Original Anime Mayonaka Punch to Cast Hitomi Ueda

On Friday, Kadokawa and P.A. Works unveiled the fifth cast member for their original television anime project, Mayonaka Punch (Midnight Punch). Hitomi Ueda lends her voice to Tokage, a member of “Mayonaka Punch” who prioritizes gambling and money above all else, and detests anything that proves bothersome.

The anime is scheduled to debut in July. No official dates have been announced so far as of press time.

The anime’s cast members are being unveiled gradually, with one announcement each day. Among the previously revealed cast are Hina Yomiya as Fu, Ikumi Hasegawa as Masaki, and Fairouz Ai as Live (pronounced “ribu”). Joining them is Yuina Itō, who portrays Ichiko, a member of the “Mayonaka Punch” ensemble. Ichiko adores all things cute and holds a deep admiration for “Live-sama,” faithfully carrying out Live’s instructions.

The “girls comedy” anime revolves around Masaki, a member of the NewTuber group “Harakiri Sisters,” who finds herself dismissed due to a certain incident. In pursuit of a comeback, Masaki crosses paths with Live. Though the two girls harbor divergent ambitions, they unite to stage a lively return and set their sights on achieving 1 million subscribers on NewTube.

Reuniting the principal staff from the Ya Boy Kongming! anime, including director Shū Honma, scriptwriter Hideaki Shirasaka, and studio P.A. Works, the project also features Ryōta Arima (chief animation director for The Quintessential Quintuplets ) adapting Tsukasa Kotobuki’s (known for works such as Saber Marionette J and Cyberteam in Akihabara) original character designs for animation. The original work is credited to “Dōga Tōkō Shōjo” (Video Submission Girls).

The original concept for “Mayonaka Punch” is attributed to “Dōga Tōkō Shōjo” (Video Submission Girls). In addition to the anime, the project encompasses a manga and novel adaptation. Tomomi Usui’s manga adaptation debuted in Kadokawa’s Monthly Young Ace magazine, marking the project’s multifaceted expansion across various media platforms.

Source: ANN

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