Wind Breaker Episode 9 Review— Umemiya vs. Choji

Finally, the wait is over, guys!!! In the Wind Breaker Episode 9 review, I’ll highlight the major moments of this episode. We all have been waiting for their face-off, and it’s here. The fight between the two captains did meet our expectations, as it was just too good!

Just like the other fights, this one also highlights the emotions and the pain the characters go through. We get to learn more about Choji’s and Uemmiya’s characters. Let’s begin!

Wind Breaker Episode 9 Review & Highlights—The Two Captains!

Wind Breaker Episode 9 Review

In the start, no doubt Choji was fast and was very impressive but his punches meant nothing to Umemiya. They were only scratching him as if Bofurin’s leader was made of steel. He even said to Choji that his punches are lighter because nothing stands behind him. 

The grey-haired man’s words made him furious, and when Choji was almost down, he went insane. Yes, we get to see the darkness inside him and the loneliness he feels. Unfortunately, his mind just does not work in the right way, and he’s full of ego. So, when Ume-Chan hit his ego, it forced his inner evil side out, making him totally go insane. Guess what? The next moment, Umemeiya was on the ground! 

I mean, I love how the anime creators never make us predict what’s going to come next. I bet we all thought that Umemiya would win no matter what, but their fight was actually unpredictable. Just as one feels that Choji has the upper hand, we get to know that Umemiya was doing this intentionally. He could have reciprocated the attack but he made this all to get his brain on the right track.

Umemiya’s Kind HEART

Wind Breaker Episode 9 Review

I love Ume-chan, and this is it; he just won my heart! I am sure you guys will feel the same way watching this episode. This man lets Choji put out all his anger and frustration on him. The fact that Choji even bit him, yet Umemeiya hugged him and cheered him up. He knew that Choji needed somebody on his side, like a brother, like a support—and he just became that person for him!

He makes him remember that his punches had weight years ago. Back then, he never let the obsession of being strong control him. 

Umemiya’s Light Engulfed Choji’s Darkness

Wind Breaker Episode 9 Review

Yes, it was not about the physical fight from the very start. Ume-chan was aiming to fight the darkness inside Choji. He is a true HERO and the best leader! He made him realize he was not alone, and there you go! Choji finally understood the assignment. Togame was sincerely thankful for him as Umemiya did what he couldn’t! And just like that, with a Head punch, Bofurin won the FIGHT!

Choji’s Offer

Umemiya vs Choji

After losing the fight, Choji offers Umemiya to become the head of Lion’s head as he will leave the gang. As you can already guess, our HERO refused the offer in his style! (XD) In fact, the gray-haired charming man suggested the Lion’s Head to be friends with them! How cool is that?!

Final Notes

At the end of the fight, things got emotional, and Choji’s brain was finally running on the right track. It’s all thanks to Umemiya’s head punch and pep talk. (XD)

Not gonna lie; during their fight, the background music did an awesome job. It just matched the whole vibe and made every single word more impactful. CloverWorks has undoubtedly done a very fantastic job as usual. The animation quality was top-notch!

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