Wind Breaker Episode 11 Review

Here we go again! It’s time for Wind Breaker Episode 11 Review. Previously, all the episodes have kept the fans so engaged that our standards have been raised so high. We have to wait for a whole week to watch our favorite anime, and Wind Breaker is one of those favorites. If you haven’t watched the episodes yet, then don’t fret and leave that to me. Stay with me till the end to learn what the last episode was about and how it went. 

Wind Breaker Episode 11 Review & Highlights—A New Student!

Wind Breaker episode 11 review

After Bofurin vs Lion’s Head, the episode surely became a little bit less engaging. I mean, we have to admit that not all episodes can be about action and fights. However, it’s also true that things have become a bit bland

In this episode, we are introduced to a new character, Tseugeura, who is a very loud and fun person. At first, he seems like a big deal, but he really is very goofy, so everyone tries to avoid him. 

His encounter with Sakura and the team turned out to be quite entertaining. Soon after, the new boy takes them to his favorite restaurant, where we see Kiryu with a friend. Everyone mistook the girl for his girlfriend, but things became clear when a Gang surrounds them. It turns out Kiryu protected this girl from a group of men, and now they want to take revenge. 

Sakura, Kiryu, and Tseuguera In Action!

Wind Breaker episode 11 review

Those of you who badly wanted to see some FUN fights, there you go. The action was a bit casual, with nothing mind-blowing. It was good for folks like us who find even the easiest fights amusing. Things went smoothly, and as usual, Bofurin took care of everything. 

Final Notes

Nothing special happened in the episode; it was just casual meetings, some hilarious moments, and some action. Before the episode ended, Suo nominated Sakura for the Grade Representative when the Seniors from the Second Year asked. The grade representative is more like a top dog of the grade, and Suo knew that the position best suited Sakura. 

Let’s wait for the next episode to know what it brings! For similar anime reviews, keep following Anime Fleek. 

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