30 Best Adventure Anime Of All Time

When it comes to the Adventure Genre, in the world of Anime we are spoiled by a wide range of choices. So, here are the 30 Best Adventure Anime Of All Time.

What comes to your mind when you think of adventure? You quickly see a gang of adventurers exploring the desert, a jungle, an underwater metropolis, or anything else.

Also, you already know that there are a lot of adventures happening because anime as a medium raises the bar for an invention to unimaginable heights. But how do you begin if you’re looking for a series like this?

I’ve got the perfect list for all the Adventure Junkies out there.

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30. Golden Kamuy

Best Adventure Anime Golden Kamuy
Credits – CBR

People are often intrigued by tales of hidden treasures. The treasure map this time around, though, is more unusual than usual. It consists of tattoos applied to dozens of prisoners.

And Sugimoto, a retired super soldier, won’t let that stop him from giving it a shot. Following a brief run-in with awful CGI, Asirpa, a young Ainu girl who is more attuned to nature than a machine gun, joins Sugimoto.

Together, the two make a formidable team as they search for the treasure or, at the very least, learn more about the person who is hiding it.

29. Sword of the Stranger

Best Adventure Anime Sword of the Stranger
Credits – Amazon

The next, Best Adventure Anime is Sword of the Stranger. Unexpectedly, people were sent to capture a youngster and his small pup who were just chilling, going about their business, and occasionally stealing so they wouldn’t starve to death.

This little guy wasn’t prepared for prison life. Thus, as he and his dog scurried, they, fortunately, ran into a ronin. The three set out on a journey in search of security and some answers after he grudgingly agrees to serve as their bodyguard. Nonetheless, let’s just say that during the trip, one of those wishes was most definitely not fulfilled.

28. Samurai Champloo

Best Adventure Anime Samurai Champloo
Credits – AnimeMotivation

The Next Best Adventure Anime is Samurai Champloo. Since it keeps the closest to the format, Samurai Champloo is the face of adventure television.

Finding the warrior who smells like sunflowers becomes the shared objective of three travellers from diverse backgrounds. Actually, it’s more likely that one traveller conned the other two into joining her, but that’s irrelevant.

The group travels across Japan without any leads, leaving a startling trail of bodies in their wake. My opening statement should have mentioned that two of the three travellers are S-class samurai.

27. Spice and Wolf

Best Adventure Anime Spice and Wolf
Credits – CBR

Next on the list of Best Adventure Anime is a typical road trip tale, Spice and Wolf. Holo and Lawrence are the main characters; the former is a divinity and the latter is a man looking to build a store.

It might be difficult to comprehend how these two ended up as travelling companions. But life functions in a mysterious manner. Her popularity quickly declines as the locals become more independent, making Holo long for her village.

The foxy deity can’t just stroll there, though. She agrees to ride along with Lawrence in exchange for his business advice. Therefore, there is mayhem and possibly romance.

26. The Rising of the Shield Hero

Best Adventure Anime The Rising Sheild Hero
Credits – AnimeMotivation

Adventures aren’t easy and The world isn’t fair. When our protagonist was transferred to a new realm and promptly banished for carrying a “lousy weapon,” he felt the sensation of both of those comments on his flesh.

He rapidly puts together a team using enslavement since he does not want to surrender and perish. But don’t worry, that can compensate for his lack of attacking prowess.

The group then embarks on a global journey while providing assistance and sharing the message that shields have feelings, too. Wholesome isn’t it?

25. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure

Best Adventure Anime Jojo
Credits – ANN

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure is one of the best adventure animes out there. The story of JoJo spans several generations and is ever-evolving. It’s a true pioneer of the genre, and each new episode sees more and more of its campiness and ridiculousness.

JoJo’s has become such a pop cultural phenomenon that it is routinely referenced in apparent ways in other anime episodes.

The story of the psychically gifted Joestar family and the adventures each member has in their own life. Several shows have employed the “menacing” onomatopoeia, and some characters have mimicked JoJo’s poses or the Joestars’ battle cries.

24. Hunter x Hunter

Best Adventure Anime Hunter x Hunter
Credit: MangaThrill

Gon Freecss, the young boy who is the story’s protagonist, discovers that his father, who left him when he was a youngster, is actually a famous Hunter, a skilled professional who specializes in fantastical pursuits. Gon embarks on a journey to become a Hunter and eventually find his father. Along the trip, Gon meets several other Hunters and comes across the supernatural.

The world of Hunter x Hunter is dangerous. Every character could make a poor decision or come into contact with the wrong person at any time, leading to their demise. Even when they are engaged in a significant endeavour. Even the protagonist frequently battles to avoid being killed by much more powerful foes, therefore tension is always present.

