Senpai Is An Otokonoko Anime Reveals Main Cast

The shoujo lovers can now find peace as the Senpai Is An Otokonoko Anime reveals the main cast. Those who have read the romantic comedy manga and the ones intrigued by this genre were impatiently waiting for it. The anime adaptation is all set to debut this year, though no specific release date and month is out yet.

Only a teaser video is out, which is enough to spellbind us, but we will have to wait for a detailed glimpse. Rest assured that the anime is in safe hands as Studio Project No. 9 is managing the animation production. 

Senpai Is An Otokonoko Anime Cast & Staff Details

The Japanese creators have never disappointed the anime fans  regarding adaptations of popular manga. So we don’t need to worry. Instead, we should have faith when we know that Shinsuke Yanagi directs it. I mean, there ain’t any project he has done, and we haven’t loved it. Toradora, Code Geass, High School DXD, and Great Teacher Onazuka are just a few of his top-class anime projects. 

After seeing the key visuals and the promotional video, we absolutely loved the character design by Shouto Shinkai. Yoriko Tomita and Yukari Hashimoto are responsible for the series and music composition, respectively.

Coming to the voice actors’ details, Shuichiro Umeda is voicing the male lead, Makoto Hanaoka. Akira Sekine voices Saki Aoi, the female lead, while Yuma Uchida voices Ryuji Taiga. 

No other details are out yet, and this is all we have!

Like all romantic comedies, this anime also involves heart-touching romance and some hilarious moments. The story captures the attention right from the start, thanks to the intriguing characters. Aoi Saki is famous in high school for her gorgeous looks; the same goes for Makoto. The cute lady instantly falls head over heels to the charms of Makoto, a boy crossdressed as a girl. Makoto kept his gender a secret, and this is what makes the story exciting and comedic. After learning his secret, Saki vows to win him instead of hating Makoto. It is not as easy as expected, as the boy rejects her straightforwardly. So, to win the love of her life, the girl starts her work with the help of her friend Ryuji.

Source: Crunchyroll

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