The Kingdoms Of Ruin Anime Scheduled For 2023

The Kingdoms of Ruin is a fantasy, action series filled with lots of gore, the series has announced an anime adaptation for the year 2023, and the official announcement came from the newly created Twitter account via @hametsu_anime on February 1st.

The information was up along with a key visual and revealed the animation studio to be Yokohama Animation Lab. A list of the main staff members was out on the series’ official website, along with a few character details and cast members for the two main characters.

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You can see the key visual below:

The Kingdoms Of Ruin Anime Scheduled For 2023
Twitter via @hametsu_anime

The key visual featured the main character Adonis in a modern steampunk era with flying airships, holding a pen in his left hand.

The voice actors’ details for the two main characters were out on the website as Azumi Waki voicing the female lead, Doroka, and Kaito voicing the main character, Adonis.

The staff members’ details were out. Keitarou Motonaga is the director for the series. Shuu Kanematsu, and Hanae Nakamura are in charge of music. And Hiromi Katou for character designs, and Takamitsu Kouno for the series composition.

The plot of The Kingdoms of Ruin

The dark fantasy anime series introduces a modern steampunk era. It is super industrialized to a point where humanity is set on eliminating the ugliness of magic and witches who guided humanity through the dark times.

For ages, the witches have helped humans as their beloved mentor and guided them toward a brighter future. However, the times have changed, and futuristic advancements have made magic and witches worthless.

And so, the mighty Redia Empire takes it upon themselves to find and starts witch hunt to exterminate all witches to cleanse the world of magic. Adonis who was only a young boy when this hunt began, loses his witch teacher who he dearly loved. So he decides to take revenge against the empire.

Characters of The Kingdoms of Ruin

Adonis is a human that a witch named Chloe raised. After losing her during the hunt by the Redia Empire, Adonis swore to take revenge against the empire.

Kaito Ishikawa, who is voicing Adonis mentioned that his character is swallowed by his anger and he wants to enjoy the battle.

Doroka is a kind-hearted prisoner in the Redian Empire. She cares deeply for others and is willing to sacrifice herself if it means protecting someone else.

Azumi Waki is the voice actor for Doroka, and she mentioned that she feels the innocence of her character. However, she’s getting sucked into the world of revenge because she can not leave the main character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Adonis want to battle the Redian Empire?

After the scientific advancements, humanity had no need of witches. So the Redian Empire decided to begin hunting and exterminating them. This hunt eventually killed Adonis’ guardian and teacher, Chloe, and so Adonis wants to take revenge against the empire.

When will the Kingdoms of Ruin anime air?

The series was all ready to be out in the year 2023. However, there hasn’t been any official release date. We can expect the series to be out in either Summer or fall of 2023.

Source:, Twitter Via @hametsu_anime


This anime season, the creators are all set to entertain us with some magic and fantasy. The upcoming anime will be a complete package full of emotions, drama, and fun.

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