Tsuyokute New Saga Anime Release Date Announced

Masayuki Abe’s Tsuyokute New Saga light book series is the inspiration for a television anime that will debut next year, ABC Animation announced in a teaser promotional video broadcast on Wednesday. Tsuyokute’s New Saga Anime Release Date was announced, that the anime will come out next year in July 2023.

The anime is being directed by Norikazu Ishigooka at the studios Sotsu, Makaria, and Yokohama Animation Lab. The series scripts are under the direction of Kenta Ihara. Atsushi Asahi is creating the characters, and Nilitsu is creating the original animation character designs. The soundtrack is written by Shacho and Hironori Anazawa.

Tsuyokute New Saga Anime

The anime adaptation of the Tsuyokute New Saga manga was announced with the publication of a teaser image and a teaser trailer. Details about the major cast and personnel was also disclosed. The anime’s magical world is devastated by demons, Kyle’s valiant struggle to slay the Demon King. And the start of Kyle’s second life are all seen in the teaser PV.

The production team posted the following teaser PV to the ABC Animation YouTube channel:

The Tsuyokute New Saga is based on the identically named light novels by Masayuki Abe and Ryuta Fuse. The novels were released by Alphapolis between 2013 and 2018, totaling 10 volumes.

A manga adaptation of the series by Jun Miura debuted in 2014. Until now, Alphapolis has published nine volumes of the manga; on October 24, 2022, the tenth tankobon volume will be published.

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Tsuyokute New Saga, loosely translated as A New, Stronger Saga, tells the tale of the hero Kail. He serves as the captain of an elite fighting squad made up of the last of the human alliance as they battle the Demon Lord and his army for their lives. The Demon Lord is eventually vanquished by Kail and his comrades. But only Kail is able to give the killing blow.

Kail, who is ready to pass away, reaches out to a piece of equipment that the Demon Lord seemed particularly worried about. He wakes up 4 years in the past. His Doomed Home Town, which was previously completely destroyed by a Demon onslaught in which he was the sole survivor, is exactly as it was. All of his family members are still alive and well, and Kail has even aged down.

When Kail learns what has transpired, he makes the decision to use his knowledge of what will occur in order to help humanity defeat the Demon Lord’s army more effectively and cheaply. It won’t be simple to rally the human race against a threat they do not yet foresee. Especially given that Kail’s physical prowess has declined since he defeated the Demon Lord. With this head start, he may be able to change the course of events.

But as he investigates the events leading up to his previous trip, he uncovers some sinister truths about the lives of his companions and the wider world.

Tsuyokute New Saga Anime Release Date Announced
Credits – Yokohama Animation Lab

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Is Tsuyokute’s new saga good?

Overall, Tsuyokute’s New Saga is a rather typical u003cstrongu003efantasyu003c/strongu003e story that doesn’t really provide much but manages what it does well.

Who are the main characters in Tsuyokute’s new saga?

Seran, Kyle, Riize, Urza and Sildonia.

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