. There is also still no word as to when the anime will be available for streaming outside of Japan.

Source: Official Website

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