15 Best Anime Movies With Magic–Ranked!

Anime Movies with Magic, AHH! Is there anyone who doesn’t like them? Impossible! Gen Z Otaku are known for being delusional and love to imagine themselves with powers and magic. For my friends who enjoy escaping to the world of fantasy through their screens, I have prepared a list of 15 movies. 

In the following list, you’ll find anime movies from almost all genres, so please stick to the end. There will be romance, action, fantasy, adventure, and a lot more, with a Magic theme as a bonus. Are you ready? Let’s jump in!

Anime Movies With Magic That Will Win Your Heart With Their Wonderful Stories


  • All of these movies are loved for their fantastical elements and astounding plot
  • The list is specially created to entertain the fans of all the genres
  • All of them enjoy a good rating on both MAL and IMDb
  • The list is presented in descending order, with the entries ranked on my personal opinion

15. Napping Princess

anime movies with magic ---napping princess
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Like I said before, we Gen Z love calling ourselves “Delulu” because most of the time, we surrender ourselves to our delusions. Being a Gen Z myself, I can relate to you very well. Be happy because I am not the only one who does, but Kokone Morikawa, the FL of this movie, also relates to this. 

She is so delusional that often, she fails to distinguish between reality and her imagination. The reality is monotonous, but that’s not the case when it comes to her imaginative world. Not gonna lie, nothing can beat her imaginary world with her being a magical girl having unmatched abilities,

Anyways, her world is a mystery of its own, and things take a daunting turn when the lines between imaginary and real mingle. She finds her family secret that can put things in serious trouble; she must do something before the evil entities learn about it. Trust me, it’s an amusing movie especially when we look for anime movies with magic. 

14. Tales From Earthsea

anime movies with magic --Tales from earth sea
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This is another great Studio Ghibli movie based on the genres of adventure and fantasy. The movie will keep you glued to the screen right from the first second because of its suspense and mystery. We are introduced to a world where it’s losing its peace because of dragon fights above the sea. 

Legends have it that Humans and Dragons used to have a thin line, but because of their difference in choices, some chose humanity whilst the rest chose the dragon form. Now, this thin line is disappearing, and things are going unpredictable. Some of the humans can still transform into dragons. 

Arren is the handsome male lead of the movie, who is fighting battles of his own. Some evil forces inside him make him lose himself, but that still remains a mystery. He meets an archmage and the duo starts a journey fueled by Arren’s passion to get answers. 

On his way, he also helps a girl named Therru, and the two develop a bond. Therru is not an ordinary girl, and her mystery is one of the biggest twists in the movie, which only unveils in the last few minutes. The twist begins with the entry of the antagonist, Lord Cob, who is greedy for power. He tries to cause trouble in the two’s lives, which is already an enigma. 

Watch it to learn more about Arren, Therru, and Cob’s mystery. The story is complex but extremely entertaining, which makes it one of the best anime movies with magic.

13. Children Who Chase Lost Voices

anime movies with magi---children who chase lost voices
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This is one of the best anime movies with magic and there is no doubt about that. The movie takes us to a world where our cute female lead, Asuna Watase, loves listening to her radio. She is a very responsible girl who looks after house chores in the absence of her mother. 

Whenever she finds free time she tunes into different melodies through radio on her favorite spot on a mountain. One day, a melody changes her life forever. She comes across a deadly monster who is about to hit her when a boy named Shun enters the scene and saves her. The two find each other interesting and eventually start feeling for each other.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t enjoy each other’s company for long, and the boy died a tragic death. Wait before you assume this is the end! My lord, the movie has just begun! Things take an interesting turn when Asuna finds a look-alike of Shun. All this makes her learn about the mysteries of Shun’s world, “Agartha”, full of fantastical elements. 

12. Ni No Kuni

anime movies with magic ---Ni No Kuni
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Did someone say action anime movies with Magic? Dude, be glad because you have found one. Ni No Kuni is also an isekai anime movie where the story revolves around three friends. Yuu, Haru and Kotona are buddies whose life flips upside down when someone stabs Kotona. Unfortunately, the two boys couldn’t help their friend, also one of them was handicapped. 

However, while trying to take her to the hospital, they meet with an accident that makes them isekai’d. Yes, in this world, the two boys found themselves fit and strong, but guess what? Their friend Kotona was missing, and above all, they found the princess of the kingdom who looked exactly like her.

What the hell was happening? Why were they teleported, and what happened to their friend? Get down to your screens to know the rest of the story! (XD)

11. Okko’s Inn

Okkos Inn
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

All our lives, we think that Ghosts and spirits are evil, completely forgetting that there are two sides to a coin. If good and bad exist in the human world, they also exist in the spirit world. Okkos’s Inn highlights this aspect very beautifully. 

