30+ Best Sci-Fi Anime Of All Time

best sci-fi anime

As you have guessed, today’s topic is Best Sci-Fi Anime. With time, humanity has introduced many remarkable inventions that begin with imagination. We all dream of the future and how things will work in the coming times, especially regarding technological advancements. 

However, such advanced-level technological inventions take their time to be introduced; thus, we can do nothing but wait. The Anime world has made us experience our imaginations in a more realistic way. We have the power to imagine, and the anime world has the power to turn our imaginations into reality. 

The Science Fiction genre is all about scientific advancements and technological advancements that can be fictional. It makes the viewers experience the power of science and what can be possible with it. Therefore, it intrigues imaginative minds and has increased the demand for sci-fi anime. Today, I have brought a list of the best sci-fi anime of all time for all sci-fi lovers. 

31. 7 Seeds

Best Sci-Fi Anime Of All Time 7 Seeds

This anime has a perfect balance of drama, mystery, and adventure. We are introduced to a girl named Natsu whose world suddenly changes. People die, and humanity is destroyed, but Natsu is one of the luckiest five survivors who is given a chance to continue mankind’s existence.

She must survive in an entirely new world and in a thrilling situation. All the survivors have something special about them except Natsu. 7 Seeds is all about the survival of these five characters and how they face the odds. It’s a good 12 episodes, and it’s a decent watch.

30. Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

best sci-fi anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners
Credit: IMDb

This is the story of David Martinez, a struggling boy who wishes to fulfill his mother’s dream to reach the top security corporation. An unexpected turn of events changes his life entirely, and things change for him after a street gang mess with him. 

Meanwhile, David finds a prosthetic that enables him to use superhuman powers. He goes straight from being an ordinary boy to an individual with superpowers. David wishes to take revenge on the street gang, and in the process, the school expels him, which ultimately breaks his mother’s dream.

After the expulsion, he meets a woman named Lucy, who invites him to join the world of edge runners and become a cyborg criminal who can do anything for money. Though the boy chooses the wrong path, the story is watch-worthy. 

29. Dimension W

best sci-fi anime Dimension W
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to the world in the distant future, where the fourth dimension is called Dimension W. It is believed that within the dimension is an infinite source of energy. People have created coils to make use of that energy. 

With time, the illegal distribution of such coils becomes common. We follow the adventures of Kyouma, who is knowledgeable about the coils technology and is on a mission to stop their illegal distribution. On his journey, he meets a humanoid robot named Mira, who is searching for her father. 

The one she calls father is one of the most genius scientists who went missing working out of the blue. The duo continues their journey, learning about the darkest secrets and conspiracies threatening the world’s peace. 

The duo makes friends on their way and faces dangerous enemies. It is entertaining to follow them on their journey to unravel the mysteries of the fourth dimension and save the world from destruction.

28. Space Dandy

Best Sci Fi Anime Space Dandy
Credit: IMDb

This anime will make you feel refreshed with its entertaining and comedic plot. Dandy is our main character who explores the galaxies on his ship in search of aliens. Dandy is not alone; QT, a robot, and Meow, an alien, accompany him on his adventures. 

Each episode entertains the viewers to the fullest, making them laugh. Each episode is filled with comedic adventures and misadventures that will bring waves of laughter. The anime offers a simple plot, yet it is enjoyable. If you want something simple and full of fun, then Space Dandy is the right watch for you.

27. Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya

best sci-fi anime Melancholy Of Haruhi Suzumiya
Credit: IMDb

In this anime, we follow the life of a boy named Kyon. He doesn’t like to get involved in discussions related to supernatural stuff because he is a non-believer. This is why life puts him in situations where he is left to question his beliefs. Things change for Kyon after he learns that his classmate Haruhi Suzumiya is obsessed with finding supernatural beings. 

Haruhi’s curiosity forces her to make a club of her own that will work to find such beings. Though Kyon doesn’t believe in supernatural stuff, Haruhi somehow manages to make him a part of her group. With each passing episode, they learn the world’s surprising mysteries, especially Haruhi herself. The group learns that Haruhi is not what she seems, but there’s more to her unique personality. 

