Violet Evergarden Season 2 All We Know Yet

A series like Violet Evergarden doesn’t come often, the emotions you feel when watching the series are indescribable. The series’ first season finished airing in April 2018, and we haven’t heard much news about Violet Evergarden season 2.

Even though we got somewhat of a nice ending, the first season left so many questions unanswered. The franchise did receive a movie titled Violet Evergarden the Movie, however, there hasn’t been any news about another season.

Although the movie concluded the love story of Gilbert Bougainvillea and Violet Evergarden, fans want to know what happens after they both get together, here is all we know.

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Will there be a Violet Evergarden season 2?

Violet Evergarden Season 2
Kyoto Animation

Seeing as how the Violet Evergarden movie picked up the series right after the first season and gave a somewhat proper ending to the story. It seems very unlikely there is anything left to create another season about.

However, the only thing fans want to know is what happens after Gilbert and Violet reunite and how they continue living on the outskirts of an island occupied by the Gardarik.

After taking the advice of his older brother, Dietfried Bougainvillea, Gilbert decides to chase after Violet and accepts her with open arms, and invites her to live with him on the island.

There’s no doubt a show portraying the lives of the characters after the reunion will be just as popular. The series could continue from light novel volume 4 and showcase how the relationship between Violet and Gilbert continues to evolve.

The anime adaptation made some changes compared to the light novel, most crucial plots were skipped, and the series was cut short, so a continuation doesn’t seem likely.

What is studio Kyoto Animation working on?

Violet Evergarden Season 2
Kyoto Animation

Kyoto Animation is by far the most beloved anime studio of all time; their animation style has a certain appeal that pulls into the show. 

After releasing the Violet Evergarden movie, the studio continued to release Miss Kobayashi’s dragon maid S2 and Free! The final stroke movies 4 and 5. Kyoto Animation is currently working on Tsurune season 2 and Sound Euphonium 3.

We haven’t heard any official announcement from the studio about a sequel to the Violet Evergarden series, but we might hear something about it later.

What happened so far in Violet Evergarden?

After Gilbert goes missing in action, he wakes up on a faraway island, and seeing how the war affected the innocent people, he decides to continue living among them and helping however he can.

Instead of returning to his home or notifying Leidenschaftlich’s military, he decides to continue living on the island and become a school teacher.

However, his letter to LeidenSchaftlich is soon discovered by Claudia Hodgins, he recognizes Gilbert’s handwriting and, after some thorough investigation, concludes that Gilbert is still alive and living on Ekarte island.

Violet and Hodgins travel to Ekarte island to meet Gilbert; however, he refuses to see them eye to eye and asks them to leave until Dietfriend knocks some sense into him.

Gilbert rushes after Violet, and the two of them finally reunite.

How much source material is left?

Violet Evergarden Season 2
Kyoto Animation

The Violet Evergarden series did not completely follow the light novel storyline; some things were changed, and lots of chapters we skipped.

Violet and Gilbert meet in volume 2 of the light novel during the train hijacked scene, but that is changed when Dietfried saves Violet instead of Gilbert.

Most of the chapters from volume three were skipped, and the whole Violet meeting Isabella story was turned into a side story.

Yet, there is still volume 4 of the light novel, which was left untouched, showing how much Gilbert and Violet’s relationship has evolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What happens after Violet and Gilbert reunite?

Answer: After finally reuniting with one another, both of them continue their relationship until they finally decide to get married. 

Question: What will be covered in Violet Evergarden season 2?

Answer: Violet Evergarden season 2 will continue the story from light novel volume 4, covering the events after Violet and Gilbert reunite, how their relationship evolved, and their plans for the future.

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