Wistoria: Wand And Sword Manga Receives TV Anime 2024

Time for another excellent anime adaptation of an adventure-based action fantasy. Wistoria: Wand And Sword is officially getting ready to hit the screens this year. The exciting thing is that its author is the same one who wrote Danmachi. Yes, we are talking about Fujino Omori.

We can watch it on screens in July 2024, but we still have to wait for the exact release date. The higher-ups gave us a key visual, teaser, and details about the cast and staff. Let’s dive into the details!

Wistoria: Wand And Sword Teaser And Key Visual

Wistoria: Wand And Sword Anime

Credit: Crunchyroll

The Key Visual introduces us to the male and female leads, Will Serfort and Elfaria Albis Serfort. The 34-second teaser trailer is sufficient to tell us what this series will be about. The music perfectly synchronizes with the overall storyline and theme. Kudos to Lantis for handling the music remarkably. The 30 seconds speaks volumes regarding quality, thrill, and entertainment. After all, Bandai Namco Pictures is responsible for the animation production. 

The character designs look perfect and to the point thanks to the character designer Sayaka Ono! o

Wistoria: Wand And Sword Cast & Staff

Usually, the most exciting part about any anime adaptation is the details regarding the cast and staff. Voice-over actors have a huge fan following, and anime fans wish certain VAs could voice their favourite characters. Kohei Amasaki and Akira Sekine, the talented actors, will voice the male and female lead, respectively.

Regarding staff details, Tatsuya Yoshihara has taken charge as a director, series composer, and scriptwriter. The character designer Sayako Ono is also working as the Chief Animation Director.

Raita Sunaga, Yoshirou Harada, and Ryou Akizuki managed the creature design. Ryou sensei also worked on Prop Design. Next, Yuki Maeda, Yuki Hayashi, and Naomi Nakano managed the art director, music, and colour design, respectively.

Overall, Studio Easter looks after the Art, and Ayako Otsuki is the DOP. Animocaramel handled the photography, and Masato Yoshitake worked as an Editor. Lastly, Morihito Abe, Hiroto Morishita, and Jinnan Studio manage CG direction, Sound Direction and sound, respectively.

Will is the protagonist that we follow; he is an ambitious guy. He had to fulfil the promise he made to a friend to become a major vander (A top-class magician). Therefore, the boy joins the magic academy, but the only problem is that he cannot cast even the easiest of spells. He has impressive sword skills that help him survive dangerous tasks. It’s all about his struggles and passion to be at the top of the ranks!

Source: Crunchyroll

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