10 Spooktacular Anime To Watch For Halloween

best spooktacular anime to watch

As Halloween approaches, it’s a challenge for people to remain composed. It’s nearly irresistible not to have a great time on this occasion. However, suppose you are an introvert who wants to enjoy your time alone. In that case, I have some spooktacular anime for you to watch on Halloween.

You can enjoy your time watching them. In fact, many of you can take spooky ideas from them to implement on Halloween. These anime will give you many Halloween costume ideas, and you might find a character to cosplay. How great is that!

All the anime are watch-worthy as they effortlessly create thrills and chills among the viewers. So let’s get started!

10. Blood-C

best spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween

Credit: IMDb

This is another intriguing anime. The story is so suspenseful that it’s impossible to figure out what’s happening. It takes a number of episodes for the twists to be unveiled, but it’s worth it. Saya Kisaragi is the female lead, apparently an ordinary student but a monster slayer.

Every night, she leaves the house with her sword and slay monsters. Each monster asks her if she remembers something, but she doesn’t, as she has lost her memories. After a couple of episodes, it turns out that everything Saya sees is a setup created by the villain.

None of the people she met were sincere and were only acting their parts asked by the mastermind. If you like suspense anime, then watch it ASAP!

9. Toilet Bound Hanako Kun

best spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween

Credit: IMDb

It’s a very entertaining story if you are into fantasy, comedy, and supernatural. We are introduced to a school where ghost stories are popular, Seven Wonders of School. It’s believed that a spirit named Hanako Kun can grant any wish. People have tried summoning him, but it never happened.

However, things change when a girl named Nene summons him. Hanako Kun appears, and the girl tells him about her desires. The boy was cute enough to tell her she shouldn’t get in trouble. Guess what? Nene is a troublemaker who puts him and herself in a situation where they MUST stick together. It’s a perfect spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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8. Deadman Wonderland

best spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween

Credit: IMDb

It’s a 12-episode masterpiece that intrigues the viewers right from the start. Ganta is the protagonist who was attending his class when he saw a red man flying in the air outside the window. Before he could do anything, the red man killed everyone in a glimpse.

He loses consciousness and opens his eyes to learn that everyone considers him the murderer. Unable to prove his innocence, he is sent to Deadman Wonderland Prison. The prison is known for amusing the audience by brutally treating the prisoners. Ganta vows to find the red man.

Above all, after the incident, Ganta remained no longer an ordinary human. Red Man transferred some of his powers to him. 

7. Danganronpa

best spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween

Credit: IMDb

It’s a perfect horror mystery and a thriller to binge-watch on Halloween. Makoto Negi is our protagonist, who was invited to be a part of a prestigious school. The school is famous for admitting only the exceptionally talented students, which surprised Makoto.

With no special talent, he joins the school and soon regrets it. The school principal is a robotic bear who tells them all students are trapped there.The sole escape route is to commit a murder without arousing suspicion. The intrigue deepens with each passing episode. So, watch it with your full interest. 

6. Tokyo Ghoul

best spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween

Credit: IMDb

Watching Tokyo Ghoul is highly recommended on Halloween. In fact, you have the option to cosplay as Ken or any other characters you prefer. Ken Kaneki, the central character, is initially portrayed as a naïve young man.

His smooth life changed when he went on a date with Rize, an attractive lady. She was a ghoul who turned Kaneki into a ghoul, too. Unfortunately, the boy couldn’t save himself from this terrible fate. Unwillingly, he accepts his new life as a ghoul and learns about the norms of the ghoul society.

There is action, mystery, thrill, and a lot more. Ken’s character development is the main reason why people love Tokyo Ghoul. 

5. Puella Magi

best spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween

Credit: IMDb

Puella Magi is a great short anime to binge-watch. The art, the character design, and the animation are all good, so don’t miss the chance to watch it. Madoka and Sayaka are the two friends living the best of their lives before encountering Kyubey, a talking cat.

