Opus Colors Anime Scheduled For 2023

It’s official, Opus Colors Anime is Scheduled For 2023. Opus Colors, an original TV anime project, was introduced by Universal Japan. The announcement was made at the exhibit at AnimeJapan 2022, and a 2023 premiere is now in the works.

Many of the people who worked on the Starmyu franchise are back together in the TV anime series. I have a feeling that the Anime is going to be visually pleasing.

The upcoming anime Opus Colors is created by Rin Hinata, animated by C-Station, and put out by NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan. Asami Watanabe created the characters, Shunsuke Tada directed and Sayaka Harada wrote the script. The main information right now is, that Opus Colors Anime is Scheduled For 2023.

Opus Colors Anime Scheduled For 2023


About ten years have passed since “Perception Art” first appeared in the art world. It now covers every corner of the planet and plays a vital role in people’s daily lives. The famed “artists” and inventors of perception art, Mr. and Mrs. Yamanashi’s son Kazuya Yamanashi. He recently enrolled in Eisen High School with his childhood buddy Jun Tsuzuki with the goal of one day becoming a perception artist.

Kazuya also had another goal in mind: to reconnect with “another childhood friend” after they had grown apart following “an incident” ten years prior.

The son of a renowned “grader” and the inventor of perception art, Kyou Takise is a junior at Eisei High School specializing in perception art. Kazuya and Jun were childhood friends of his, but he hadn’t spoken to them in a while. Scars that were invisible were all over Kyou’s heart.

Different “colours” converge and cross over one another. What “colour” does the scene appear to be in front of their eyes? It’s going to be interesting how they will deliver the concept of colours and a plot side by side.


Opus Colors Anime Scheduled For 2023
Credits: Opus Colors Official Twitter

Kazuya Yamanashi, a first-year art major. He is interested in perception art, a fascinating new genre of visual expression. He has experienced more than just basic grief as a result of the passing of his parents, though. Kazuya begins to find that he can see more than what the human eye is generally able to perceive. He is the son of the originator of perception art and the inheritor of his parents’ abilities. While his talent may aid him in artistic pursuits. But it cannot help him get closer to Kyo, a boyhood buddy who has grown aloof.

Along with Kazuya and his family, Kyo Takise may have been among the first to promote perception art, but he has postponed his desire to become an artist in favour of a career as a critic. He’s been cold and aloof since Mr. and Mrs. Yamanashi passed away, and Kazuya and their childhood friend Jun have difficulty getting over him.

Kazuya has leaned entirely on the laid-back and upbeat Jun Tsuzuki since both his parents and a close childhood buddy passed away. Jun, a first-year student of perception art, may be the link that allows the three of them to rekindle their old friendship.

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FAQs about Opus Colors Anime

Who’s the creator of Opus Colors?

Opus Colors is created by Rin Hinata, animated by C-Station, and put out by NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan.

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