26. Re: Creators

best sci-fi anime Re: Creators
Credit: IMDb

How many of you dreamt of bringing your favorite characters out of the screen in the real world? If you never thought about it once, you are not an otaku. Souta Mizushino is just like most of us who get inspired by anime and wish to create our own stories. 

Souta was watching an anime to get a better idea for writing his light novel. That’s when he was dragged inside the anime world. When he gets back, he realizes he is not alone; in fact, the anime character Selesia has accompanied him to his world. 

With time, many other characters start entering the human world. Souta and Selesia embarked on a journey to find the reason behind these mysterious events. The anime highlights the idea of fictional characters entering the natural world and how they affect the lives of humans.

35. A Certain Magical Index

best sci-fi anime A Certain Magical Index
Credit: IMDb

The anime introduces us to a world where people have psychic abilities. Touma Kamijou is our main character with feeble psychic powers and is placed in rank zero. Well, it’s pretty tough to imagine the main character as weak, right? Therefore, there is a twist: the MC lacks psychic powers but can negate all other powers. Isn’t it awesome? 

His life was running smoothly till he met a girl named Index who claimed to be in danger as she had memorized the forbidden grimoires. Because of her ability, many evil minds search for the girl, and Touma decides to protect her at all costs. In these unpredictable turns of events, Touma explores his abilities and learns his capabilities. 

24. Made In Abyss

best sci-fi anime Made In Abyss
Credit: IMDb

The anime highlights a world where people are curious about the depth of a dark, mysterious hole called the abyss. Those who follow their intrigue and dare to dive into the depths are called whistles. The deeper one dives, the more respect one enjoys among people. 

Unfortunately, the deep divers fail to return as it gets harder to maintain the balance of the body while climbing back to Earth. The daughter of the best whistle, Riko dreams of being one of the greatest adventurers. 

The anime is about her adventures toward the abyss’s depth with her robotic buddy. Watching the duo face the most demanding challenges all by themselves will push you to the edge of your seat. It’s appealing to discover what lies at each layer of the darkness; the suspense increases with each passing episode. 

23. Deadman Wonderland

best sci-fi anime Deadman Wonderland
Credit: IMDb

Ganta Igarashi’s peaceful life gets destroyed when he witnesses a red man outside his class window who, in a glimpse of an eye, kills all his class fellows leaving him alive. When he returns to his senses, he learns that he is charged with murdering his classmates. 

To top it off, the red man left by transferring some of his powers to Ganta. Poor Ganta couldn’t prove himself innocent in court and was thrown into the Deadman Wonderland prison. It was one of the most brutal places where the prisoners were forced to participate in deadly activities to amuse the audience. 

Living in prison is as difficult as one can imagine, thanks to the evil people and the worst system. The people there are so dense that one can’t differentiate a foe from a friend. There he meets his childhood friend Shiro who helps him with different tasks. Ganta tries to escape the prison and find the real red man. The anime will keep you glued throughout the end, so enjoy watching!

22. The Promised Neverland

best sci-fi anime The Promised Neverland
Credit: IMDb

This anime is absolutely worth watching, as it is a complete package. Right from the first scene, the anime builds suspense and thrill. The Promised Neverland introduces three orphans, Emma Norman and Ray, who live in an orphanage under the care of Isabella. 

Surprisingly, all the kids have some suspicious code on their bodies, indicating that something fishy is happening. The orphans are not allowed to cross the gate until they get adopted. Therefore, there’s a tradition that one kid has to leave after a specific time. 

After the departure of their young fellow, Emma and Norman secretly follow her to the gate to return her favorite toy. What they see there becomes their worst memory. The duo sees the girl’s dead body that a monster devoured in front of their eyes. 

It was Isabella who was helping the beasts in this sinister plan. The anime follows the escape of these orphans where they all practice different survival methods and plan to make the escape successful….but would they make it out alive? The anime excitingly offers sci-fiction, and one learns about the advancements of technology and science combined.

