Undead Un luck TV Anime Unveils Additional Cast Members

Undead Un luck is one of the unique anime in this season because of its world-building. The concept of the negator, the human with special ability, and the rule of the world clash to death is a sight to behold. Sure, we have anime with a similar plot or something. But, Yoshifumi Tozuka’s original manga series feels like a breath of fresh air among other Weekly Shonen Jump.

Moreover, David Production is doing a good job in the anime adaptation. Yuki Yase is directing the anime, while Taiki Konno and Riki Matsuura are handling the storyboard. Hideyuki Morioka is in charge of character design.

Three weeks ago, the official revealed two additional casts for Undead Un luck. Now that the series continued to a new stage, they revealed five other additions to its cast. Who are they? When they will appear later on? Let’s dive into detail!

Undead Un luck Additional Cast Members

So far, there are 13 characters in Undead Unluck including Moe Kahara as the unlucky girl, Fuuko Izumo, and Yuichi Nakamura as Andy. Furthermore, the fifth episode introduces other Union Members led by Juiz who is voiced by Mariya Ise. Yet, the VA’s unveiled spree doesn’t end there.

The official unveiled the five additional cast members of Undead Un luck on November 5, 2023. However, it will take time before we can watch them on the anime television. The additional voice cast includes:

  • Aumu Murase as Chikara Sigeno
  • Yuuki Kaji as Rip Tristan
  • Ikumi Hasegawa as Latla Mirah
  • Toshiyuki Morikawa as Feng Kownloon
  • Hiroki Yasumoto as Creed Deckard
Undead Un luck Additional Cast
Undead Un luck Additional Cast – Source: @undeadunluck_an

The five of them will appear after the spoil arc that will start in the upcoming sixth episode. If the pacing of anime stays the same, the spoil arc will take two episodes. It means that these characters will debut in the eighth episode.

So, who are they? For the sake of not spoiling the Undead Unlcuk’s anime fans, it’s best to say that Union isn’t the only secret organization for negators. The four of them, except for the most left character, come from that organization. From here on, those two mysterious organizations will fight each other.

Undead Un luck Story So Far

After killing the Unchange, Gina Chamber, and Unavoidable, Void Volks, Andy and Fuuko Izumo get the right to sit on Union. It means the day of becoming a wanted person is over. But, their safety comes with a cost.

They realize that the Union is an organization whose goal is to prevent new rules installed in the world. Moreover, they also have an ultimate goal of killing the gods who make this unfair world. To achieve that, an ancient artifact, Apocalypse, gives quests that give rewards or penalties. Thus, they will pile up the rewards until they have the power to defeat gods and avoid penalties that will add new rules to the earth.

The upcoming sixth episode will mark the first quest of Andy and Fuuko. The duo Undead Un luck will try to neutralize UMA Spoil who changes the living being into rotten zombies. So, can they finish the quest?

Undead Un luck Sixth Episode Preview
Undead Un luck Sixth Episode Preview – Source: undead-unluck.net

For the record, the series will run for two consecutive cours. If the manga-to-anime ratio stays at 2:1, the anime will likely conclude in the Autumn Arc. It means that the anime will go through four different arcs starting with the next episode.

Despite having 24-ish episodes, can Undead Unlcuk get the chance to continue its story into the second season? For now, sit tight and grab the popcorn, because this series will provide you with an exciting twist.


Undead Un luck is one of the best anime adaptations in 2023. With the ratio of manga-to-anime being 2:1, the story is well-paced with no intention of rushing. This makes the series worth waiting for every week.

Moreover, Undead Unluck tends to give early updates for the series. For example, two additional characters were introduced approximately three weeks before the fifth episode premiered. Now, the official announced the other five cast who will appear after the next arc concludes. Because the series only has five episodes and there are many new updates, it’s a no-brainer that Undead Un luck will release an anime update soon. So, stay tuned for the next news of Undead Unluck!

When will the sixth episode of Undead Un luck premiere?

The sixth episode of Undead Unluck will premiere on November 10, 2023.

When will five additional characters of Undead Un luck appear?

The new character will appear on Unrepair Arc which will happen after Spoil Arc.

How many episodes does Undead Unluck have?

Undead Un luck will run for two consecutive cours. Though the total number of episodes is still TBA, the series will likely have at least 24 episodes considering Yoshifumi Tozuka ends the Autumn Arc in chapter 52.

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