Unnamed Memory Episode 5 Review

Hello, anime weebs; welcome back to Anime Fleek for Unnamed Memory Episode 5 Review. Honestly apart from the first two episodes, the anime couldn’t keep up to the standards. Guess what? This time, as well, you should not raise your hopes so high because this episode, too, didn’t sit well with most of the viewers. Wanna know why? Let’s jump straight into the depth of it!

Unnamed Memory Episode 5 Review & Highlights—Everything You Need To Know!

Trust me or not, if you are keeping up with the anime, you’ll agree for sure. Uptill now, we were aware that Oscar wants to make Tinasha his bride and is super interested in it. Though his physical advancements towards her can be considered unacceptable, they were kinda understandable. 

However, the recent episode only highlights the RED FLAGS of his character. He should have understood by now that if Tinasha’s answer is “NO,” that means he should stay decent. It’s as if “decency” is something not in his dictionary, which is the foremost thing to be expected in a Main Character.  Without knowing the context of the story, Oscar is quick in making judgments and impulsive enough to take actions without thinking of the consequences. 

Oscar’s Jealousy & Personality Weaknesses

Unnamed Memory episode 5 Review: Oscar's Jealousy & Personality Weaknesses

The episode starts with Tinasha having a nightmare, which leaves her a bit scared. The next morning, the King informs her and Oscar that Miralys will be considered as the potential bride of Oscar. Apparently, she is strong enough to bear the child, but thankfully, Tinasha doubts her to be masking her true identity. 

Unnamed Memory

To investigate further about her intentions she and the red-haired Als tried to act closely only to fool Miralys to see what action she would take. Their act backfires as Oscar misunderstands Tinasha for loving someone else. Next, he forces himself on her by putting a sealing ornament on her arms and then forcefully taking her to the bed. 


All of this triggers the scared witch’s nightmare, leaving her outraged. The moral of the incident? Oscar feels sorry for his actions! Like, are you kidding??? Well, of course, his impulsiveness led him to beat Als. Ngl, at this point, Tinasha should never marry him. 

During all of the moments, a comedic background music was playing to imply it was humor! Luckily, I am not the only one who feels odd about it; many anime fans share mutual thoughts. 

You can check it here:

First of all, Oscar has no right to demean her because he brought her as his protector, not as his bride. Second, Tinasha never agreed to be his girl. Not only that but there are countless moments throughout the anime that will fuel your anger. All of this simply makes us hate his character, which is not the very good thing one should expect from the fans. 

Oscar Confessing His Love In Front Of Everyone

No doubt that some of Oscar’s actions are objectionable, but he does have the typical qualities of a Protagonist. When he makes it clear to everybody that even if they find a strong bride to bear his child, he will only marry Tinasha. After the declaration, Miralys figures out that she won’t stand a chance, which in turn leads her to show her true colors. The villainess launches a sudden attack and thanks to Oscar’s stupidity of sealing Tinasha’s power, she couldn’t act in defense

Unnamed Memory Episode 5 Review: Tinasha and Oscar

Finally, after breaking the seal by herself, we witness a fight between the two ladies. I like Oscar for joining his lady to give her a hand. Compared to the previous action scenes, this one was far better. I enjoyed the duo fighting the foes together. Also, we finally got to know that Miralys was after a secret orb that belonged to Oscar’s mother. The bad taste that the male lead’s actions had left actually left after watching the electrifying battle. 

The Suspicious Death Of Mirlays

Tinasha vs Miralys

Unnamed Memory never leaves a chance to leave us with curiosity without even trying to hint at us. I am sure many of you want answers regarding the existence of the mysterious characters introduced in the previous episode and the death of Valt. Just add Miralys’s death to your list and wait for the moment when all the mysteries will be unveiled. Not gonna lie; anime is kinda bland when it comes to plot development. New mysterious characters enter without the proper revelation of the previous ones. Take Miraly’s suicide as an example; nobody knows why she was there, but it just adds more to the suspense

Oscar’s Realization

Even though there were some objectionable actions, I like how Oscar realizes his mistakes quickly. So, we can say the positive points balance out the negative points in his character. 

Final Notes

Unnamed Memory has a great story. However, the way things were rushed and no hints were given regarding the characters made it bland. The plot and the development could have been improved if things were given proper detail with the right balance of concealing and revealing the mysteries. I’ll give Unnamed Memory episode 5 a 7/10 score. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Is it fun to watch Unnamed Memories?

The anime gives you bitter-sweet moments; sometimes, you feel angry, and other times, you feel glad. Although opinions can be subjective, it’s not a bad idea to watch it.

Who is the protagonist in the Unnamed Memory?

Oscar is the male lead, and Tinasha is the female lead. 

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