23. Akame ga Kill!

Best Adventure Anime Akame Ga Kill
Credits – GeekNative

Assassinations are not typically considered to be epic adventures. Yet there is undoubtedly a specific objective. Young warrior Tatsumi, who lives under a tyrannical empire, deserts his family to protect his underdeveloped hamlet.

He meets Akame, an assassin who was bought, brainwashed, and trained to kill by the Empire. The covert assassin group “Night Raid,” which uses special Teigu weapons, includes Akame. Tatsumi battles the evil empire alongside the Night Raid crew.

Also, this is all rather new in Tatsumi’s eyes. He also has a lot to learn because, despite his training as a fighter, no one ever warned him how powerful and bloody Imperial Weapons can be. The best fantasy anime currently produced hits the mark with this one.

22. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Best Adventure Anime Magi
Credits – Netflix

The rags to riches tale is another well-liked adventure hook. or, more specifically, the desire for power. There are dungeons in the realm of the Magi, dangerous locations full of traps that, if overcome, contain a wealth of treasure.

The might of the Djinns, who may lend you their power and make you a King candidate if you complete the dungeon, is more significant than the prize itself. The narrative follows Aladdin, a young magician child.

And Alibaba, who has defeated one of these dungeons. And Morgiana, the best girl, of course. They travel the globe while attempting to decide how to use their newly discovered abilities.

21. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Best Adventure Anime Gurren Lagann
Credits – MyAnimeList

In this dystopian and slightly macabre universe, humanity has entirely retreated to the underground while beast men rule the whole surface. People aren’t exactly delighted with this entire “never see the Sun, tremors are death sentences” lifestyle, as you can expect.

Therefore they attempt to rebel. If not for two men, one with a charisma score of 100 and another who had the might of God and anime on his side, nothing would have come of it.

They set off on an expedition to retake the globe, gaining new comrades along the way and making their way toward the powerful individual.

20. Dr. Stone

Best Adventure Anime Dr. Stone
Credit: Crunchyroll

Next on the list of Best Adventure Anime is Dr Stone. A Japanese manga series by Riichiro Inagaki and South Korean artist Boichi. From March 2017 to March 2022, it was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jum.

The chapters were compiled in 26 tankbon volumes. Senku Ishigami, a young scientific genius who aims to recreate civilization after humanity was inexplicably preserved for 3,700 years, is the main character of the novel.

19. Fairy Tail

Best Adventure Anime Fairy Tail
Credits – Fandom

Hiro Mashima produced a Fairy Tail anime adaptation of the manga series. Young Lucy Haertfilia, who wants to join the exclusive Fairy Tail magician guild, is the protagonist of the story’s opening chapter. She meets Natsu Dragneel, a guild member who accepts her after she helps him, and her ambition is accomplished when she works with him.

The guild is full of exceptional and unique wizards who could be considered outcasts. However, they cooperate to defeat each threat and complete each peculiar task that is given to them. To prove their worth as Fairy Tail members, Natsu, Lucy, Erza Scarlet, a fighting prodigy, and Gary, an ice mage, embark on countless trips.

18. Vinland Saga

Best Adventure Anime Vinland Saga
Credits – Twitter

Is it me, or do the Vikings have a stronger connection to adventure? The narrative of Thorfinn, a young boy who experiences a severe reality shock, is told in the Vinland Saga.

He stays close to the murderers after seeing his father’s murder right in front of him with the hopes of exacting revenge in the future.

But, given how talented the murderers are, it is easier said than done. As a result, he must start killing people personally. Or perhaps I should say a warrior in order for him to one day put out the flame of hatred that has consumed him for so long.

17. Inuyasha

Best Adventure Anime Inuyasha
Credits – AnimeCorner

While Inuyasha is an anime about romance, it also features action and exploration. The anime does a fantastic job of keeping pace so that the love climax doesn’t peak too soon.

The main character and half-demon of this program is Inuyasha. He was looking for a magical jewel in the hopes that it would make him a full-fledged demon. But, a goddess who had been reincarnated unintentionally destroyed the jewel. The two grudgingly agree to cooperate in order to gather every fragment strewn about Feudal Japan.

For those who are interested in anime or Japan in general, the setting of feudal Japan is also immensely fascinating. Such a world can be explored through this medium, which is fantastic for pleasure and as a teaching tool.

16. Tower of God

Best Adventure Anime Tower of God
Credits -ComicBook.com

For a Klondike bar, what would you do? Of course, the Klondike bar represents your darkest aspirations.

As you might have guessed from the title, the Tower of God gives you the chance to wish for anything you want—as long as you get it to the very top of the tower, that is.

Bam first finds himself behind the walls of this multi-level death trap simply because he doesn’t want Rachel to leave him. She has her sights set on the absolute top. Will something cause Bam to lose his temper and abandon his convictions? There is only one way to learn.

