15 Best Anime Movies With Powers–Ranked!

Knock Knock! Who? It’s time for the best anime movies with powers. For fantasy and action lovers, watching anything without powers feels bland and incomplete. The same goes for me! So, after carefully going through my favorite list of movies, I came up with the given 15. 

I hope these gems will entertain you as they entertain me. Almost all of them are some of the best-rated anime movies on MAL and IMDb. So, you better not miss the golden chance to watch them! Here we begin. 


  • You will find powerful anime movies from different genres. 
  • The list is especially created for the fans of action, adventure, and fantasy.
  • All the entries are ranked based on my personal opinion

15 Anime Movies With Powers That Will Spellbind You With Their Magic!

15. Napping Princess

Napping Princess-- Anime Movies with Powers
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Just like the people of Gen Z find “being Delulu is the best Solulu”, the FL Kokone Morikawa somewhat thinks the same. She is so delusional that for her the reality and imagination aren’t too different. Yes, because the girl keeps mixing the two. Her imaginative world and realities submerge, creating challenges for her day-to-day life. 

Contrary to reality, in her self-created imaginary world, she lives the best life possible as a magical princess. Guess what? The twists begin when things from the dream world and the human world start to intertwine, leading to the revelation of some major secrets. 

To top it off, the entry of some antagonists makes things even more engaging. If you are a fan of adventure and fantasy and in search of anime movies with powers, this is it!

14. Children Who Chase Lost Voices

Children who Chase Lost Voices-- Anime Movies With powers
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Wanna know why this is one of the best anime movies with powers? Well, because of its suspense, mystery, and characters. Dude, if you play this movie, there is no way you’ll pause it even once. It follows the life of a responsible and hardworking girl, Asuna Watase. 

Her mother is usually out for work, and all the house responsibilities fall on her shoulders. Despite being a student, she is managing her studies and house perfectly. After finishing all the work, she goes to her favorite spot in the mountains and tunes into her radio, listening to different melodies. One day, she tunes into something very unique and the next, she faces a giant deadly monster on her way back. 

Just like a knight in shining armor, Shun, a handsome boy, enters the scene, slaying the monster and saving the girl. The two become very close after their first interaction, and the boy tells her that he is from a different world. 

The twist begins with Shun’s sudden death, leaving the girl heartbroken. Above all, things go even awry when she finds Shun’s lookalike and follows him to the other world. Sounds amusing, right? If you enjoyed reading, then I can guarantee you’ll love watching it!

13. Tales From Earthsea

Anime Movies With powers--Tales from earth sea
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Japanese creators definitely know the art of gripping someone right from the first second of stories. When you watch this movie, I guarantee you that you won’t be able to fathom what’s happening right away. The story will intrigue you to watch it til the end, and it’s one of the reasons why this gem is on this list of anime movies with powers.

We watch a world where there is a very thin line between dragons and humans. There are beliefs that there are still some people who can transform into dragons. Yet, things still remain a mystery.

Prince Arren is our male lead who stabs his father and sets on a journey to find answers. There are some evil forces inside him that lead him to lose control over himself. On his way, he comes across an arch-mage, and the two together search for the answers they are looking for. He also comes across a beautiful girl, Therru, and slowly, the two become close. 

It runs out that Lord Cob is behind all the miseries and the evil. Now, Therru and Arren do something to stop him from his evil motives. 

Spoiler: Don’t you mistake the female lead as a typical damsel in distress! She is a Mystery!

12. The Garden Of Sinners

anime movies with powers--The Garden Of Sinners
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Oof, this one is a complete packaging offering so much in just 50 minutes! It’s one of those mystery anime movies with powers that are full of action, thrill, and supernatural. The story introduces us to Japan, where the incidents of mysterious suicides are increasing with a concerning number. Surprisingly enough, all of the victims take their lives by jumping from a specific building. 

Shiki Ryougi is our strong female lead who possesses some powers. She quickly sniffs that the incidents have a connection with something sinister and evil. Therefore, she, along with her team, sets out on a mission to find the cause and to save others from falling into this trap.  

11. Mirai

Mirai ---Anime Movies With powers
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The story’s main character is an adorable munchkin named Oota. He is so cute that you will feel the urge to pop him out of the screens. Just like other four-year-olds, he also felt down with the entry of her baby sister, Mirai. He feels his place is being stolen by her, so guess what? 