21. Full Metal Panic!

best sci-fi anime Full Metal Panic!
Credit: IMDb

Nothing combines better than the genres of action, comedy, and science fiction. Full Metal Panic is the best sci-fi anime that entertains us with the perfect blend of the said genres. The anime revolves around Sergeant Sousuke, who gets a mission to protect a high school girl named Kaname. 

She is an intelligent girl with excellent scientific knowledge, which makes her a valuable person and puts her life in danger as specific organizations want information from her. On the orders of Officer Melissa, Sousuke joins her class. 

Unfortunately, he lacks the right skills to act in class, which puts him in trouble. However, he tries his best to protect Kaname at all costs. The anime gets interesting when Sousuke is put into challenging situations that force him to make tough decisions. It’s an overall enjoyable watch, and one can call it one of the best sci-fi anime.

20. God Eater

God Eater
Credit: IMDb

It’s another excellent masterpiece with the best sci-fi themes. The anime introduces a world in the distant future where some monsters called Aragami have wreaked havoc and are terrorizing humans. Mere humans can’t fight against them; therefore, thanks to science, humans attain supernatural powers after being infused with the oracle cells.

These infused humans are called God Eaters. In this one, we follow the life of Lenka Utsugi, a God Eater. We follow him, mastering his powers and learning to wield his weapon to battle against the monsters. The story progresses with multiple ups and downs, where Lenka faces challenges that complicate things. Overall, it’s a magnum opus filled with almost everything an otaku wishes to see in the anime. 

19. Megalo Box

Megalo Box
Credit: IMDb

For those who love watching action, especially boxing, there is nothing better than watching Megalo Box with the best science fiction themes. The boxing introduced in this anime is not your typical one, but the boxers use special gear that enhances their speed and strength here. 

Junk Dog aka Joe is our main character with a lot of potential as a boxer, yet he is forced to follow his boss’s orders. One day, things change drastically when he fights Yuuri in the ring. Yuuri was not an average boxer but actually a boxing champion. 

Joe gets easily defeated by him, and Yuuri leaves after challenging him. This ignites passion, and he decides to face Yuuri again. Therefore, Joe joins a tournament called Megalonia, where he must make his name by defeating the top-level boxers to rise. It’s a great anime that will entertain you with its spine-chilling action.

18. Kiznaiver

Credit: IMDb

Kiznaiver is for all those who like watching drama anime filled with romance and sci-fi. Katsuhira Agata is the center of the story. He is a unique individual whose life changed when he forgot to feel pain. No matter what, he won’t flinch, even if somebody injures him to death.

Getting bullied has become common for him, and he doesn’t care about changing his life. Things change for him when his friend Chidori and four others are forced to be a part of an organization called Kiznaiver. 

The teenagers find themselves in challenging situations where they are linked in a way that if even one person gets injured, all of them will feel the same pain. The anime follows their adventures, and the story gets better when certain mysteries are unveiled. Watching the group forming outstanding bonds with each other after knowing each other’s secrets and pains is nothing less than a visual treat. 

17. Eden Of The East

Eden Of The East
Credit: IMDb

Eden of the East is the best sci-fi anime with the perfect plot twists, mysteries, and characters. In this one, we follow a girl named Saki whose life flips upside down after meeting a naked Takizawa, a boy who fails to remember his identity and whereabouts. 

To top it off, he has a mysterious phone and gets the mission to save the world. Not knowing who he is and why there are 8.2 billion yen in the phone’s digital wallet. Saki decides to help him. 

Later we learn that Takizawa is not the only one with the strange cell phone; others are like him. Cell phone users get the mission to protect Japan or help people in one way or another. The story progresses, and the duo finds the mystery behind the cell phones.

Meanwhile, they learn about different conspiracies. The plot is very intricate, and the characters are even more complex. I am sure you’ll be curious to learn about the past of Takizawa and the mysteries they are solving.

16. Btooom!

Credit: IMDb

This anime has beautifully turned the imagination of every gamer and otaku into a reality. It’s impossible for an obsessed gamer to not think of living in the game world, right? Btooom! has highlighted the idea by introducing a game world. 

Ryouta Sakamoto is one of the best players in the popular video game. Apart from being a top player, there is nothing to discuss about him. One day, everything changes when he realizes his game world has become real. 