15. Pokemon

Best Adventure Anime Pokemon
Credits – LeMonde

One of the best adventure animes available is Pokemon. Who hasn’t heard of Pokemon? The plot resembles a Fantasy Quest video game. A young boy explores the area on his quest to become a Pokémon Master while accompanied by his trusty Pikachu and other Pokémon.

We have all heard snippets of this well-known story. This is not your normal adventure fantasy series, and the more recent episodes appear to be more kid-friendly.

Nonetheless, given its complex world-building and exhilarating adventures, it may be claimed that this fantasy series is more modern in nature.

14. Berserk

Best Adventure Anime Berserk
Credits – Nautiljon

If you are ready for some dark adventure, Berserk is the perfect anime for you. Fans rarely prefer older anime adaptations to more modern ones that are easier to watch, but with Berserk, things get a little bit murkier.

This has a darker, more fantasy-like slant. Dark Fantasies has a claim to inclusion on this list of the best fantasy anime. Many have bemoaned the subpar 2016 adaptation of manga author Kentaro Miura’s best-known story and grieved his departure.

The plot then shifts back in time, kicking off the Golden Era Arc. The anime maintains loyal to the manga up until the moment when Guts and Casca begin dating.

13. Rurouni Kenshin

Best Adventure Anime Rurouni Kenshin
Credits – GamersDecide

The Next Best Adventure Anime is Rurouni Kenshin. It appears that Kenshin Himura is merely another wandering samurai. His unflinching positivity and readiness to assist everyone are the only things that might stand out as peculiar.

And even if he appears to be a superb swordsman, there are times when you might notice that he chooses not to kill.

This is due to the slaughter and hatred in his history, which made him act like a butcher among livestock. He now wanders the World looking to atone for his transgressions.

12. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Best Adventure Anime FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Credits – Reddit

In the first episode of the series, two young brothers named Edward and Alphonse Elric attempt a terrifying transformation ceremony in an effort to bring their deceased mother back to life. Edward loses a leg and an arm as a result of this.

While his brother, who lost his body, is now protected by a set of armour that contains his spirit. They became alchemists as teenagers on a quest to recover what they have lost.
The narrative of Fullmetal Alchemist is one of loss.

Both of the Elric brothers have either lost all of or parts of their bodies as a result of a transmutation that failed and was intended to bring their mother back to life.

11. Noragami

Best Adventure Anime Noragami
Credits – 100WordAnime

The next, Best Adventure Anime is Noragami. Noragami is a superb Studio Bones work in terms of both its audio and aesthetics. Undoubtedly, you’ll hear the OP theme repeatedly. The anime included other gods and other supernatural entities in addition to Yato, many of which were strong in their own right.

Yeah, it is a new trio with two males and a lady in it. But it’s also unique. The main character actually calls himself the “delivery god,” after all. In the universe, there are spirits (formally referred to as Regalias) that have the capacity to change into weapons.

10. Castle in The Sky

Best Adventure Anime Castle in the sky
Credits – Pinterest

Our list of Best Adventure Anime is incomplete without Studio Ghibli movies. As a member of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki directed his debut Ghibli animated movie in 1986.

The fantasy adventure movie Castle in the Sky was a completely original creation by Studio Ghibli because it was not based on anything else. Many admirers consider it to be the greatest Studio Ghibli film ever made.

In Castle in the Sky, the two main protagonists are Sheeta, a little girl, and Pazu, a young boy. She is being sought after by air pirates and a government organization because they want her crystal pendant. They begin to lose track of her travels with Pazu.

9. Demon Slayer

Best Adventure Anime Demon Slayer
Credits – Demon Slayer’s Official Twitter: @DemonSlayerUSA

Tanjiro and his sister Nezuko, who is transforming into a demon, are the only ones who survive a demon attack on a family. Tanjiro makes the decision to become a demon slayer in order to exact justice for his family and heal his sister.

Because it has so many lovable characters and exciting combat, fans like Demon Slayer. All preconceived beliefs you had regarding the limitations of animation are completely disproved by Kimetsu no Yaiba.

You won’t be able to go back to the hunched CG renders you previously cherished once you have seen the shiny set pieces and lovely flowing animation. Kimetsu no Yaiba is the perfect choice for anyone seeking an experience set in colourful and breathtaking surroundings.

8. Dragon Ball Z

Best Adventure Anime Dragon Ball z
Credits – DenofGeek

Dragon Ball Z has served as a major source of inspiration for nearly all other shonen series in the past. For all, a shonen series would be useless without transformations and training sequences. Even time jumps gained popularity because to this show.

