15 Best Anime Movies Like A Silent Voice 

If you are into drama, musicals, high school life, and romance, then my friends, we have brought you a list of the best anime movies like A Silent Voice. Why? Because you will have much more in it, including the emotional factor, we will add some fantasy to it and obviously some picks from Studio Ghibli to make our list more attractive and interesting. 

Japanese animation has a knack for bringing the stereotypes and breaking the stereotype stories to our screens. The list below is a special one since it will have movies that touch reality in a different light and highlight taboo topics such as bullying, independence, anxiety, and depression

The below-mentioned anime, similar to A Silent Voice, are award-winning and highestgrossing films that bring the realities to the front and show how to accept them. 

So shall we begin?

Anime Movie Like A Silent Voice That Are An Eye Opener 


  • You will find anime movies with handsome characters, with the best plot twists, mysteries, and whatnot. 
  • Enjoy the roller coaster of teary eyes, anger, sympathy, and love from these below-mentioned anime movies. 
  • The list is ranked solely on personal preferences. 

15. Flavors Of Youth

anime movies like A Silent Voice; Flavors Of Youth
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are expecting it to be from anime movies with a plot twist, then you might be disappointed. Still, I can guarantee that it is one of the best movies, like a silent voice. The movie is divided into three episodes, and each carries a different story. 

Still, every story teaches only one thing. Cherish the love you have, live the moments you have found, and appreciate the smallest of things. The plot, overall, portrays the lives of a few individuals as they transition from youth to adulthood.

It shows what one misses in search or more and what one gains. Even after all, what remains are memories, good or bad, and still affect you. 

14. Bubble

anime movies like A Silent Voice; bubble
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Bubble is one of the best anime movies for kids. Fantasy, adventure, and a mindboggling plot, it has all the checks to be on our list for the best anime movies like A Silent Voice. Romance may be a little of an element, but aside from romance, you have everything you require for a good watch. 

The plot is set in a distant future where the earth has a calamity named bubbles. These gigantic, gravitydefying bubbles have changed everything. Still, kids are making the best out of it, and our lead, Hibiki, a high school boy, is an ace in jumping over these bubbles. 

His adventure to the bubble of Tokyo’s capital led him to a mysterious girl named Uta. The duo become closer as they discover there is more to their appearances. Their new, not-so-normal lives have changed even further. 

13. Ocean Waves

anime movies like A Silent Voice; ocean waves
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

High school love stories are simply the best. If they are from Studio Ghibli, then they are undoubtedly worth the time. The next entry on our list of anime movies, A Silent Voice, is one of the most sensible and decent romance anime movies you will get to watch. 

The plot introduces high school boy Taku and his crush, Rikako. The cool and uninterested Taku suddenly feels an imbalance in his life, where he is too interested in Rikako and her past. Only to know her present and make a future with her.

Nonetheless, a broken heart gives the brightest smile, and that is what Rikako has. Can Taku heal her broken heart, or will he have a broken heart? You have to watch it to know the end.  

12. When Marnie Was There

anime movies like A Silent Voice; When Marnie Was There
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you like mystery and intrigue, then you will want the next one on our list of anime movies, like A Silent Voice. Not to mention, but this one is also from Studio Ghibli. The film lacks romance and is more of a friend’s tale. Still, it is good enough for you to enjoy yourself on a Saturday night.

The plot revolves around a young and quiet girl, Ana. She visits her aunt and decides to enjoy the summer there while sketching and curing her asthma. Ana encounters a girl her age, Marnie, from the mysterious house on the hill. 

A ghost, a relic of the past, or a friend, Marnie is a mystery, but for Ana, Marnie is a friend that she could never have had in her life. As their friendship deepens, Ana discovers the secrets of Marnie’s residence, the Marsh House

11. The Wind Rises

anime movies like A Silent Voice; The Wind Rises
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The next one on our list is yet another award-winning and highest-grossing film of its release years from Studio Ghibli. Miyazaki Hayao did an amazing job with this one and made history with one of his anime movies with emotional stories.

Hence, we are bringing this masterpiece to our list of best anime movies like A Silent Voice. There is no fantasy because the film revolves around Jiro, an ambitious young boy with many unfulfilled dreams.

The story progresses as World War II ends, and Jiro learns the ways of life. With many of his life-changing adventures, he ends up making a fighter plane that is bound to change the world for the better. This one is a controversial film, but it is for all ages, so enjoy it. 

10. Your Name 

Your Name
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are looking for an anime film like A Silent Voice, then you are at the right place. The next entry on our list is a ditto of A Silent Voice. Except, there is a unique factor of fantasy. It is an award-winning anime movie with top-notch animation and exceptional characters. 

The plot focuses on two high school students, Mitsuha and Taki. Mitsuha is a countryside girl who wishes to live her life in the capital. At the same time, Taki is living a hustling, bustling life in the capital and trying really hard to meet both ends. 

Fate happens, and the two start swapping souls and get the chance to live the life they desire. This incident brings two opposites together. Watch this amazing, fun movie to know how their story unfolds

9. From Up On Poppy Hill 

From Up On poppy Hill
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are looking for romance anime movies with a solid plot and some thoughtful characters, then the next one is for you. We had to bring it to our list of best anime movies like A Silent Voice because of the high school student vibe, two individuals who seem different but are alike, and an innocent love story. 

Umi is an all-rounder. She is a high school student and also takes care of her house, which happens to be a boarding house. Umi also helps the newspaper club and falls in love with Shun there. Knowing that Shun is an orphan, she helps him find his origins. 

As the duo grows close together, they discover they have more in common than they ever thought. Animation may lack a little, but it got many awards for its animation during the year of its release, so take no risks and enjoy.