Someone has made it a reality, and now he is an actual player who must complete the challenges to avoid death. The anime entertains with spine-chilling action, thrill, and a lot more. We see the boy making friends and foes that force him to question this not-so-cool reality. So, the one searching for the best sci-fi anime can give it a go!

15. Accel World

Accel World
Credit: IMDb

Nothing provides more fun than watching an anime filled with action, romance, and sci-fiction themes. Accel World highlights the life of a boy named Harayuki Arita, who often gets bullied for his overweight. Things suddenly changed for him when Kuroyukihime, the school’s VP, invited him to join a program called Brain Burst, a kind of augmented reality game. 

It allows the user’s brain waves to accelerate so that time ceases to move for them. To keep accessing the Brain Burst, the users must keep a record of points by engaging themselves in duels with other users. Once they lose their points, they’ll be out of the game. 

The VP has different aims; she wants Harayuki’s help to find the man behind the creation of the system and the reasons behind his creation. However, to meet the man, they must be skilled enough to reach the game’s level 10 and should defeat one of the most powerful characters. The anime’s action and mystery make it easier for the otaku to binge-watch.

14. Inuyashiki

Credit: IMDb

Were you waiting to find a heart-touching anime? The heart-wrenching story of 58-year-old Ichirou will force you to get emotional. Ichirou’s life is nothing less than a living hell. Apart from old-age body aches, his heart aches to see his family disrespecting and hating him. 

Life plans to worsen for him after being diagnosed with stomach cancer. Having no one to share his griefs and sorrows, he cries his heart out in the park alone. The moment he sees a mysterious bright life, everything changes for good. 

He finds himself returning to life and learns that he can now use machine powers that he uses to protect people. Meanwhile, he meets people with evil minds who aim to harm humanity, and Ichirou would do anything to stop them. The story involves action and thrill that will entertain you effortlessly. 

Don’t you think its story makes it one of the best sci-fi anime?

13. Gantz

Credit: IMDb

If you don’t like dark themes, gore, and violence, you should not watch this anime, as it will make your heart pound. The anime introduces us to a world where humans, after dying, enter a game-like world. There the circumstances force them to protect people from aliens.

The more one hunts, the more points one earns, making it easy for the players to buy weapons. Kei Kurono is our main character whose life flips upside down after his death. He soon finds himself busy in the game world.

The game is complex and involves dangers, threats, and much more. Unwillingly, the players must follow the rules even if it involves gore and violence. The anime highlights the life of these players and the difficulties they face adjusting to this new life. Whether they will be able to get a normal life or not is a mystery that will force you to binge-watch the anime.

12. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown
Credit: IMDb

My beautiful friends, you won’t regret watching this masterpiece; simply try it. Guilty Crown introduces a world where once to create order, the GHQ implemented their draconian rule in the world when a deadly virus was terrorizing it.

Time passed, and people got fed up with living under their rule, and that is when a group of people decided to end their rulership. That group is famous as Funeral Parlour, which was planning to get its hands on the Void genome cylinder. 

Surprisingly, a vocalist Inori finds herself entangled into the war when she finds the vial. Having the void genome attracts GHQ members, and her life is in danger. Luckily, the protagonist Shuu comes to her help and becomes part of the same war.

The story progresses, and we see Shuu getting the powers of the Void Genome, and his life changes entirely. He no longer remains an average human but now possesses remarkable power. I assure you that following Shuu on his journey to explore his new powers and stop evil minds will entertain you to the fullest. Guilty Crown is undeniably the best sci-fi anime of all time.

11. Ergo Proxy 

Ergo Proxy 
Credit: IMDb

If you like the combination of Sci-Fi mystery, trust me, nothing can replace Ergo Proxy in that terms. It’s a phenomenal anime that instills constant thrills throughout the end. We follow a world where a catastrophe doomed life on Earth. 

After specific years, humans and robots called AutoReivs co-exist, where the robots help humans in their daily activities. The story starts to get thrilling when we learn that these AutoReivs started to wreak havoc when a Cogito virus attacked them. The virus makes them more aware of themselves, thus making them go out of control. 

