YouTuNya Anime Reveals Cast, Promo Video, And April 4 Debut

YouTuNya Anime Reveals Cast, Promo Video, And April 4 Debut

A forthcoming TV YouTuNya anime from Kyushu Asahi about felines that struggle to produce content for a well-liked video streaming service has debuted a new promotional trailer, the cast, and the artists of the ending song.

The animation will debut on April 4 on the “Asadesu. KBC” show on Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting as well as on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

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YouTuNya Anime Promotional Video

The New Promo video from the latest series YouTuNya has been made available on youtube and in the video, we can see how the cat owner made a video of her cat playing and publish it online but despite the fact, the video just got 100+ views.

Now comes the main part where the cat learns to become a social media influencer and not only with help of his friends he made new videos every single day. Their main target is to become popular but the struggle goes on, you can see the promo video below:

YouTuNya Anime Cast and Staff

Not Much about the cast has been made public but the cast revealed were shown below:

  • Fairouz Ai as Nya
  • Yuuki Kaji as Tomoneko
  • Mikoi Sasaki as Kawaii ne Onee-san
  • Akio Ohtsuka as Narrator

The series’ closing theme song, performed by Yaneura Syobou with Pan Lunarifi and Nana Ikeda, the song named “Bazure! YouTuNya!”.

About the staff, the animation at Lesprit is being directed by Kyo Yatate, who is also in charge of the sound. The writing is done by Shaberry Man. The characters are created by Takada Bear. Anchor and Kosuke Nishimoto are writing the soundtrack. Music and sound production are attributed to Bushiroad Move.

YouTuNya Anime Storyline

The YouTuNya tale follows the everyday exploits of adorable cartoon cats including Nya, a cat with an unpopular channel, Tomoneko, a cat with a very popular channel, and Tsuyoneko, a cat with a martial arts-themed channel.

The series shows the struggle of Nya the cat to become a popular social media influencer, he knows that it’s hard but he tries his best to learn from his friend. The adventure from ordinary house cats to becoming popular cats will not be easy for them.

Are You Guys Ready for the classic animated funny series? So let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What’s the age group of this series?

As you can see that the animation and storyline are kids Friendly, so we can expect that the show is for almost all age groups.

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