Otaku Elf Manga Ro Get Anime Adaptation

Otaku Elf Manga Ro is among the two new series studio C2C recently announced for the year 2023. The official release date for the series isn’t up but we do have information about the key cast and staff members.

The official announcement came from the official website for the series, along with the announcement of their newly created Twitter account to deliver the latest updates regarding the series.

The series is set in a modern era where the Elf of the shrine is more infatuated with the modern otaku culture.

The official announcement revealed the first key visual, list of cast members, key staff, and the series trailer.

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You can see the key visual below:

okatu elf
Edomae-Elf official website

The official key visual featured the two main characters, Elda and Koganei Koito standing in front of everything that symbolizes an otaku’s lifestyle.

The anime is going to be a comedy series. I’m sure we’ll see plenty of anime references in the series which means it’s a must-watch.

The announcement revealed the cast for the two main characters as Yuka Ozaki for Koganei Koito and Ami Koshimizu for Elda.

The list of key staff members was updated with Takefumi Anzai as the director, Shougo Yasukawa in charge of the script and composition, Akito Matsuda for music, and Takeshi Oda as the chief animation director.

Otaku Elf Manga Ro Trailer Review

If there is nothing else you are excited about for the year, this hilarious comedy series is a must-watch for anyone looking to pass time.

Not only is the animation high-quality, but there are plenty of funny moments with hilarious meme faces to spice it up.

The trailer showcased the calm and reserved main female lead along with her lazy otaku Elf Manga Ro who has nothing better to do than play games and eat pudding.

Their adventure of further exploring the otaku culture is a treat for us fans.

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The characters of Otaku Elf Manga Ro

Koito Koganei is the 15th maiden of the Takamimi shrine and the priestess that has been serving Elda for the past three months.

She does everything from doing the basic house chores to cleaning up after her otaku hobbies. She first decided to become a priestess when she was a kid as she admired another priestess for her work ethic.

Elda is the immortal elf from another world. She is approximately 621 years old. The people of the city love to spoil her with all sorts of gifts and offerings.

She prefers to spend her time playing games, exploring the otaku culture, and annoying Koito.

The plot of Otaku Elf Manga Ro

Koito Koganei is a hard worker. She’s the 15th maiden at Takamimi shrine and takes care of Elda, the enshrined Elf summoned from another world.

Elda loves to be lazy and spend her time reading manga, playing video games, or just eating different kinds of snacks.

She also hates going outside. She likes it when the people of the town offer her gifts and various offerings, be it manga comics, snacks, or even video games.

About the series

Otaku Elf is a Japanese manga series. Akihiko Higuchi has written and illustrated the series. The series first began serialization in Kodansha’s Shonen Magazine on June 2019.

The series currently has 6 volumes. It makes it quite obvious the show will conclude its story in one season. Although nothing is sure about the pacing.

Frequently Asked Question

How old are the main characters in Otaku Elf?

Elda is the enshrine elf, she was summoned into this world 400 years ago and she is 621 years old.
Koganei Koito is the 15th Maiden of the shrine, she’s 16 years old and she can’t wait to grow up.

Who is the protagonist in the otaku elf?

Koito Koganei is the protagonist.

Is elf male or female?

Elves can be male or female


Let’s wait when the higher ups update us about the official release date of Otaku Elf. The trailer is commendable and we can’t wait for this anime to hit the screens as soon as possible. Everything about it is simply fantastic! Stay connected with us for more anime updates.

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