Wind Breaker Episode 10 Review–-Afterparty!

Knock Knock! It’s finally time for Wind Breaker Episode 10 Review. I am amazed how the higher-ups have kept us glued from the beginning, and the show’s maintaining its standards. The last few episodes were epic in every aspect, be it the storyline or the details. 

This episode, as we expected, doesn’t have any action or fight scenes. For this reason, you may want to rewatch the last episodes. However, the after-party, the character’s interaction, and bonding made the whole episode worthwhile!

Friendly Union Of The Two Groups—Bofurin and The Lion’s Head

wind breaker episode 10 review

The episode begins with a friendly union of the two groups, where they enjoy delicious meals together. Togame is unable to forget his past actions and bends on his knees to apologize to everyone else. After him, Choji also does the same, and the two willingly ask for a punishment.

wind breaker episode 10 review

Sakura was unable to digest how Umemiya could easily forgive them both. While he was configuring that, the leader asked him to assign the punishment. I really like how Umemiya knows what his team members feel like and always finds a way to solve their problems. He seems goofy, but he is aware of everything happening around him. That’s how a leader should be. 

Anyhow, things went smoothly with Sakura asking them to promise to never be lame again. 

Umemiya’s Reason To Be The Top Dog

Sakura Haruka

It turns out that our very own Ume-Chan never dreamt of being the leader; it was the support of his colleagues that made him the top dog. It was people’s support that made him a Top Dog, which made him realize that his wishes aren’t his wishes ALONE!

The fact that he’s willing to do anything to fulfill those wishes raised everyone’s eyebrows. Amongst them, Sakura was the most affected, and why not? For now, we can see him next in line! The MC realized that for him to be the top dog, he needed to win everyone’s support. The flashback of Kotoha’s words calling him Alone hits him hard, adding more to the injury. 

Like I said earlier, Umemiya already knew the guy’s inner battles. Hence, he specially held him tight to have a pep talk with him. How sweet!

Appreciation For Sakura

Umemiya and Sakura

As expected, Sakura didn’t only win our hearts but Ume’s as well. So, he appreciated his courage and showed his happiness for being a part of his team. All the pep talk led our MC to speak his heart out, showing how hard he tried to reach here all on his own. 

Now that he realized that one needs the other’s help to reach the top of the hierarchy has affected him a lot. At the end of the day, Sakura realized there was still hope left for him, and he should not give up on people.

Final Notes

I can understand this episode was not as much fun as the previous episodes, but it was a much-needed one. It was soothing to see the Bofurin Team speaking their hearts out and sharing their concerns. I loved the episode and the fact that CloverWorks has animated it so well. From the colors to art and aesthetics, and of course, the background music was perfectly synced. 

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