Whisper Me A Love Song TV Anime Reveals First Promo Video.

Whisper Me A Love Song anime was a much-awaited one for manga lovers. It’s very popular in the manga community. The news of its anime adaptation was enough to make fans go wild. It stands out as an excellent Girls Love narrative.

The manga highlights the theme of unrequited love, love challenges, and a lot more. Its manga was well received, and readers loved the character designs, tension between the main characters, and art. 

Therefore, it’s a dream come true for many of us to watch our favorite manga on the big screens. It’s easily one of the best Yuri manga of all time. So, Yuri lovers should wait eagerly for the anime!

Whisper Me A Love Song TV Anime First Trailer

Crunchyroll confirmed the news of its anime adaptation back in January. Since then, the creators have gifted the fans with key visuals and cast members’ details. The teaser visuals and teaser trailer speak of the phenomenal work of the character designer and key artist. 

Whisper me a love song Official key visual

Credit Crunchyroll

Very recently, on the 10th of November, the creators presented us with the first promotional video. The first full trailer of 50 seconds is a pure visual treat. The series composition looks commendable, from animation to sound.

In the trailer, we are introduced to characters, and a little insight is given about their emotions. Everything hits the viewers straight to the heart because of Kana Sasakura’s singing voice at the back end. They say music has a great impact, and this promo video proves it well. 

What’s The Release Date Of Whisper Me A Love Song?

No exact release date is mentioned, but this epic Yuri romance anime is set to hit the screens in January 2024. Fans will have to wait for a year to complete since its adaptation news was confirmed. 

There are only a few months until the spring anime season, and we will finally be able to meet our favorite characters. The exact release date may be out in a few days or at the end of December. So, just wait for the creators to present us with good news!

Plot Of Whisper Me A Love Song

There’s no doubt that the anime’s story will follow Eku Takeshima’s manga written by. It is all about school students and their love lives. Yori Asanagi and Himari Kino are the main focus of the story. Yori is excellent at music. It’s not hard to notice her and fall head over heels for her. When Kino expresses her feelings and likes towards her, Yori misinterprets them. She confuses Kino’s love and thinks that she harbors feelings for her. 

Confused, Yori ends up catching feelings for her in return, only to find that Kino loves her music. The story highlights the pain of unrequited love and the challenges in the love life. Yori doesn’t lose hope and decides to win her love by making Kino fall for her. 

It’s a high school love story based on Girl’s Love. There will be many ups and downs in the lives of these mature yet innocent school students. Let’s see if Yori will be able to get her love or not.

Production Studio, Art Director, Crew and Cast 

Whenever fans hear the news of their favorite manga getting an anime adaptation, many things crowd their heads. The initial thought that crosses their minds is: who is animating the story?

Animation production credits go to Studio Cloud Hearts and Yokohama Animation Lab. They are working on the production of Whisper Me A Love Song. Both studios have created many successful isekai anime. Judging from the trailer, we can expect good work from them. Kudos to the Assistant Director, sound directors, and art director for making this one a masterpiece. 

I am sure you guys must be curious about the voice cast of your favorite characters. You need not worry, as some popular and fan-favorite voice actors are doing this job. Seto Asami and Shimano Hana are voicing Yori and Kino, respectively. 


Who is the main character in Whisper Me a Love Song?

Himari Kino is the main character, while Yori is the deuteragonist. 

Who is the main character in Whisper Me a Love Song?

Fans can celebrate as the anime is soon to hit the big screens!

What anime studio made Whisper Me A Love Song?

Yokohama Animation Laboratory and Cloud Hearts  are working on the animation of the anime.

Is there romance in Whisper of the Heart?

Yes, it’s a romantic anime!


Waiting can be hard, but no one is as good as the otaku fandom when it comes to waiting. Fans adore Whisper Me A Love Song for many reasons. The cute chemistry between the female leads makes it the best romance anime. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Yuri anime to binge-watch. Still, this one is definitely going to be worth the wait. I bet watching our girls learn the true meaning of love will give us butterflies in our stomachs. Let’s hope that creators don’t make us wait harder for this great upcoming series. For similar Anime News stay in Touch. 

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