Dragon Ball Z’s lack of character development and very simple plots can be criticized even by fans of shonen anime. Nonetheless, one must acknowledge Dragon Ball Z as one of the most well-known television programs of all time and appreciate the genre’s origins.

7. My Neighbour Totoro

Best Adventure Anime My Neighbour Totoro
Credits – Pinterest

My Neighbor Totoro, which made its cinematic debut in 1988, is one of the most well-liked Ghibli movies both in Japan and internationally and is beloved by viewers of all ages. The main characters, Sister Satsuki and Mei move to the countryside where they come across the mysterious Totoro in the forest. Children can only view them.

Despite having the appearance of your usual dimwitted sisters, Satsuki and Mai, Miyazaki’s storytelling gives them a feeling of wonder while confirming their worries and troubles.

While Totoro is huge and occasionally makes strange noises, he also gives the best hugs to those who need them. Totoro is not your normal pocket-friendly, chirpy darling.

6. Howl’s Moving Castle

Best Adventure Anime Howls Moving Castle
Credits – Pinterest

The fact that this movie’s use of imaginative amazement allowed for the exact creation of a walking castle is a great accomplishment in and of itself.

It has elder women, witches, coming-of-age characters, and a ton of other supernatural elements. Nonetheless, it is founded on incredibly sincere human emotions. Not to mention those mouthwatering pictures of the bacon and eggs. Howl won everyone’s hearts, and the soundtrack is wonderful.

Howl has a connection to a legend in this film. According to the legends, he possesses great power and resides in a majestic moving castle. Join Him and Sophie on an adventure and solve their problems.

5. Spirited Away

Best Adventure Anime Spirited Away
Credits – Pinterest

Spirited Away is listed as the best movie in the whole Ghibli canon on the list of the 30 Best Anime Movies of All Time. A 10-year-old girl named Chihiro ventured into a fantasy world where her name was changed to “Sen” and she was stripped of her identity.

She tries to stay true to herself despite the strange surroundings. Because Chihiro, who is only 10 years old, toils diligently at the baths, Spirited Away strikes our hearts.

Spirited Away’s cast of odd characters, which includes the lovely youngster Haku (who is actually a river deity), the witch and bathhouse owner Yubaba, and her identical sister Zeniba, are what make the film the most intriguing. Join Chihiro and Haku in their quest to save their parents.

4. Black Clover

Best Adventure Anime Black Clover
Credits – Crunchyroll

Black Clover has gathered a significant and surprising fan base despite being one of the more modern fantasy adventure anime. The show has been airing continuously since its launch in 2017.

It was developed by Studio Pierrot, the same company that created the wildly popular shonen series Naruto and Bleach. The focus of the movie Black Clover is on two young boys named Asta and Yuno who were raised together despite having both been abandoned as infants.

Their single aim is to become the strongest wizard in the realm and become the Wizard King. But, The anime is still pretty underrated and needs a little bit more of recognition.

3. Naruto Shippuden

Best Adventure Anime Naruto Shippuden
Credits – ComingSoon.net

Masashi Kishimoto’s story of a young ninja who is rejected by his city and aspires to one day become the leader of his village enthralled every child and adolescent who grew up in the 2000s. The Naruto Franchise stands out due to the special set of abilities employed by shinobi, termed “Jutsu” in the series.

Due to Naruto’s popularity, a legacy manga series based on Naruto’s son, Boruto, was produced, giving the story a generational aspect. The only thing keeping this series from excelling, even more, is the overwhelming amount of filler.

2. Attack On Titan

Best Adventure Anime Attack on Titan
Credits – RottenTomatoes

Despite its increasing popularity, most people would categorize Attack on Titan as more of a shounen work than an adventure series. But Anime takes us on a roller coaster ride. A wild one.

Titans are these giant creatures that hunt down humans in this world to eat them. Eren Yeager enters the story after witnessing a loved one perish at the hands of a Titan when he was a young lad.

He joined the Survey Corps and has since dedicated his life to eradicating them. Even though this is more action and drama, the mysteries and origins of the Titans are addressed, and it offers good lore for its mythical nature and adventure.

1. One Piece

Best Adventure Anime one piece
Credits – Crunchyroll

The most well-known adventure anime to ever be released is arguably One Piece. I can’t think of anything more exciting than embarking on a naval voyage in pursuit of hidden treasure! One Piece excels at many different aspects.

Excellent writing, characters, and music. It excels at creating new worlds, though. When you suspend disbelief, One Piece’s vibrantly alive universe nearly begins to feel genuine.

Our exploits with the Strawhats have a noticeable effect on the world we live in. Bounties fluctuate in value, rules are tightened, and characters either advance in strength or meet their demise.

Which is your favourite Adventure Anime? Let me know in the comment section below.

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