A Condition Called Love Episode 8-12 Review

Finally, our favorite romance anime, A Condition Called Love, has come to an end. It has been a beautiful journey of Hotaru and Hananoi that taught us numerous lessons. This was a love journey between the two polar opposites and how they overcame their fears to be together. 

The last 5 episodes have been spellbinding yet bland after the two agreed to date officially. Today, I’ll review the previous 5 episodes all together. So, let’s begin!

A Condition Called Love Episode 8-12 Review & Highlights

a condition called love

After officially starting dating, Hotaru decides to create some policies for them in Episode 8. Hananoi was at first a bit surprised, but while discussing the dating policies, he asked Hotaru never to leave him behind. This implies how much he fears being lonely once again. 

After all, we all know how hard it was for the boy to finally leave his inner fears behind and open his heart to her. Their closeness eventually increased after their love confession and after they started working together as a team in the workplace. Sweet and some lovey-dovey moments have become more common ever since. 

a condition called love

At the end of episode 8, Hotaru Hinase shared her fears and the tough times she went through after the elementary school incident. She was too scared to make friends. It was as if she had shut down all the doors for others in her heart. During that gloomy phase of her life, her dearest friend Kyo came to her help. 

Nothing special happened in this episode; it was more like a slow burn. The two learned something more about each other through interaction with their friends. Overall, the story does descend in terms of engagement after they confess their love. 

a condition called love

Episode 9 Highlights

Hananoi’s birthday was approaching, so the couple decided to go together to enjoy cherry blossoms. Just like always, this time as well, poor boy’s were busy enough to forget about their son’s birthday. His grandmother invited him to make him feel better, but Hananoi refused, saying he has commitments with his girlfriend. 

One plus point worth highlighting was how Hotaro snatched away all the fears and sadness from his life. Despite knowing his parents wouldn’t be attending his birthday, he was satisfied and excited all because of her.

That’s how all partners should be; they should be loving and sincere enough that no one in the relationship could feel lonely. It’s just another one of the beautiful lessons the anime gives. However, guess the plot twist? Hotaru forgot that on the same day, she had to attend the memorial service of her grandfather. Therefore, the couple had to cancel their plans for the day, and Hananoi, like a good boy, assured her that she doesn’t need to worry. 

Hotaru’s Surprise

hananoi, hotaru

While spending his birthday alone, sitting in a spot where he could easily enjoy cherry blossoms, he missed his parents. All the flashbacks hit him hard, wondering how his parents have been busy making the other kids happy and forgetting about their son. 

Just when things were getting sad for him, Hotaru entered the scene. She especially made time to attend her boyfriend’s birthday, surprising Hananoi to the fullest. The two spend some quality time enjoying the cherry blossoms together. 

Episode 10, 11, & 12 Highlights

hananoi, hotaru

The last three episodes sure had scenarios that pulled the love birds even closer. However, things had become bland, and nothing new was happening. Hotaru was successful in getting Hananoi used to sitting along with a group of friends. They went to play some games and shared their secrets, winning each other’s trust.

hananoi, hotaru

They were no longer hesitant and shy towards each other, as their friendship transformed into something very special. In the last episode, we learn that Saki Hananoi used to like Hotaru from his childhood. He always wanted to be friends with her, but his introverted nature came off as a challenge. And while her friend cut her hair, he was the witness to all of that. 

Saki knew everything about her and literally grew up learning about her like a devoted lover. He regretted not standing up for her and not creating reasons to cheer her up. Finally, the questions we had regarding Hananoi from the initial few episodes were all beautifully answered. At last, it was a plot twist that no one had expected. Like, literally what? Saki Hananoi has been in love with Hotaru since they were kids!!! Yep, you heard it all right! With this revelation, the journey of the two love birds comes to an end. It was a happy ending, as expected.

hananoi, hotaru

Final Notes

This anime was very different from other romance anime and we learned a lot about how to deal with things when we are in a relationship. Understanding each other and giving one space and time to open up on their own is the first key. Overall, I’d like to give this anime a 7/10 score, as it entertained me a lot. There were still many things that could be improved, though; it was a good watch overall. Share your experience with this love story. Did you enjoy the anime? 

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