The King’s Avatar Season 3

Yes, it’s as they say, The King’s Avatar is coming back for a season 3! Tencent Video Animation revealed the news last year in August during their conference. They disclosed the titles in production and which anime were getting sequels.

The announced sequels were: A Will Eternal Season 2, Scum Villain Self-Saving System Season 2, Battle Through the Heavens Season 5, and The King’s Avatar Season 3.

In light of the series’ rise in popularity, the Chinese animation industry’s position became cemented worldwide for its outstanding animations and unique story.

The King’s Avatar revolves around the story of a certain Ye Xiu, a professional e-sport player, whose career takes a tumble as he finds himself fired. He loses his character and team, forcing him to start again from scratch, but this time, he does it in a not-so-professional setting.

The last season concluded with Ye Xiu and his new team making it into the Glory Professional Alliance. The emotions were high, and everyone was in the mood for the tough battles ahead. Additionally, the web series premiered on the 19th of April 2017 and has its roots in a novel of the same name by the author, Butterfly Blue. The web novel’s first publication was in 2011 and finished with 1729 chapters.

The King's Avatar Season 3
Credits: Key visual released by colored pencil animation design, the studio behind the donghua

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The King’s Avatar Season 3 Story

King’s Avatar is a love letter to e-sport gaming. It follows the life of a professional gamer going through the joys and tribulations of being part of such a community.

After losing his character, Autumn Leaf, Ye Xiu decides to start from scratch and create a guild of his own to try and regain his former glory. He also joins the newly established 10th server with a brand-new character named Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu attracted players’ attention in and out of his server with the skills that had previously earned him the title of Battle God. Guilds became worried that their members would leave them to join the prosperous one that Ye Xiu had created.

Consequently, this led to many attempts by the guilds to kick Ye Xiu out of the server. He wasn’t fazed by their attempts as he had his eyes focused on breaking through to the Heavenly Domain, a cross-server, so he could grab his glory once more. The shots on him only solidified rumors that the person behind his character was the legendary player, Ye Qiu, who had reached the game’s peak multiple times.

Ye Xiu put together a team of rookies, who had the potential to grow into professional players. He enlisted the help of some of his former teammates to further his campaign.

The Studio Responsible & the Release Date

G. CMAY Animation & Film animated King’s Avatar and produced it with bilibili, Tencent Pictures, China Literature, and K. Pictures.

Colored Pencil Animation & Design will handle the animation of the third season. They also did the movie, The King’s Avatar: For the Glory in 2019, the second season, and the King’s Avatar specials in 2018.

According to Mundo Donghua, there will be two parts with nine episodes each in The King’s Avatar Season 3.

The release date for the third season is still unknown.

The first season aired on the 7th of April 2017 with 12 episodes with Xiong Ke as the director at the studio B. CMAY Pictures. Studio Colored Pencil Animation released a three-part OVA in May 2018.

Furthermore, the second season premiered on the 25th of September 2020 and featured 12 episodes. In August of that year, Colored Pencil; Animation & Design released an accompanying prequel film, The King’s Avatar: For the Glory.

A live-action series also premiered in 2019 on Tencent Video. It is available on Netflix.

The King’s Avatar Season 3 Trailer

The unveiling of the trailer for the King’s Avatar season 3 happened during the Tencent Video Conference.

A teaser PV is also available for the fans in addition to the released Key Visual.

Streaming Platforms for The King’s Avatar

Presently, the two seasons of The King’s Avatar are available on Tencent Video’s official YouTube channel. The series is available in the original Chinese sound and has English subtitles.

Netflix does also have the series and its live-action counterpart up on their servers.

The Cast of The King’s Avatar Season 3

  • Ye Xiu’s character by Zhang Jie
  • Su Mucheng’s character by Tong Xinzhu
  • Ye Qing’s character by Tang Rou
  • Qiao Shiyu’s character by Chen Guo
  • Ji Guanlin’s character by Bao Rongxing
  • Teng Xin’s character by Su Shangqing
  • Wang Jiexi’s character by Wei Chaoand
  • Xu Boyuan’s character by Yang Tianxiang
  • Yu Wenzhou’s character by Xia Lei
  • Sun Xiang’s character by Liu Sanmu
  • Wei Chen’s character by Tutehameng
  • Zhou Zekai’s character by Jin Xian
  • Han Wenqing’s character by Baomuzhongyang


With its uniqueness, the story stands out from the rest. With an industry that thrives on tropes and overdone clichés, a tale about e-sports is more than appreciated by fans.

The quality of donghua is usually lower than Japanese anime, but this time, it might be the reverse. The King’s Avatar’s graphics are superb in terms of animation quality. The camera work, backgrounds, and angles make it sit well on top of the other titles.

The King's Avatar season3
Credits: The King’s Avatar’s official Weibo page.

A compromise was necessary for the production of the show. To free up the budget for the creation of awesome animations during in-game fight scenes, background character rendering was done in 3D. The fight choreography, framing, and attention to detail are what make this anime so unique.


The development of its characters and animation quality brings to life a splendid story about adults who love to play. Furthermore, what makes this anime stand out is that most of the characters are adults. It becomes relevant because the anime avoids clichés such as high school settings, love triangles, and excessive fanservice. The King’s Avatar is a series that might surprise most with its solid plot, entertaining humor, and also action.

At any rate, e-sport players or MMO players are more likely to enjoy this show than the rest of the anime fans, which doesn’t mean that it’s not a decent show.

Stay tuned for more anime news and updates!

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