Little Shark’s Day Out Anime’s Next Season On Its Way–NEWS!

Good news for slice-of-life and comedy anime fans who watched this masterpiece! Little Shark’s Day Out Anime’s next season has been announced. Usually, when a series ends, fans get a little sad but this time they were happy. 

This one not only entertained us throughout but also gave us a reason to smile in the last episode. The show’s creators are currently working on its next part and confirmed this with an official announcement in the last episode. 


  • You can watch Little Shark’s Day Out Anime on YouTube
  • There is No Exact Release Date for season 2 yet
  • Odekake Kozame is another title to search for “Little Shark’s Day Out” Anime
  • Confirmations regarding Staff and Studio will take some time

Everything You Need To Know About Odekake Kozame

Little shark's day out anime

It’s true that it gained more fame through its anime, but its manga came first in 2022. The anime ran for 60 episodes, with 1 minute per episode. It’s a comparatively short comedy series, and one can easily binge it within an hour. 

The first episode of Little Shark’s Day Out Anime aired on August 1, 2023, and the last episode aired on May 10, 2024. Penguin Box is behind the highly engaging story and adorable art.

Considering the duration of each episode, season 1 sure took quite a long time to finish. Studio ENGI, famous for creating countless anime, including Uzaki Chan and Unnamed Memory, manages its animation production. 

Anime fans of all ages thoroughly enjoyed their experience watching the Cute Shark series. Baby Shark’s adventures kept them spellbound from start to end. 

You can watch the Ending Credit Sequence along with the next season’s announcement here:


Anime fans who have watched this wonderfully addicting anime can’t stay patient without rewatching it. Its one-minute duration is its beauty, which keeps the viewers attentive and engaged. The story follows the daily life activities of a cute little shark and highlights its interaction with other adorable characters. It’s a slice of life that focuses on the simplicity and beauty of life.

Final Notes

There are not many such anime that can intrigue and captivate us. We thank the anime creators for introducing this adorable story, which one can enjoy with their junior friends and family. Like many of the fans, I absolutely can’t wait to see more of it. 

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Source: Little Shark’s Day Out Anime’s Official YouTube

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