Magical miracles fill his life with some unbelievable experiences. He meets his sister in the future and gets the chance to travel in time to see the life of his parents. These magical experiences bring him out of the bubble where he felt his spotlight was stolen. 

It’s one of the most beautiful anime movies with powers and is full of great lessons for kids. Watch it with your younger siblings or friends; you’ll love it!

10. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's delivery service--Anime Movies With powers
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

It has been a long time since I watched anime movies with powers that offer the same fun this movie offers. The story takes us to a fantastical world where witch training is very common. If someone wants to be a witch, they must set out on a one-year training course. That one year is very challenging as it requires one to do everything alone.

We follow Kiki’s life and her journey to become one of those talented witches. The girl definitely comes across countless challenges, but her will to find a way out of them makes the movie spellbinding. Her initiating her delivery service is one of the best moments, truly!

She is so strong and courageous that watching her will satisfy your soul. You will feel motivated at the end of the story and will try to find challenging situations engaging. 

9. Mary And The Witch’s Flower

Anime Movies With powers-- mary and the witch's flower
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

How clumsy are you? If you feel unlucky most of the time and face trouble handling the easiest things, then you are not alone, my friend.  Mary is just another version of us living in the anime world. Ngl, the girl, no matter what she does, will mess things up unintentionally. 

In her monotonous world, free from sparkles, she finally found colors. On her way to the jungle, she found some magical flowers that granted her superpowers. The next moment, she saw a magical broom that took her to the academy for witches. Everyone was impressed with her incredible powers, and she was deemed talented.

As we all know, things always come with a cost, and she was struck with the responsibility to keep her powers away from the antagonists. Above all, there is a secret to her family history; her getting powers was definitely not a coincidence. 

So, are you ready to watch this one of the most amazing anime movies with powers? 

8. Weathering With You

Anime Movies With powers- weathering with you
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

I bet in challenging weather, we all dream of having superpowers to settle things out. The movie is just about that. We are introduced to Tokyo, which faces extreme weather conditions that cause inconvenience for people. 

The lives of Hodaka Morishima, the ML and Hina Amano, the Fl, are highlighted as they are struggling to support themselves financially. Fate plays its part in bringing them closer adding a beautiful touch to their messy lives. Their chemistry is one of the most engaging elements throughout the story. 

Wondering how this one of the movies with powers? Fret not; the female lead, Hina, is not your average damsel looking for a hero to rescue her. In fact, she holds a magnificent power to change the weather. It just takes her to pray for the Sun to come out and there you go! Sounds unbelievable, and I know it! 

When the boy learns about her superpower, he gives her the idea of being the sunshine girl who brings light to other lives. Unfortunately, they didn’t know that meddling with nature comes with a cost. They soon find themselves surrounded by challenges and they must find a way to solve them. 

7. The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The girl who leapt through time
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

The power of time travel definitely sounds amusing when we don’t know the responsibility it brings along. This is one of those anime movies with powers that is full of lessons for the ones who seek. Makoto Konno is one of those blessed souls who have this incredible ability to travel in time. Before the powers, nothing was entertaining in her life. 

Just like an ordinary student, she was finding ways to cope with the academic pressure. The girl finds joy in using the power without understanding its value. She starts using it for amusement, unbeknownst to the fact that the power has its limits. There is so much more to look for in this movie, so watch it with your favorite popcorn and juice!

6. Bleach: Hell Verse

bleach hell verse
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Why can one forget about Bleach when we talk about anime movies with powers? Though it’s not one of the stand-alone movies, you’ll surely love it. Let me give you a little insight into the backstory to help you watch it smoothly.

Ichigo’s life drastically changed after receiving temporary shinigami powers from Rukia. A series of events led him to develop his own shinigami powers, making him one of the strongest. In this movie, we specifically learn about the Hell Verse, where if one steps in, one can’t return. 

Things take a chaotic turn when the sinners of hell burst out to wreak havoc. They kidnap Ichigo’s sisters as bait so they can lure him into the Hell Verse. Now, our male lead, determined to protect his sisters, sets out to the realm of damnation! Whether he’ll return or not, I’ll leave this to you to find out. 

5. Ponyo

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you love fantasy anime movies with powers, then I bet you’ll rewatch this movie countless times. Ponyo is our goldfish who escapes from her house because of her love for adventure. Her Wizard father once used to be a human who sacrificed his humanity for life inside water. 