This is the story of Oriko Seki, an adorable girl who lost her parents in an accident. Now all alone fighting off with her loneliness she comes across the ghosts residing in her grandmother’s Inn. 

To inherit the inn, the ghost tells her to take over the duties of her grandmother. Anyhow, despite it being a daunting task, our brave girl kept up to our expectations! Amidst all of this, she develops a bond with the spirits, which makes her realize that she is not lonely at all. I love this movie for its beautiful plot, so it was a must-add to this list of best anime movies with magic.

10. Mirai

anime movies with magic ---Mirai
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

If you are the oldest and have an age gap with your siblings then I am sure you might feel your spotlight stolen by them. This is very natural for one to feel degraded with the entry of a younger brother or sister. I loved how this film highlights this aspect of life making it one of the best anime movies with magic.

This is the story of a four-year-old kid named Kun who felt off with the entry of her baby sister. A series of realizations hit the boy hard when he finds himself entangled magically. He comes to learn about the past of her parents and meets his sister from the future, and his worldview broadens as a result. 

This is one of the best fantasy anime movies that you must watch at least once. Feel free to recommend this to your siblings. 

9. Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Service
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Many of us think that life would have been amazing if there were magic in our world. However, we always forget about the challenges that come with powers. Kiki’s Delivery Service perfectly gives this message. It’s about Kiki, who is an adorable girl working to be a witch. Anyone who wants to be a witch must undergo training to live alone, far from their loved ones. 

The story is all about Kiki’s adventures alone, where she faces countless problems. Nevertheless, her determination and bravery make her face the odds smoothly. She ends up starting her delivery service, which changes her life to a great extent. 

We can never forget adding this masterpiece to this list of best anime movies with Magic.

8. Suzume

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Have you ever imagined that many alternative realities might exist? And why not because there are so many mysteries left to be uncovered about our Multiverse. Suzume is the perfect demonstration of this idea.

Suzume is our female lead whose life flips upside down when she finds a door to a different dimension and leaves it open. Of course, every action has a reaction, and so does this. The open door gives the evil forces from the other dimension an opportunity to enter her world. 

Luckily, she wasn’t the only one aware of the door and this phenomenon; a handsome man named Munakata was familiar with it. Watch this one of the best anime movies with magic to know how the duo will fix the chaos

Before you go, I’ll recommend you watch its trailer because it perfectly hints about the story. Also, the music of this movie is Insanely good!!!! I bet you must have heard it because it’s extremely popular, even among non-anime fans. 

7. Mary And The Witch’s Flower

Mary and the Witch's flower
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

How many of you felt useless because you failed at everything? Well, don’t you dare feel disheartened because you are not alone, and this anime movie with magic highlights the same thing. Mary was clumsy and was like a magnet for trouble. However, one day, when she found some magical flowers, her life changed completely. 

She could use magical powers and was so good at it that even the top-level mages were not near her. With the magical powers, she explores the magical academy and enjoys the temporary amusement. 

The twist begins when an evil witch plans to use the powers of the flower for her evil motives. Do you think Mary would be able to stop her? 

6. My Neighbor Totoro

my neighbour totoro
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Ooof, don’t tell me you thought I’d forget about adding this classic movie to our list of anime movies with magic. Well, it might not be magic in literal terms but it has all the feels that you get watching anime with magic powers. 

Two cute sisters, Satsuki and Mei, are the centre of the story. Their simple life takes a fantastical turn when they move to their hometown because of their ill mother. Mei comes across a giant, adorable creature called Totoro, who introduces the girl to the world of fantasy and magic. 

Their adventure is no less than a visual treat and will force you to pray for a similar neighbour. Trust me, this movie is a GEM, and you must watch it!

5. Ponyo

Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Did someone say anime movies with Magic, drama, friendship, and adventure? Dude, you are truly blessed! You can find all of it in Ponyo! The movie won the Best Animation Award as well, so you talk about its clear-cut, clean animation and art style.

The movie spellbinds you the moment when our ML Sousuke finds a cute goldfish stuck somewhere. After helping her he brings her home and names her Ponyo without knowing that she was not an ordinary fish. Ponyo’s father is a sorcerer and once used to be a human but he sacrificed his humanity to stay in the water. With time, Sousuke and Ponyo develop a strong bond which sparks a passion in Ponyo to become a human. 

A lot of things happen between the two, and when Ponyo’s wish comes true, the world loses its balance. Of course, if one meddles with nature, they’ll have to face consequences. They must fix everything before it’s too late.

4. Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie 1

Puella Magi Movie 1
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Did someone talk about girl-power anime movies with magic? Puella Magi is the one you are in search of. Madoka is the main protagonist in the film who used to enjoy her simple life along with her friend Sayaka.

Their simple life takes a drastic turn when the two come across a talking cat, Kyuubey. He offers them an opportunity to become a Magical Girl who must fight off evil to protect the world. Above all, if they agree, they will get a chance to get their one wish fulfilled. Apparently, things looked perfect but this seemingly glittery life was nothing but a facade.

Even a third character, Homura Ameki, who is also a magical girl, tries her best to stop the two from giving in to Kyuubey. She knows the darkest sides of the magical world and wants to save the two from their tragic fate. The fact that she was stuck in a time loop where she has time traveled countless times to stop the two from this fate makes her the best character.  

Anyhow, you must watch this movie to learn whether she’ll be successful or not. Before you start, just sit with a proper arrangement keeping your hankies with you because you might end up with misty eyes.

3. Black Clover: Sword Of The Wizard King

black clover Sword of the wizard king
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

There you go! I know many of us are Shounen anime lovers. So, this entry is specially recommended to those who are in search of anime movies with magic. Black Clover is a popular anime in the anime community and doesn’t require an introduction.

Sword of the Wizard King is one of the best movies that you must watch, even if you haven’t watched the anime. The story’s protagonist is Asta who once lacked magical powers, and guess what? It was heartbreaking because his world is magical, and everyone uses magic. 

Even though he lacked the ability, his determination and dream to be the Wizard King carved easily out of the impossible. He finally found a five-leaf clover and learned that he had anti-magic abilities. 

In this specific movie, you’ll see him fighting off the OP antagonists who wish to destroy the Clover Kingdom. The 27th Wizard, who was once sealed because of his evil motives, has now returned to wreak havoc. This time, he is not alone, so the team of heroes must do everything in their hands to protect their kingdom! 

2. Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

This movie never was and never will be forgotten because it has left a permanent mark in the industry. Even though technology evolves, nothing can beat the feelings and emotions it creates in the audience. There is love, magic, action, thrill, and everything else—you just name it!

Sophie is a simple-minded girl who appreciates her life as it is being a hat knitter. She never complained about anything else and is very different from the rest of the girls. On the other hand, we have the most handsome Howl, a wizard who is followed by his Castle everywhere he goes. Yes, my lord, the Handsome is cursed, and that’s why the title says Howl’s Moving Castle. 

Now, as you might have guessed already, the story picks the beat when the two of them cross paths. Their first meet holds something very special, and you will feel that charm straight out of the screens. Well, we don’t want a bland story, right? So, let’s welcome some twists in the form of the evil Witch Of Waste.

This evil witch flips our heroine’s life upside down by snatching away her youth.  Poor Sophie, who lost her youth, runs from her home for a cure, and destiny plays its part in sticking her to Howl. Yup, the two end up living together, but of course, Howl doesn’t recognize her.

Wanna know more? My lord, of course, I am a true friend who doesn’t like spoiling stories, especially when it comes to romance anime movies with magic!

1. Spirited Away

Spirited Away
Animation CharactersPlotTotal

Studio Ghibli has indeed created numerous masterpieces, but many remember the studio because of Spirited Away. Decades have passed, but truly, nothing could ever beat this one of the most epic anime movies with magic.

Chihiro is your 10-year-old female lead who loses her parents in the creepy park full of ghosts and spirits. Watching her parents turn into pigs was a traumatic view for the girl. Unable to save her parents, she runs for her life from the ghosts. 

Panicking and feeling lonely, she finally comes across a boy who introduces her to Yubaba, the evil witch. It turns out that if Chihiro wants to survive, she must work under her, and that’s probably the only way she’ll be able to save her parents. So, a journey full of thrill, suspense, drama, and fun begins with Chihiro learning to survive in the bathhouse

Believe me or not, but you better watch this when you are not multitasking because it will keep you glued throughout.  So you better thank me later in the comment sections! (XD)

Final Notes

Woohoo! There you go! I hope you found this list of anime movies with magic a little bit interesting. Just pick anyone from the list, get your coffee, and start watching the film. You won’t regret watching the movie for sure. Come back later to inform me about your experience watching the movies!

I’ll be back again with another list of anime movie recommendations, so stay tuned!


Where to watch Cherry Magic Anime?

Well, you can always consider Crunchyroll to watch your favorite anime and movies. 

What is an anime movie with a spirit?

There is a long list, but the most popular ones are Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro and Okko’s Inn.

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