10 Most Popular Anime Girls Of 2022

The year is almost coming to an end and so it’s about time we mention the 10 Most Popular Anime Girls Of 2022. People mostly refer to these female leads as the protagonist’s love interest, but we all know they are more than that. They keep proving us wrong and end up stealing the show, in the most charismatic manner. From Yor Forger to Chateau Dankworth, all our girls help our male protagonists reach their full potential.

Even in 2022, whether it’s Shounen or Shoujo, they always portray a sense of individuality and melt our hearts at the same time. While male characters may occasionally receive attention, it is obvious why viewers are more drawn to female female anime characters. Whether they are formidable supporting characters or stand-alone major characters.

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Even in 2022, the girls continue to astound us with their ability and demonstrate how things are done, or they simply win the audience over with their endearing and adorable personas. Well, no one can beat anime women from different anime series. We’re here for everything! So let me show you the 10 Most Popular Anime Girls of 2022. Let’s dive right in!

1. Anya Forger

10 Most Popular Anime Girls Of 2022

She is at the top of this list, without a doubt. After the anime Spy X Family was launched, Anya, the adorable ball of surprises, was already a fan favorite. Her background includes being an orphan who served as a test subject in the past; as a result, she is telepathic. She became a popular character in no time.

Her adorable, funny faces, particularly the “heh,” are to die for. She not only won everyone over with her endearing personality, but she also demonstrated how crucial she was to the story. How can someone not go “aww” after seeing her?

2. Makima

10 Most Popular Anime Girls Of 2022

Now, she took the internet by storm after Chainsaw Man was released this year. She is the antagonist and a senior member of the Public Safety Saga. Every single cosplayer out there, had her cosplay on, no matter what. Her personality will leave chills down your spine. I mean look at the way she controls Denji. There’s no messing around with her.

3. Chateau Dankworth

10 Most Popular Anime Girls Of 2022

She is one of those badass characters, who take their opponents down as if it was a piece of cake. The gorgeous bounty hunter knows what she’s doing and doesn’t leave a second to put herself in danger for her loved ones.

Chateau is still perplexed as to why Song keeps pursuing her despite his obvious love for her. In addition, Chateau’s fierce, determined, and persistent charisma can woo you any time of the day. She will forever be remembered as a compelling character.

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4. Yor Forger

10 Most Popular Anime Girls Of 2022

The gorgeous assassin Yor Forger, often known as the “Thorn Princess,”  makes it on our list too. Why wouldn’t she? With her action scenes, the gorgeous black-haired assassin comes up to our expectations. —a housewife by day, an assassin at night! How cool is that? She is one of the most loved female protagonists.

And how can we forget her incredible roles as a wife and mother? I cannot find even the slightest imperfection in this woman, except for the part where she’s a bad cook. She’ll get there <3. She is female anime protagonist that has set high standards for women on screen and off screen.

5. Mirko – Rumi Usagiyama

Ushio Kofune

Next in line is Mirko, the No. 5 Pro Hero. She’s the MVP of the season. I can’t believe they just introduced her. WHERE WAS SHE ALL THIS TIME! Hands down the coolest Pro Hero out there. Her combat skills and speed or literally on the next level. There’s no stopping her.

Rumi loves those who speak up for what’s right and is tough enough to do so, even if it leads to conflict. She demonstrates her courage and independence as a hero by moving into the Doctor’s lair and kicked the crap out of them.

6. Maki Zenin

10 Most Popular Anime Girls Of 2022

She is one of the popular girls from the most popular series with a lots of action. Yes, we are talking about the popular JJK! We saw the best of Maki in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, But the best is yet to come. The fiery young lady who makes an effort to advance on her own, without asking for assistance from anyone. She is incredibly independent, capable, and driven to defy the expectations her “so-called” family has for her. Without our green-headed badass, the list of the most popular anime girls in 2022 would be seriously lacking.

7. Marin Kitagawa

10 Most Popular Anime Girls Of 2022
My dress up darling - Marin

The internet has been flooded with Kitagawa San content. It’s Kitagawa San everywhere you look; her charisma is swept across all social media. Marin turned out to be very relatable for all the cosplayers out there.

Her enthusiasm for cosplay is pretty much evident throughout the entire anime. She’s actually the most recognized anime character among all the cosplayers. It’s understandable why this youthful, unkempt cosplayer appears on every list of the most well-liked anime girls in 2022.

8. Kaguya Shinomiya

kaguya sama

Next in line, we have Kaguya Sama. She is as sophisticated and crafty as always She keeps winning hearts, even though she had a rocky start. Her character improvement is slow but she is completely different now. She changed with time and circumstances.

She is slowly starting to accept her affection for Miyuki. There is no disputing that she loves him, despite her continued insistence that Shirogane admit first. Her life becomes a fascinating journey in the pursuit of learning the meaning of true love. Nevertheless, she is fun to watch and that’s what we all want at the end of the day.

9. Anzu


Her personality screams Gen Z. All she care’s about is cats, video games, and chocolate. Sounds familiar doesn’t it? She doesn’t care about Romance and that automatically makes her an anti-heroine. Riri turns her life into a real-life dating simulation. She tried her best to come out of those “romantic situations” Riri threw at her.

Anzu is a rational, direct, and extremely kind individual who can’t abandon her friends when they’re in need. She doesn’t care about what others think of her, and she always follows her internal moral compass. Her personality is very ideal in my opinion.

10. Ushio Kofune

10 Most Popular Anime Girls Of 2022

The start of Summer Time Rendering and Ajiro Shinpei’s trip to the island where he spent his formative years are both prompted by the passing of Ushio Kofune. Though she lacks the evil intent of her siblings, a piece of Ushio lingers on in her shadow.

Ushio behaves exactly the same as her original self; there is no distinguishable difference between the two. But when the going gets tough, Ushio’s Shadow skills step in to save the day. Although she couldn’t take the place of the real Ushio, she can do her part to prevent other tragedies.

Who is your favorite character from this list let me know in the comments down below?

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What is trending in Anime?

Chainsaw Man is trending right now.

Who is the most beautiful and cute anime girl?

The answer can be subjective but Hinata, Nezuko, and Nami are considered the cutest.


Not just male but female anime fans are also Head over heels for these cutest anime girls. Name your favorite from the list and the reason your heart beats for them. Let’s discuss about our favorite dream girl down in the comments. For similar anime updates, stay in touch!

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