Re-I Mayer is our female protagonist who starts the mission to find the reason behind this virus. In her journey of finding the answers, one thing leads her to the others, and she learns that some evil masterminds are behind the disaster. Meanwhile, she meets people who are so-called Proxies, believed to have superhuman god-like powers. Many consider it the best sci-fi anime even after long years of its release.

10. Gintama

anime Gintama
Credit: IMDb

Yes, guys, Gintama!!! It’s a complete package, as it entertains fans of different genres. This anime will entertain you with thrilling action, comedy, adventure, and science fiction. Gintoki Sakata is our main character who lives by his own rules. 

Even though the government has prohibited swords, he wanders, taking his sword from place to place. He is not alone; he is accompanied by some entertaining characters like him who help him solve the problem of people. He goes from place to place to fight aliens and local gangs to help humanity. It’s a pure source of entertainment that will make you feel refreshed. 

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9. Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann
Credit: IMDb

It perfectly blends mecha, sci-fi, suspense, action, and adventure. In this one, we follow ambitious Kamina and timid Simon, the two young boys, and their entertaining adventures. Their story remains no more simple when Simon finds a mysterious ignition key of a war artifact. 

The weapon was itself a surprising and intriguing object. From that moment onwards, they get such surprises, sometimes in the form of threatening attacks and sometimes in the form of crazy encounters with people.

Meanwhile, they meet a young and fierce girl named Yoko Litner. The trio continues their adventure and learns about the “Beastmen.” They are the creatures who make humanity fear them. The trio decides to stand against them and chooses to fight them. Trust me, guys, when you watch the first few episodes, you will effortlessly binge-watch the show. It’s that good!

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8. The Irregular At Magic High School

The Irregular At Magic High School
Credit: IMDb

Magic and sci-fi lovers, you have got a reason to be glad! This anime is everything you need! The anime introduces us to a world where magic has become a reality, all thanks to technological advancements. Now magic is a part of technology and is a common subject in school.

People judge students’ capabilities based on their skills in using magic. Those with excellent practical skills become a part of the Blooms Category. At the same time, the weaker ones become members of the Weeds category. 

In this one, we follow two siblings and their journey in one of the elite magic schools. Tatsuya is our main character who, despite having the best skills and exceptional magical abilities, doesn’t become a member of the Blooms group, unlike his sister Miyuki. 

Watching Tatsuya’s abilities makes everyone on and off-screen curious about him. The action sequences and fantastical elements make it one of the best sci-fi anime worth the watch.

7. Darker Than Black

 Darker Than Black
Credit: IMDb

It’s another excellent anime that retains the audience with mystery and entertains them with sci-fi elements. We are introduced to a world where things have changed after the appearance of two mysterious gates, one in South America and the other in Japan. 

The gate that has appeared in Japan is Hell’s gate. After their appearance, many humans sacrificed their humanity to attain powers and became Contractors. We follow the life of one such contractor, Hei. 

Throughout the series, we learn about Hei’s link with the other gate and what makes him curious to find the mysteries involving these gates. He meets multiple other contractors blessed with unique abilities. With time, we learn that a giant conspiracy is happening, and things are more complex than they seem. The plot is also complex, but it entertains the viewers with the perfect blend of thrill and suspense. 

6. Darwin’s Game

Darwin's Game
Credit: IMDb

What if you are playing a game, and suddenly something from inside the game pops out and bites you? The same happens with Kaname Sudoku when he opens a game called Darwin’s Game. After the attack of the snake that popped out of the screen, he loses consciousness. 

Later, he forgets the incident claiming it to be his hallucination. However, things worsen when his curiosity forces him to log in to the game again, and things change for him drastically. He realizes that the game’s character has appeared in the real world and is willing to fight him. 

Yes, if he fails to fight, he will be in trouble, so he must win if he wants to live. Trust me, guys, this anime offers spine-chilling plot twists and events that make it the best sci-fi anime.

5. Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate
Credit: IMDb

A mad scientist Rintarou Okabe is the center of the story. He is obsessed with science and wants to unveil the time travel mystery. After racking their brains, he and his friends Mayuri and Itaru finally create a microwave. 

