Unnamed Memory Episode 3 Review

Unnamed Memory Episode 3 was a fine episode with a lot happening throughout. Some questions remained unanswered, but overall, it kept us intrigued. It could have been better, as I felt the story rushed. 

Things were going pretty fine until the last scene when Tinasha and Oscar became surprisingly close. Just moments ago, they were their usual selves, and Tinasha was determined not to ever marry him. Well, to help you grasp what happened, let’s dive into the highlights.

Unnamed Memory Episode 3 Review & Highlights

Unnamed Memory Episode 3

The episode begins with their usual banter, and Oscar flirts in front of the King. Later, he goes on a mission with Lazar without telling Tinasha and ends up in trouble. Well, it’s always Lazar who gets attacked, and then Oscar has to save him. At this point, I believe Oscar shouldn’t take him anywhere. Instead of helping, all he wants is to run away.

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This time, a new character enters the story, and she was the Witch of the Forbidden Forest “Lucrezia.” Having no other options, Oscar lets her help them since Lazar passed out because of poison. 

They have a general conversation where the come-backer blurts out that his boss is interested in marrying Tinasha. This information was enough for her to cast a psychological spell on him. Also, Lucrezia reveals to Oscar that Tinasha won’t marry him because she is required to remain pure to practice some sort of magic.

Oscar’s Weird Dreams

Unnamed Memory Episode 3

Because of the psychological spell, Oscar started to remain tired and tried his best to avoid Tinasha. However, the witch of Azure Moon was quick enough to notice him behaving differently. She learned that he met Lucrezia thanks to a mysterious female scent that only she could smell from him. 

Lucrezia was a true witch. The spell she cast on Oscar wasn’t an ordinary one. In fact, it worked like a poison that could kill him in a few days. Due to the spell, Oscar was having erotic dreams; therefore, Tinasha decided to break the spell when he went to sleep. 


To break the spell, she makes him kill herself in the dreams. Honestly, that was a heartbreaking and pretty unnecessary sight. She could have done something else instead of making him kill her.

Tinasha and Lucrezia


The two witches seemed like frenemies; it was hard to guess whether they were friends or foes. Lucrezia was kind enough to help Tinasha by giving Oscar’s intimate fluids to her. After all, Lucrezia knew that her frenemy was keeping herself pure, so getting these fluids might be challenging for her. 

Oscar and Tinasha’s Intimacy

Oscar and Tinasha

Now, this is definitely something we didn’t expect. I understand that Tinasha’s move to make him kill her was wrong, but its realization was definitely not something that would spark love between them. Just because Tinasha felt guilty, she gave up ? I’m not going to lie; we needed proper development between the two. 

A Mysterious Character

Unnamed Memory Episode 3

Another mysterious character who apparently kills Valt enters the scene. There is no information about who he is or what he wants from Tinasha. I hope he will make the story intriguing rather than the opposite. 


Overall, the episode lacked at many points and wasn’t something special. The first two episodes were good, but this seemed a little bit rushed, especially in terms of the main lead’s relationship. I personally didn’t enjoy the episode as much as I did the last two episodes. I didn’t expect Tinasha to be an easy character, and I thought she would remain determined even after catching the feelings. Anyhow, let’s see what the next episode brings to the table.

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Is the Unnamed Memory anime complete?

The anime is currently airing. 

Is Unnamed Memory worth reading?

Many consider reading the novel more entertaining than watching the anime.

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