15 Anime Movies with Plot Twists – Ranked!

Anime never ceases to amaze you with its exceptionally twisted plots and plot twists. Anime movies, especially with their short run time, bring the best blow to the viewer’s mind with their creative storylines and endings. So, today, I have got a list of anime movies with plot twists to pay tribute to their art and aesthetics

There are many anime with big plot twists, and they are shocking to you when you discover them. Sometimes, anime with the best plot does not have the twist that you crave. Be it romance, thriller, psychological, horror, suspense, or fantasy plot twists, just blend in by making sure that everyone feels their presence

So, should we do the deed?

Anime movies with plot twists that will blow your mind.


  • The list has twists about the revelation of unknown crucial information, exposing the true identities of characters, physiological behaviors, and much more. 
  • You will have romance anime with plot twists, fantasy anime, suspense anime with plot twists, and many with twisted endings. 
  • The list below is completely graded on personal preferences. 

15. Seven Deadly Sins Movie: Prisoners Of The Sky

15 anime movies with plot twists, Seven deadly sins movie
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This short anime movie may not suffice as a standalone, but you can watch it as a canon. The film itself lacks the attraction in the plot, but obviously, it has plot twists that keep it going. So, there we have it on our list of anime movies with plot twists. 

The animation is smooth, and the characters always look better. The plot entertains a scenario where Meliodas and Hawk are transported into the Skyland of Celestials. For unknown reasons, he was imprisoned there upon his arrival. 

As the story progresses, characters that have a striking resemblance to the leads appear, and demons make an appearance. But how it all ends is something you need to figure out. 

14. Garden of Sinners: Overlooking View

15 anime movies with plot twists; Garden of sinners, overlooking view
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Anime with twisted endings and plot twists are not always fun. Nevertheless, if you like suspense, thriller, and mystery, then they serve better. The next one on our list is a combo of supernatural, horror, and mystery and is considered as one of the best supernatural anime.  

So, we got it on our list of anime movies with plot twists. Because horror and mystery are always abundant in them. The story begins when strangely similar suicides take place. Shiki, a young girl, decides to uncover the truth behind these suicides with the help of her un-natural powers. 

She gets help from her friends, who are equally strange, and together, they unravel the mysteries behind them. 

13. Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

15 anime movies with plot twists, Neon Genesis Evangelion, the end of Evangelion
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

For an award-winning movie with an original story, it is definitely heavy. The Evangelion franchise had a significant impact on the anime community. It has been popular for a long time as one of the best fantasy anime movies. The deep plot line with its kind of dark theme simply hooks you in. 

So, we had to bring this to our list of anime movies with plot twists. The plot centers on Shinji Ikari, the talented pilot of humanoid robots, who is suffering from depression and loss. The world is in chaos to attain power. 

Some want to bring the world back to its original shape, and some simply want to rule it. Unfortunately, humanity’s last hope is hiding in a dark room. What will bring him out of that darkness, or if he will ever come to see the light? You got to see that for yourself.

12. I Want To Eat Your Pancreas

15 anime movies with plot twists, I want to eat your pancreas
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It is one of the finest romance anime movies that you will ever come across. The drama, the amazingly unique and contrasting characters, and the soft but heart-wrenching story are bewildering. The name itself tells that the story comes with many unexpected twists and turns. 

So, we had no reason not to bring this one to our list of anime movies with plot twists. The story focuses on two high school students, Sakura and Haruki. Fate brings them together when Haruki finds Sakura’s secret diary

The emotionless Haruki feels the emotions and experiences feelings that he didn’t before. Unfortunately, Sakura’s clock is already ticking, and the duo has yet to figure out their feelings for each other. 

11. Paprika 

15 anime movies with plot twists, Paprika
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Studio Madhouse is sure to pick stories with an off-the-top element. Paprika is one such anime film with the best plot. It won several awards for its concepts, amazing Animation, and avant-garde elements. Hence, it made it to our list of anime movies with plot twists.

The plot focuses on the evils of society. Atsuko and Kosaku, two friends, develop a device to cure psychological disorders. Unfortunately, they made something whose potential is infinite, and in the wrong hands, it can wreak havoc.

Now, the duo seeks help from a friend and tries to get their stolen device back to stop the terror happening around them.

10. Perfect Blue 

15 anime movies with plot twists, perfect blue
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This directorial debut of animator Satoshi Kon won multiple awards. Coming from Studio Madhouse, this psychological and suspense drama was bound to be a hit. This one may not be an anime with big plot twists, but it does keep you wondering and gives you brain exercises

Nevertheless, we have it here on our list of anime movies with plot twists. The story focuses on the life of a J-POP idol, Mima. She starts living a life that keeps transitioning from reality to fantasy. It all begins when she leaves her group and pursues her career as an actor. 

The societal pressure, the constant stalking, and no appreciation led her to hallucinate eventually. But how that ends is something for you to dig into. So, Good Luck. 

9. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I – The Egg of the King

Berserk The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Berserk is often considered among the best horror anime because of the gore, bloodlust, giant builds of characters, and the violence. It is basically an all-rounder with a lot of action, adventure, drama, and a bit of fantasy. 

So, we had to add it to our list of anime movies with plot twists to justify its popularity. The mighty mercenary Guts, with all odds against him, has never lost to anyone. He wanders off with a huge sword. 

His life turns interesting when he is recruited into a group after being defeated by its leader. That was a first for him, but it was only the beginning. Guts had to fight battles alongside his group but eventually realized the dark side of the people around him.  

8. Colorful 

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Colorful is a personal favorite on our list of anime movies with plot twists. The name of this anime movie is enough to express the ideas, the thoughts, and the deep meaning it holds. It is an award-winning movie for the concept it portrays. 