Kyubey followed them to offer a deal: if they agreed to become the magical girls, he would fulfill their one wish. The offer sounded tempting, as being a magical girl looked the same as being a superhero. However, the girl denied the offer and thanks to Homura, a new transfer student who warned them to stay away from this life.

It turned out that Homura was also a magical girl who was aware of the dark secrets of the magic world. Things didn’t go well as Saya agreed to the offer to protect her crush. After some time, she dies a terrible death as the dark life of a magical girl is revealed. Whether Madoka becomes the magical girl or not is up to you.

4. Angels Of Death

best spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween

Credit: IMDb

This is the best and one of the great spooktacular anime for Halloween. Many moments in the anime will have you on the edge of your seat. The story starts with Rachel, a young girl, regaining consciousness in a hospital.

Surprisingly, no one is in the hospital except her and a psycho doctor. In her bid for survival, she sprints to the building’s different floor. There, she meets Zack, apparently another psycho who wishes to kill her, and shockingly, Rachel wants the same.

It turns out it’s the rule of the building that whoever enters the floor must kill the person, and it’s the same for each floor. Zack, instead of killing her, makes a deal with Rachel. He will kill her if she helps him get out of this building.The story is drenched in suspense and mystery, ensuring you’ll remain enthralled from beginning to end.

3. The Promised Neverland

best spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween

Credit: IMDb

We are introduced to an orphanage with cute little kids who love their caretaker, Isabela. Their lives revolve around studying, playing, waiting, and spending time with Isabela. Emma is one of the orphans who is sensitive and considers everyone her true family.

She can’t even think about seeing any of them in pain. She is friends with Ray and Norman. This trio is famous for being the geniuses of the house. One can easily figure out many suspicious things right from the first episode. For example, the tattoos on every kid and the fact that one kid is adopted after every month or two.

Things take a spine-tingling twist when one of the orphans is adopted and bids farewell to the house. Emma and Norman secretly followed her to give her the toy she had left. The duo was stunned at the sight of her dead body being eaten by a giant MONSTER.

The caretaker was involved in the heinous act. That night changed their lives, and they ran for their lives. Luckily, no one saw them, and they kept the incident a secret. The group commenced their escape plan, with the mission of rescuing both their companions and their own lives. It’s a fantastic spooktacular anime to watch for Halloween. 

2. Another

best spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween

Credit: IMDb

When he returns to school, Kouichi Sakakibara’s life takes an interesting yet spookier turn. He is intrigued by a girl with an eyepatch who hardly communicates with anyone. Whenever he tries to approach her, she warns him to stay away.

Adding to that, not one of the students is willing to discuss the girl as if she simply isn’t there. Some say they don’t know any girl, while those who try to speak about her die. The girl is named Mei Misaki, and the story revolves around her. 

Sakakibara’s intrigue with the girl forces him to get close to her. This results in him being hated by the students as they start treating him as a non-existent entity. The mystery of murders and Misaki will unfold bit by bit, so enjoy it with patience. Indeed, it’s a great spooktacular anime to watch for Halloween.

1. Parasyte: The Maxim

best spooktacular anime to watch on Halloween

Credit: IMDb

This anime is very good as its gripping plot effortlessly captures attention. As the anime title suggests, the plot revolves around alien parasites who wish to rule the human world. They planned to take over the human brain and succeeded to some extent.

Things changed when a parasite came to control Shinichi Izumi’s brain but failed. Instead, he ended up being a part of his arm. So, now Shinichi could control him, and he also got some powers. If you like action and go, nothing can be a perfect watch for Halloween than Parasyte.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any scary anime?

So there are a lot of some epic horror anime out there. Some of the best ones are Another, The Promised Neverland, and Angels Of Death.

Who is the scariest anime protagonist?

There are many but the most popular ones are Eren Yeager, Kaguya Otsutsuki, and Zack.


Make this Halloween super fun and enjoyable by watching the Spooktacular anime mentioned above. You won’t regret watching any of them. Have a good Halloween!

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