The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Anime Heads Toward Grand Battle In 3rd Trailer

The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic anime has released a third trailer. Currently 7 episodes of the anime are out and the 8th one will be out on February 23, 2024 expectedly. The story is heading towards the grand battle and the climax.

Therefore, the new trailer builds suspense, and curiosity among fans. After watching the teaser trailer, we all expect a thrilling war between the Linger Kingdom and The Demon Lord’s Army. The one minute trailer was enough to make fans wait on their toes. The best thing is the teaser is out with english captions. 

About The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic Anime 

The Wrong Way To Use Healing Magic key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

As we all know that this electrifying magic themed masterpiece is the anime adaptation of the popular light novel series. Takahide Ogata works as the director of the series; he is famous for his work in Ascendance Of The Bookworm.

Shin-Ei Animation and Studio Add are managing the animation production of the anime. Shogo Yasukawa and Kenji Tanabe work as series composer and character designer respectively.

The story revolves around Usato, the main character, who was an ordinary school student. One day his simple life turns into an isekai fantasy, when he is accidentally called to another world. From that day nothing was normal in his life, he discovered the new powers and pushed himself to achieve perfection. It’s a story full of action, adventure, and MAGIC!

Source: Crunchyroll

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