8. Drifting Home

Drifting Home
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This is one of the best fantasy anime movies for kids if you are looking for a good weekend. Its plot twist, high school kids, complex relationship between the leads, and the attraction between the leads are all elements similar to the one you are looking for. 

Hence, we have no reason not to put this one on our list of best anime movies like A Silent Voice. The story revolves around two childhood friends, Kousuke and Natsume. Their friendship is in a rift because of a certain incident. 

Still, fate brings them together once again when they get to know about their old apartment building being demolished. Not only that, but a seasonal flood makes sure to give the old friends enough trouble that they forget their animeties and begin anew. 

7. Weathering With You

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The next one on our list of best anime movies like A Silent Voice, was once among the top 10 highest-grossing films of their time. It is among the top sad anime movies because of its emotional touch, and fantasy brings the X-factor to it. 

The plot focuses on two high school students, Hodaka and Hina. They are both desperate to become financially independent for different reasons. A fateful encounter brings Hadoka to Hina, and he gets to know that whenever she prays, it stops raining. 

The duo decides to use this power to fund their financial needs. Nonetheless, one always has to pay a price for the power they have. 

6. Anohana: The Flowers We Saw That Day The Movie

Anohana The Flowers We Saw That Day The Movie
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This one is surely not a standalone movie, but it is still given a little attention, and you can enjoy it as one. The emotional touch and the high school students make this a similar anime to A Silent Voice. 

Hence, we brought it to our list of best anime movies like A Silent Voice. The story surrounds the friends of the Super Peace Busters group as they come together once again years after the death of their beloved friend Honma. 

The movie portrays every person’s perspective and how they handled the death of their beloved friend. You will cry your eyes out, but the mystery will keep you captured. So, if you want to watch mystery anime movies, then try this one as well. 

5. Josee, The Tiger And The Fish

Josee-The Tiger And The Fish
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Japanese and Japanese Animation has no limit in bringing versatility to the floor. The next one on our list of best anime movies like A Silent Voice, is among the many anime movies with emotional stories. 

It portrays life from a different perspective, one that many seem not to see. The plot introduces an ambitious university student, Suzukawa, as he aims to explore the marine world. A fateful encounter brings him to Josee, the girl in a wheelchair

Josee seems arrogant and rude at first, but once you get to know her, she is the sweetest and closest to reality. Suzukawa discovers her dream of exploring the outside world freely, and it makes him stick to her. As they understand each other and help each other fulfill their dreams

4. Violet Evergarden 

Violet Evergarden
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The next one on our list of best anime movies like A Silent Voice, is from Kyoto Animation. It is an award-winning movie for its plot and animation. It does not have the high school lives touch or high school students. Still, you will enjoy the heartwarming story of the leads. 

The plot is set in a post-war era where the need for Memory dolls is no longer in place. Now, Violet, the human-like, pretty memory doll, has decided to live her life as a human. The story focuses on her development as she understands the values and feelings that humans have. Also, she tries to search for the man who told her the words, “I Love You”

3. A Whisker Away

A Whisker Away
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are looking for anime movies with emotional stories aside from movies like A Silent Voice, then this one’s for you, my friends. The emotional touch, high school vibe, high school students, and their chemistry are all similar in both. 

You will get an extra topping of heartwarming romance with a sprinkle of fantasy. It was an award-winning anime movie that was famous among the best romance anime movies for its touching plot. The story focuses on two high school students with different lives.

Miyo finds peace when she encounters the handsome Kento. She strongly wishes to be with her beloved and turns into a cat. Nonetheless, a cat can’t comfort Kento as Miyo herself can. The plot develops as the duo understand each other and accept their love. 

2. The Anthem Of The Heart

the anthem of the heart
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It is one of the highest-grossing movies ever and won many awards, including one for its plot and animation. The animation is undoubtedly exceptional. Additionally, the plot is solid and based on the elements of fairy tales, but it is still close to reality

Hence, we had to bring it to our list of best anime movies like A Silent Voice. Jun Naruse, a high school student, who lost her voice because of a fairytale egg. Fate happens when she is mistakenly chosen to perform in a musical. 

Not only that, her life flips when she meets Takumi, and his magical voice becomes a way to lift her curse. For many of the fans, it is one of the top sad anime movies, yet it is to the point. 

1. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

I want to eat your pancreas
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

All thanks to Japanese Animation for bringing one of the most heart-wrenching anime movies to the screen. This one is also an awardwinning one, and it is an anime adaptation of a novel. High school is a golden period, and the love you find there will leave an impression on you for the rest of your life. 

The same is the case with this one, and since it has an emotional touch, we had no choice but to add it to our list of the best anime movies like A Silent Voice. The plot focuses on two opposites in their high school life.

The bookworm Haruki and the ever-so-bubbly Sakura cross paths and get to know each other. The duo develops feelings for each other, but a sad truth about Sakura’s health threatens their relationship. The plot develops as they overcome all hurdles to keep their relationship intact. 

Final Notes: 

So, with this, I bid you goodbye for today. Nevertheless, I am eager to know what you think about the movies mentioned above and if you have some that you want to add to this list. 

If you enjoyed reading the anime movie recommendations above, then visit us again. Until then, Adios! 

Is a silent voice based on a true story?

Okay, so the answer is a yes and a no. Yes, the author of the movie, Yoshitoki Oima, wrote this story initially based on her personal experiences, but no, because she added a few elements and scenarios to make her point more impactful.

Why is A Silent Voice considered a must-watch anime movie?

Whether you are an anime fan or not, A Silent Voice is a mustwatch for many reasons. It touches on taboo topics of reality like depression, bullying, and suicide. It portrays them so beautifully that you can not help but fall in love with this movie. It is a mixture of emotions and feelings. Hats off to the author and Japanese Animation for pulling this off. 

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