Overtake Original Anime Officially Announced

Overtake anime is the latest racing anime series confirmed as an anime adaptation, the official announcement was made on the newly created Twitter account of Komaki Motors via (@komaki_motors) on January 20th.

The announcement came with the key visual for the series, a special Promotional Video introducing the story, information about the studio, and the main staff working on the series. Any further information will be out soon.

The official website for the Overtake! series updated the list of cast members along with their characters, and special comments from every staff member.

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You can see the key visual below:

Overtake! Original Anime Officially Announced
Credit: Twitter via @komaki_motors

The teaser visual the upcoming series featured the two main characters, Koyua Madoka, and Haruka Asahina standing back to back around an F4 race car.

The list of cast members was only updated for the two main characters. Anan Furuya is voicing the main character, Haruka Asahina, and Katsuyuki Konishi voicing Kouua Madoka.

The list of staff members was out. Ei Aoki is the director for the series, Masako Matsumoto for character designs, and Ayumi Sekine for the series composition.

Overtake! Promotional Video Review

Fans widely loved the trailer for the series. The realistic details of a car body and the flawless animation is sure to make this a top-tier show.

You can just feel the detail put in every scene, not to mention the incredible character designs, now this is a show that you can get excited about.

The Official Synopsis of Overtake!

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a decent formula racing anime series, Overtake! series introduces us to the world of F4 racing where young talented drivers compete in the motorsports Koshien circuit.

The story follows a freelance photographer, Kouya Madoka who has been in a slump for personal reasons. While working on a story, he visits the Fuji Internation Speedway for an interview and there meets a high school student by the name of Haruka Asahina who is an F4 race driver.

Seeing this young kid with a weak team doing his absolute best to become the best driver sparks a passion in his heart, and he decides to help make his dream come true.

And this way, the lives of two completely different individuals intersect with each other.

Overtake! list of Characters

Haruka Asahina is an F4 racer who is part of the Komaki Motors team, he has a stubborn personality and doesn’t let anything bring him down. Believing that his hard work will pay off and that he doesn’t need any support from the crowd to make his dream come true.

Koya Madoka is a freelance photographer with a decent reputation as a photojournalist, he’s a professional who has lost his passion for photography but everything changes when he sees a certain F4 racer.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Overtake anime coming out?

So far the only information about the series includes the official announcement, studio TROYCA as the production studio, and the list of staff members. We expect the series to premiere sometime in 2023.

What kind of anime is Overtake!?

Overtake is a racing sports anime series, with the focus being super fast formula cars. The series is about a young boy who desires to be the best driver despite having a weaker team.

Source: komaki-motors.com, Twitter via @komaki_motors


Anime Fans eagerly await the upcoming Japanese anime Overtake based on F4 racing and a lot more. For Car lovers this show will bring a lot of epic moments. So get ready and start counting the days.

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