Trillion Game Manga Gets Live-Action Film In 2025

Good News, Good News, everyone’s favorite Seinen Trillion Game Manga is receiving a Live-Action Film Adaptation. It’s currently in production and will be ready somewhere in 2025. Therefore, expecting an exact release date is too soon for now. 

Viz Media companies handle its production, where Yoshiaki Murao is responsible for directing the film. Daisuke Habara manages the script writing, though Ryoichi Ikigami originally wrote the remarkable manga.

The fact that the Trillion Game anime series has already been released in the last year makes fans more excited about the upcoming film. The otaku community has received the manga and the anime pretty well. So, there are high hopes, the film will do well too.

Trillion Game Live-Action Film Cast & Plot

Trillion game anime key visual

Only the main cast is out now, and there’s time to get news about the side characters. The famous Japanese actors Ren Meguro and Hayato Sano will act as Haru and Gaku, respectively. Both the actors are very loved for their incredible acting skills and talents. 

In fact, Meguro Ren has already won a million hearts with his leading role in the live-action film My Happy Marriage. Hayato Sano also rules countless hearts and is famous for his role in a number of films.

Talking about the intriguing storyline, follows the lives of Haru and Gaku. The two guys are on a mission to earn 1 trillion dollars. Both are ambitious for success; Haru turns down the offer from a famous IT company, Dragon Bank, to become an entrepreneur. On the other hand, despite having exceptional IT skills, the same company rejects Gaku because of a lack of communication skills. The duo teams up to succeed in their mission!

Let’s wait for Trillion Game Film creators to shed some more light to the details. With just the announcement out so far, the teasers and trailers will take a bit more time to hit the screens.

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Source: Crunchyroll

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