100 Best Isekai Anime Of All Time

The Isekai theme is growing more with each passing season, with plenty of new Isekai shows premiering every year with unique plots and interesting storylines. These shows are famous for taking the entire internet by storm, so you better keep an eye out. We have compiled a list of 100 best isekai anime of all time.

Plenty of amazing Isekai anime shows have aired in recent years and more shows are already on their way. We’ve also created an entire list of some of the best fantasy anime series you need to watch to keep yourself inside the loop.

So, let’s cover the biggest list of best Isekai anime series that will keep you glued to your seat.

1. My One Hit Kill Sister

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio Gekkou

Looking for the best isekai anime? Fret not, here it comes!

Siblings always hit strangely in the world of anime. It doesn’t matter what genre or themes are the show. And that is the case with this upcoming fantasy series.

An accident in the real world causes Asahi to be isekai’d into a fantasy world. Although he freaks out at first he tries to enjoy it. However, his abilities are weak and he’s unable to fight off the strong monsters.

But his Isekai life isn’t all boring. His sister follows him to the fantasy world. And she gets some really OP spells that she uses to help her brother.

2. Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Felix Film

The plots for the Isekai anime series are getting wilder day by day, imagine being an arms dealer in an Isekai world.

Mitsuha is the protagonist and she lived a sad life where she always had to worry about money, and while trying to defend someone from the bullying she ends up falling down a steep cliff; however, luckily she wakes up and finds himself inside a fantasy world.

She also discovers that she can travel back and forth between the two worlds and this gives her the idea to become an arms dealer and a ton of money. Watch it to know why it’s famous as one of the best isekai anime.

3. I got a Cheat Skill in Another world and became Unrivaled

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Millepensee

It’s one of the most entertaining and the best isekai anime. When life offers you a chance to change your terrible fate, you accept it no matter how difficult it may seem and that’s the story of the main character who finds a cheat skill to become unrivaled.

Yuuya Tenjou is someone who’s was bullied all his school life. So when a mysterious door opens in front of him and offers him great rewards for a higher risk, he reluctantly accepts it.

Beyond the door is a plethora of priceless artifacts that terrifying monsters surrounds. And he can take anything back to his real world.

4. The reason why Raeliana Ended up at the Duke’s Mansion

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Typhoon Graphics

Here is the series that feels like it’s straight out of a fairy tale, imagine one day waking up inside a novel you once read. It’d be the best thing to happen ever, but all fairy tales have a way of making things complicated before the ultimate good ending.

The protagonist of the series is Raeliana who dies in modern-day Korea and wakes up in the body of a heroine she once read about in a novel, which could be a good thing but unfortunately, it’s not.

Raeliana is merely a plot character who dies later in the series but she won’t accept her fate that easily. Indeed, it’s one of the best isekai anime.

5. Handyman Saitou in Another World

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio C2C

Another upcoming series that will premiere in the winter of 2023, Handyman Saitou has never been a special person as this is the life of an ordinary handyman.

But everything changes when he wakes up in another world. There his skills are masterful. His unique skill set is something that everyone requires in town be it adventures, wizards or ordinary townsfolk.

6. Farming Life in Another World

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Zero-G studio

Farming life in another world is a fantastic upcoming farming isekai series that you don’t want to miss. The series will come out in January of the year 2023.

The series is all about farming and learning about building a community. It’s going to be a great watch for anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing series.

The story is about our protagonist who dies at the age of 39. And he gets a second chance at life. When he gets three wishes, he chooses to have a healthy body, a peaceful, and be able to speak any local language.

7. Fairy Tale Girls

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Hoods Entertainment

The series is an incredible watch for anyone looking to invest their time in a relaxing and the best isekai anime series, the series is about finding a place to belong and overcoming your own fears.

The story is of Hazuki Kagimura who is more than just socially awkward. After her new family adopts her, she still struggles to connect with them. And her only escape is her world of books.

One day when she’s going to a library to return a book, she meets a strange girl who leads her into a world of books and imagination, a place where she can truly feel like herself.

8. Sengoku Night Blood

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Typhoon Graphics

Isekai anime series set in a post-war era are always exciting, there is nothing for heart pumping seeing people fighting for their lives in a survival setting.