Later they learn that the microwave isn’t something ordinary, but it can help them send can messages in the past, thus linking it to time travel.His experiment with time travel creates problems for him, and he attracts a mysterious organization called SERN towards him. 

Things get messy for him when an organization targets his friends, and one of them dies. The incident forces Rintarou to find a solution for the ongoing problem to protect his peers and bring things back to normal. It’s a great anime that will pique your interest with its mind-boggling plot and likable characters. Trust me, you’ll find it great if you want to see the best sci-fi anime.

4. Psycho-Pass

Credit: IMDb

Otaku likes Psycho-Pass for its dark and thought-provoking story and complex characters. It introduces a world where Japan has created a system to examine people’s mental states that can help them find people with criminal intent. 

Inspector Akane Tsunemori is our main character, and we follow her investigating crimes and trying to implement justice. With time, the lady realizes that examining one’s mental state is not as perfect as one believes it to be. 

Watching Akane investigate different spine-chilling crimes with her fellows will effortlessly intrigue you. One learns a lot from this magnum opus, forcing one to ponder the issues regarding the role of technology, the effect of psychological damages, justice and morality, and much more!

3. Trigun

anime Trigun
Credit: IMDb

Trigun is an old masterpiece that was released in the 90s and still is considered one of the best sci-fi anime. In this one, we follow Vash the Stampede, who is famous as a ruthless killer who has taken thousands of lives. 

People tremble to hear his name, and they fear his existence. Thus Vash has a bounty of $$60,000,000,000 on his head. Guess what? The twists begin when we learn that people have wrong judgments about the man. 

Vash is an innocent and kind-hearted man who can’t harm anyone. Agents Meryl and Milly meet him on a mission to capture and stop him from harming anyone. They learn that the boy is opposite everyone’s expectations and tries to protect humanity with exceptional skills. 

The plot progresses, and we learn that Vash is not an ordinary human but kind of an alien, actually a human-like plant. Trigun never fails to entertain the fans irrespective of age, gender, or anything else.

2. Parasyte: The Maxim

Parasyte: The Maxim

It’s the best sci-fi anime I have watched in the lockdown 3 years back, which forced me to watch more science fiction masterpieces. If you love sci-fi and still haven’t watched Parasyte: The Maxim, then you are at a loss, my friend!. Parasyte is among the best sci-fi anime of all time.

In this anime, we follow a once peaceful world that gets attacked by aliens in the form of parasites. These aliens aimed to rule the world by controlling the minds of humans. Though their plan seemed flawless, not everything went according to plan. 

When the parasite attacked Shinchi, instead of being a part of his brain, he became a part of his arm. This proved to be a game changer as Shinichi had the upper hand and could control the parasite. The incident made Shinichi a powerful guy and a hero who decided to save the world from the terror of aliens. The anime beautifully highlights a cute friendship between Shinichi and the parasite. 

1. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone
Credit: IMDb

It’s one of the most famous names in the otaku community and has set a high standard for all sci-fi lovers. A blinding and mysterious light brought an unexpected change in the once-peaceful world. It turned all the humans into stones, and life ceased all over. 

After a long wait of millions of years, we see a boy named Taiju returning to life. Luckily, he was not the sole survivor, but his friend Mr genius Senku was also alive. The duo plans to use their genius minds to bring the world back to where it was before the disaster. 

In this anime, we follow the remarkability of science and what it is capable of. Though it’s fiction, nothing is better than this. Reviving the humans isn’t easy since some evil minds constantly try to stop Senku from making his plans successful.

There is so much more in the anime! It always intrigues people to learn why the disaster led the world to an apocalypse. There is no denying that Dr.Stone is the best sci-fi anime of all time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rarest anime genre?

Historical Accurate Drama is considered one of the rarest genres.

Which type of anime is famous?

It had to be shounen. Otaku love watching thrilling action sequences


So my pretty friends, let’s end our discussion regarding the best sci-fi anime. The anime mentioned above are all exciting and worth watching. They all have the power to push you toward the edge of your seat. Don’t wait any further, and start watching the anime right now!

For more anime updates, stay tuned.

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