A New Yaiba Anime From Detective Conan’s Author—NEWS!

Gosho Aoyama is not a new name in the anime and manga industry. He is a legend who won our hearts through Detective Conan. Now, the great man is up to presenting us with a new anime adaptation of his manga Yaiba

The said manga is not a new entry; in fact, it’s anime was released back in the 90s with the title “Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba.” After decades of its release, Gosho Sensei is planning to reintroduce it on the big screens. 


  • The 90’s anime Yaiba ran for 52 episodes with a MAL rating of 7.18/10
  • Gosho Aoyama will actively oversee the animation production of the upcoming anime series.
  • Yaiba’s official X (Twitter) ID was created recently in April 2024

Gosho Aoyama’s Yaiba—What We Know So Far!

The samurai-themed Yaiba manga started serializing in 1988 and enthralled a wide range of shounen lovers. After a few years of fame, its TV anime series entertained anime fans all around the globe.

It’s speculated that the most loved Wit Studio will animate Yaiba. This is something that gave fans goosebumps and made them impatient. The higher-ups presented the fans with a 36-second teaser and a brand new key visual along with the delightful disclosure

We can guess the fans’ excitement by the fact that the X handle gained around 10k followers within a short amount of time. This blessed news has brought a wave of nostalgia to the manga community. Don’t you feel evocative?

You can check updates from the Official X here:

Regarding the Staff and Voice Cast, it’s still too early to say anything. We must wait to get any further updates on the release window and additional information. 

Yaiba Anime Plot

Yaiba Anime

Kurogane Yaiba is the super-talented main character whose sword skills are no joke. He polishes his expertise by training hard with his father in the middle of the jungle. Well, we all know there’s no fun when you don’t have a rival to challenge your abilities. So, Yaiba’s life takes a drastic turn when he moves to Japan and crosses paths with Takeshi Onimaru. The hero’s rival is equally enthusiastic about swordsmanship. Onimaru getting “The legendary Demon Sword” adds more spice to the story.  

Final Notes

Nobody expected a remake of our childhood favorite show, right? That’s what we love the most about the anime industry: It always finds a way to surprise us. I am sure the Yaiba anime will bring back a lot of memories. So, make sure you don’t miss any further updates about it. 

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Source: Yaiba Anime’s official X 

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