The Demon Prince of Momochi House Anime Settles in with Special Trailer

There is fantastic news for the fans of The Demon Prince Of Momochi House. The supernatural romance has kept the fans on their toes throughout the episodes released so far. To surprise the fans and bless their eyes, the creators of the anime series released a special trailer. 

About The Demon Prince Of Momochi House Anime Special PV

The special 1-minute 35-second trailer came very recently and melted fans’ hearts. Though there isn’t anything new in the short video, all the special moments between the leads are edited together. 

The chemistry between the love birds and their special moments is perfectly synced with the anime’s music. All the elements match eachother perfectly, making the video extremely beautiful. If you have enjoyed the anime, there is no doubt that you will love the special trailer.

Releasing the video before the 10th episode of the anime makes it hard for fans to wait. Episode 10 will be out on March 10, so mark your calendars so you won’t miss it by any chance. 

The Demon Prince Of Momochi House

Credit: Crunchyroll

Bob Shirohata, famous for his work on popular anime series like Seven Deadly Sins, directed the anime. Anime Studio Drive manages all the animation production for romance anime. 

Yasuko Aoki is responsible for the smooth series composition. Mariko Ota is the super-talented character designer responsible for the appealing character designs. Finally, Tomoyuki Kono and Ayana Tsujita handled the music.


Himari is a 16-year-old female protagonist who has spellbound fans with her intriguing life events. After turning 16, she learns about Momochi House and the fact that she is the house’s heir. However, it was not an ordinary house but a place where she found demons living there. Among them, Aoi and Yukari Ise, handsome boys, never fail to intrigue her with their mysterious personalities. 

Source: Crunchyroll

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