It brings a bit of fantasy as well. The story begins with a soul getting a second chance at life as a 14-year-old boy, Makoto. At first, he seems uninterested and still aims to end his life. Nevertheless, he adapts to his new life. 

The soul figures out human emotions and trials that they have to face each day in order to live. In short, the seemingly normal life of a human is filled with responsibilities, bonds, trouble, and whatnot. Everybody lives like this, for those who don’t need to watch this. Heads Up! It might be a bit depressing

7. Hal

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

With a perfect blend of drama, romance, and sci-fi,  Hal has successfully taken a place in our list of anime movies with plot twists. The Animation, fantastical story, and the characters are all heartthrobs. Additionally, it cures broken hearts with its calm and serene portrayal

The plot surrounds Kurumi, a young, beautiful woman living in isolation and despair. After the death of her beloved boyfriend Hal, she has lost all hope. However, a humanoid robot from her grandfather arrives, and he becomes a replica of Hal. 

Not only that but soon, they develop a bond stronger than any and discover what’s hidden in their relationship. 

6. When Marnie Was There

When Marnie Was There
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Like every Studio Ghibli’s work, this one will also transport you to literally another world. It is a mild story with a slow plot. You might find it boring at one point, but once you are into it, you will be driven by curiosity and mystery. 

For that particular reason, I have it on my list of anime movies with plot twists. The plot centers on a sick child, Anna. She spends a summer in the countryside with her aunt to recover. Her uninterested life finds interest in a girl named Marnie from the abandoned Marsh House

The duo became friends soon. Still, Marnie has more to her existence than meets the eye. Anna will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience once she discovers the truth.

5. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

the disappearance of haruhi suzumiya
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Give it to the Japanese Animation, and they will bring you another award-winning mystery and supernatural plot. The Animation in this one is certainly a bomb. Additionally, the plot twists are so interesting that I had to mention it in our list of anime with the best plot twists.

This anime movie portrays the normal life of a high school student, Kyon. He suddenly gets blown away on the cold morning when he discovers that his friends Haruhi and Itsuki are missing. Not only that, but some of his friends don’t recognize him. 

Kyon faces a dilemma of going back to his life with supernatural occurrences or staying in the one where there is a chance of a new beginning

4. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The next one on our list is an award-winning anime with a twisted ending. Yatsutaka Tsutsui sure did an amazing job with the plot and the characters. It perfectly blends suspense and fantasy along with romance. So, it is on our list of anime movies with plot twists. 

The story introduces a high school girl, Makoto. With a twist of fate, she gets the power to leap through time. After a few leaps, she discovers that it’s a limited power and she can not right the wrongs forever. Not only that but her last leaps are affected when she discovers that someone else has the same power.

3. Naruto Shippuden: The Movie Bonds

Naruto Shippuden, the movie bonds
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It seldom happens that feature films from an action-fantasy anime leave a mark as a standalone. You may require basic knowledge about the characters for this one. Still, the movie will shock you time by time, especially if you have watched the series.

Hence, we have it here with us on the list of anime movies with plot twists. Naruto, the lead, is trying to fight and save his leaf village from the sky ninjas. Against his will, Naruto is to escort a doctor and his apprentice to a certain place.

During their small journey, they discover malicious intents and dark identities, and it turns out that some old friends will be meeting as well.

2. Your Name

Your Name
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are looking for the best romance anime with plot twists, then this one is your best pick. It was adapted from a light novel by Makoto Shinkai and became an award-winning anime movie. You will find it ranked 28th on MAL, and that means it has the potential to fulfill your craving for the best anime movies with plot twists. 

The Animation is top-notch, with characters and a meaningful plot. The story brings two polar opposites together. Mitsuha, a high school girl, dreams of a busy life in Tokyo, while Taki, a high school boy, wishes to have a normal, peaceful life. The twist occurs when the two swap souls with each other. 

The two live the lives they want and become closer to each other in a certain way. They learn the value of the things they have when they experience the hardships and situations of their new lives. It is a must-watch if you want to be a little mature and thankful. 

1. A Whisker Away 

A Whisker Away
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This original Story by Mari Okada had to be on our list of anime movies with plot twists. It is an award-winning movie, and thanks to Japanese animation for making this movie. It may not be the highest-grossing film, but it still suffices as an anime with plot twists.

It is a romance fantasy anime movie that focuses on the love life of a high school girl, Miyao Sasaki. To find an escape from her broken family, she decides to manifest her crush on Kento Hinode. One of the twists is that she turns into a white cat and forms a bond with Kento. 

Unfortunately, a cat can’t be someone you can lean on in need. Now, Miyao is in a constant battle of thoughts about whether to meet Kento as a human or stay as a cat. 

Final Notes:

With this, we bring an end to our list of anime movies with plot twists. I hope you enjoyed reading the twists. You can only get to know more once you watch the film itself. You will be entertained by these anime with twisted endings and twisted plots. 

If you think I should add more to the list, please help me because, like you, I am also a loyal fan of anime. 

If you enjoyed reading the anime movie recommendations, then visit us again. 

Until next time!

Which anime has the best plot? 

Okay, that’s a tough question because every anime is best in its own way, and its plot matches it perfectly. Still, if you want to watch anime series with the best plot, then here are a few names;
1. Attack on Titan
2. Winland Saga
3. Death Note
4. Naruto Shippuden 
5. Chainsaw Man
6. Demon Slayer
7. Berserk 

What are some anime with lots of plot twists? 

That’s an easy one. Although every anime has twists and turns still, some keep you curious till the end and sometimes give you twisted endings as well. So, for the anime with lots of plot twists, here are some recommendations;
1. Death Note
2. Naruto Shippuden 
3. Code Geass
4. Attack on Titan 
5. Tokyo Ghoul 
6. Made in Abyss
7. One Piece
8. Bleach

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