Unnamed Memory Episode 4 Review

After watching Unnamed Memory Episode 4, it’s clear that the higher-ups are rushing the story. I have no idea why, but it is not fun watching it. New characters are introduced without revealing bits about previous mysterious characters. 

I bet all of us were curious to know who killed Valt and why, but instead of enlightening that, we have a new mystery. If only the anime had a good pacing and it focused more on storytelling, things would have been better. 

Unnamed Memory Episode 4 Review & Highlights

Unnamed Memory Episode 4 Review

Literally, a lot happens in the episode, from Tinasha and Oscar’s face-off to her training him. However, you’ll only see them happen quickly as if it were a time-lapse. All the thrilling and captivating scenes passed like they weren’t good enough.

The previous episode might have hinted that Tinasha was falling for him but in this episode, she was back to her usual self. She was confident she wouldn’t ever marry him. We see the two in a sword fight after Oscar invites her to join him. Instead of showcasing their classy fight, the episode skips it. 

Then, some thoughts crossed Tinasha’s mind that she needed someone strong enough to kill her. Therefore, she starts training Oscar on how to win a battle against magicians. So, guys, if you were watching this anime for its action scenes, then it’s no FUN now! Because the anime is cutting-off all the worth watching scenes.

Nation Of Mages

Unnamed Memory Episode 4 Review

A new character named Kagar enters the scene and calls Tinasha “Aeti”. God knows why, but he thought that calling her by that name might solve their problem. No information is given about the new name, but Tinasha strictly prohibits him from calling her that. 


On the other hand, she refused to help him because he never went to her tower. However, she later sends her Familiar to inquire about the issue. Kagar gets upset and mind-control Meredina, and she attacks the lady. Lucrezia was there to meet Tinasha, so Oscar requested her to undo the mind-controlling magic on her. Honestly, this was a pretty unnecessary scene because it happened so fast, and I believe it did not play any part in the development of the story.

Miralys’s Mystery


Miralys appeared to be a very sweet and kind girl, but it was all actually a facade. According to her, Gnereal Ettard appointed her, and Tinasha knew that she was there for her mission. She was no ordinary but someone with an unordinary magic power. Since the FL was not concerned about her, we thought it was nothing to worry about until we learned about the sudden death of Ettard. Before the episode ends, we see Miralys sending her beast to kill Kagar. 


There are so many unanswered queries and so much going on in the series we know nothing about. One mystery isn’t given a proper light, and the next begins. The show lacks character development, engagement, and a lot more. I mean, rushing things right from the beginning of the anime makes no sense. It would be acceptable if things were quick in the end. 

Anyhow, let’s see if the show brings something new to increase engagement. 

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Who is the protagonist in the unnamed memory anime?

Oscar is the male lead, and Tinasha is the female lead.

Who is Lanak in unnamed memory anime?

Lanak is also one of the major characters, but the anime needs to shed light on this character.

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