On her way, she is helped by Shou, who takes her home, and the two become very close friends. After spending time with him, the dream to be a human blossoms inside the adorable fish. Fate plays its part when she magically starts growing human limbs as a result of licking Shou’s blood. 

However, they didn’t know they were meddling with nature, and it will have consequences. When she transforms into a human, the magic unleashes all around. As a result, it disturbs the balance of the world, leading to chaos and calamities

Now, the mini-heroes must do something to undo the effects of their actions.

4. Inuyasha The Movie: Affections Touching Across Time

Inuyasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are a true otaku, then you definitely know that InuYasha is one of the best anime series of all time. Watching its movies is not a bad option, especially if you enjoy anime movies with powers. We follow InuYasha, Kagome and their friends on a mission to find the pieces of the Shikon Jewel. 

Collecting the pieces doesn’t seem like an easy task. They face numerous challenges, and the Demon Menumaru stands out from them all. He wants to acquire the male lead’s heirloom sword. However, when he learns that even if he steals the sword, he won’t be able to wield it because he’s not its owner. 

The demon then creates a scheme to capture Kagome to lure InuYasha into his trap. I assure you that you won’t waste your time watching it. Watch it if you enjoy fantasy and romance anime movies

3. Black Clover: Sword Of The Wizard King

Black Clover: Sword of the wizard king
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Black Clover is a popular name in the otaku community, especially among the fans of fantasy and action. Even though standalone movies require a little bit of context, they are worth watching. Nothing can be compared to the quality, aesthetics, story, and thrill they offer within a short amount of time. 

Asta is our courageous main lead whose will to carve things out of the impossible makes him very unique. Despite being born mana-less, his strong will made him the user of anti-magic. His passion to become the Wizard King plays a significant role in making him his strongest version. 

In this movie, we see the threats lurking in the Clover Kingdom in the form of the 27th Wizard King, who wants to wreak havoc. Previously, the 28th Wizard King sealed him, but he returned once again to finish what he couldn’t. This time, he has brought support with him to make things super challenging for the team of heroes. I assure you you’ll have a thrilling experience watching this gem!

2. Akira

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Japan is still living in terror, fearing about finding someone like Akira, a guy with psychic powers who became the root cause of World War III. It’s been decades since the incident when Akira was taken into custody. However, the fear of history repeating itself still lurks strongly.

Shoutarou is the male lead who leads a Gang that wanders the city on their cool bikes. They also have a rival group, and during one of their fights, his friend Tetsuo develops Psychic powers. Unfortunately, along with the power, he also develops a sinister intent of misusing them to wreak havoc. Now, Shoutaro must do everything in his hands to stop his friend from destroying the world.

If you enjoy action and sci-fi anime movies with powers, this is your chance to watch them!

1. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Even if you are a non-anime fan, I bet you have heard about Demon Slayer. Well, if it’s the opposite then allow me to ask you : Are you living under a rock? If you are reading it right now, it’s time that you watch this one of the best anime movies with powers.  

In this specific movie, we see the heroes on a mission to fight off Enmu, a lower-rank demon who has targeted the Mugen Train. Sadly, contrary to the hero’s expectations, they face the most unexpected scenarios. The entry of Akaza was just a bonus! 

With Tanjiro and the team busy fighting Enmu, Rengoku fights off Akaza on his own. Unfortunately, during their deadly fight, our beloved Flame Hashira (Rengoku) dies. Please keep a tissue box with you because it’s going to be an emotional ride!

Final Notes

Phew! We are done with our list of best anime movies with powers. It was a fantastic experience recommending these super awesome movies to my otaku friends. You can choose any one of the movies from the list and watch it with your friends. The best thing is that all of them are family-friendly movies, so enjoy them with your loved ones. If you find a movie that suits your tastes, feel free to thank me in the comments! 😉 

Come back later for a bunch of anime movie recommendations!


What are some superpowers-based anime?

One Punch Man, Black Clover, and Bleach are considered one of the best superpower anime. 

Which anime has the best powers?

Anime with supernatural powers is very popular in the otaku community. This is also why you’ll find a list of such anime. However, the most popular ones to binge-watch are Jujutsu Kaisen, One Punch Man, and My Hero Academia.

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