Blue Lock Season 2 In October 2024—NEWS & Predictions!

Blue Lock Season 2 is coming to you in October this year. After a long wait of almost two years, the anime creators have blessed us with super exciting news. Unfortunately, an exact release date has yet to be confirmed, but something is better than nothing.

Fans have been waiting for it since the end of the first season. Therefore, they are happier than ever because the long wait is about to end. 


  • The news came on the official X (Former Twitter) of Blue Lock
  • No exact release date is out
  • Blue Lock’s Film “Episode Nagi” will be out on June 28, 2024, in North American Theatres

Blue Lock Season 2– Everything You Need To Know!

Blue Lock Season 2

To cheer up the fans even more, Mangaka Yusuke Nomura’s manga illustration also came attached. The first season started winning our hearts in October 2022 with electrifying 24 episodes. Out of 29 volumes so far, almost 11 volumes of the manga have been adapted. 

You Can Check Out The Tweet here!

I bet we are all curious about the staff, cast, and studio details. However, you should feel satisfied as there is a 99% chance that there will be no major changes. Studio 8bit will animate the upcoming Blue Lock Season 2. Fans are already familiar with the quality it offers. 

Blue Lock Season 2 Predictions & Expectations

Along with the feelings of excitement, fear is lurking somewhere. Fans really want to watch the second season with the highest quality possible. Surprisingly enough, they are even ready for the animation studio to take its time to offer the best results. Especially the ones who have read the manga, have high standards and expect something mind blowing from the higher-ups. 

Regarding the story, there is a lot of material they need to adapt. The first season ended at the “3rd Selection Arc,” right before the U-20 Arc. So fans were curious if the 2nd season would adapt all of it or not. This is actually debatable as we are never sure what the creators decide to show. However, judging from the pacing and how the previous chapters were transformed, there is a possibility they will adjust it all till the end. 

Season 1 converted the manga until chapter 108, and the U-20 arc ends in chapter 150. So technically, it is possible to adapt it all. Anyhow, it’s still a prediction, and we hope whatever happens keeps the fans entertained. 

Final Notes

What is your opinion on this galvanizing news? Do you have any predictions for the much-awaited second season of Blue Lock? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Let’s have a discussion!

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Source Of News:  Blue Lock’s Official X Handle

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