Wind Breaker Episode 6 Review – Hiragi vs. Sako!

My God, what a classy fight the recent episode brought! It’s finally time for Wind Breaker Episode 6 Review, so are you ready to dive in? The anime is undoubtedly raising our standards high. We didn’t expect Toma Hiragi and Sako to fight before Nirei, at least, this is something I didn’t predict

The fight was ELECTRIFYING! The action scenes, fighting style, and direction were mind-blowing. Kudos to the animation production team, staff, and voice actors for doing a commendable job. 

The episode was a complete package with a perfect balance of flashbacks and present scenes. In fact, the backstory of Hiragi and Sako made it super fun to watch their battle. Everyone enjoyed the fight both on and off screens.

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Toma Hiragi VS. Sako—Wind Breaker Episode 6 Review & Highlights

Wind Breaker Episode 6 Review: toma hiragi vs sako

Though we saw only a single battle, it was WORTH it. After Suo’s fight, this one was undoubtedly the best so far. On the other hand, the more impatient Sakura feels, the more waiting the poor boy has to do. Contrary to everyone’s expectations, when Sako volunteered first for the next round, it made our MC a little grumpy. Well, why not? We were all dying to see him on the stage. 

The initial few minutes of their face-off were so intense that everyone was bewildered by Sako’s fighting prowess. It seemed like he would have an effortless win against Hiragi, and it’s all thanks to his mind-boggling abilities. 

Toma Hiragi

Surprisingly enough, Sako managed to thrash him on the ground with a single KICK. This unexpected attack left Hiragi completely worn out, implying his defeat. Let’s appreciate Sakura Haruka for his motivational words that pushed his senior to back up. 

Another round of intense fighting took place, but this time, Hiragi had the upper hand. He proved his title and the reason why he is famous as the God Of War!

Sako & Hiragi’s Back Story

Sako and Hiragi backstory

Finally, all the questions regarding their rivalry were answered. It turns out both became childhood companions after Hiragi saved Sako from the bullies. From that day onwards, the little boy started considering the senior his idol and learned to fight, too. 

Sako always wanted to follow him no matter where he went, and the only thing he never wanted to do was part ways with him. However, when Hiragi decided to follow Umemiya, he wanted Sako to choose his own path, which emotionally destroyed the boy. 


It’s not like Hiragi did something horrible; it was simply for Sako’s best. Unfortunately, none of them could understand each other. Even after years, both still have deep care for each other, which is proved through their actions during and after the fight. 

Final Notes

Wind Breaker Episode 6 Review

Overall, the episode was great, with the right balance of all the elements. Only three battles are left, and the fact that Bofurin won all of them makes fans nervous. We just hope to see the rest of the members win, but we also fear some twists and turns. 

Who do you think we will see in the next round? Do you think Sakura would win against the second in command of the opponent’s team?

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Who voices Haruka Sakura?

Yuma Uchida is the talented voice actor of Sakura Haruka.

Is WIND BREAKER Korean or Japanese?

Wind Breaker is a Korean webtoon. However, the Japanese Animation Studio CloverWorks has produced the anime.

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