A blinding light from Hideyoshi Tototomi’s phone emerges and teleports him to the Sengoku era when war was everywhere and it ravaged the country of Japan.

However, in this fantasy world all races of humans, werewolves, and vampires live in harmony under the command of Himemiko, so everything falls in dismay after her sudden disappearance and it is up to Hideyoshi to find her.

9. Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Production I.G

Shining hearts is exciting isekai series, to say the least, there is so much going on at all times that you wouldn’t be able to catch a break and asses the entire situation.

The story follows a group of people living on an island and a strange girl washes along the shorelines and reveals herself to be Kaguya, she suffers from having her memory and emotions forgotten.

However, that’s not all, a large platoon of pirates comes knocking on the peaceful island to take the spirit necklace Kaguya is wearing.

10. Battle Girls: Time Paradox

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: TMS Entetainment

Isekai anime will never cease to be amazing, every new anime series comes out with a brand new and exciting story. Battle girls is a series that takes place in the Sengoku era but unlike what really happened, here everyone is a girl.

Yoshina is the female protagonist of the series and trouble seems to follow her no matter where she goes. One day during her usual shrine visit, she sees a strange light in the temple and goes closer to investigate and falls over a small bell.

A stranger performing the spell interrupts it to catch her. And the spell spirals out of control and she ends up getting isekai’d to another world.

11. Over the Sky

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Digital Network Animation

This Isekai series is all about romance and understanding your own feelings toward someone and not having the courage to tell them.

This movie follows our protagonists, Mio Mayamasu, and Arata Kishimo who are childhood friends, Mio had romantic feelings for Arata but she’s too afraid to express her emotions.

Both of them later visit a fortune teller where Mio begins questioning their entire relationship and lashes out, ultimately leaving Arata all by himself.

She then decides to visit him in the night and apologize for her behavior; however, before she can do or say anything, a strange phenomenon flips her world upside down.

12. Ni no Kuni

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: studio OLM

Ni no Kuni is an adventurous tale of two friends getting isekai’d into a magical fantasy world. There fantasy becomes reality, the series takes you on a long and exciting adventure.

The three friends Yuu, Haru, and Kotona are on their way back to school. Then a strange man appears and stabs Kotona, both Yuu and Haru are unable to protect and on their way of taking her to the hospital a truck hits them.

But instead of getting harm, they are magically iseaki’d to a magical fantasy world.

13. Arata: The Legend

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: studio Satelight

Switching places with someone from another world is a concept that is rare. Even though it seems to have potential.

The protagonist of the series is Arata who wants to live life on his own terms; however, when the news of the princess’s growing reaches his hometown. His grandmother reveals to him that she claimed him to be a girl during his birth.

So, now he sits on the throne of the hime clan waiting for another princess to replace her or the current princess to recover her health. However, things go wrong when the the royal guard kills the princess and they blame him.

He runs off to the jungle where he switches places with Arata from the human realm who is looking for an escape from his bullies.

14. Endride

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Brain’s Base / Lapin Track

Endride is a fantasy adventure series where our protagonist is isekai’d to another world. And he helps the current prince dismantle the anarchy of the current ruler.

The series is fun and exciting, from the first episode you can see the direction this show is taking and it’s simply exciting.

Suna Asanaga is the protagonist of the series, he gets sucked into a strange fantasy world when he touches a mysterious crystal.

He finds himself inside a jail cell with the current prince of the kingdom who seeks to take revenge on the current king.

15. Kiba

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Madhouse

Kiba is a futuristic isekai adventure series set in a dystopian future, it’s simply a series where the overly enthusiastic protagonists are chasing power and freedom.

The hotheaded Zed is running away from authorities while his friend Noa is struggling to work with his battered body. Both of them want world freedom and to attain great power, and they soon find a fantasy world.

Zed chases the powers the world of Kiba has to offer, this is his quest to gain the ultimate power and save the world.

16. Show by Rock!!

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio Bones

An isekai series with a music theme is all you need to have a good time, the series is a blast to watch and there are plenty of amazingly cute anime girls with fluffy animal ears.

The story follows our adorable female protagonist, Cyan who loves to play her rhythm game, one day while playing the game she gets sucked into a musical fantasy world called Midi City.

While the music world seems all happy and cheery, there are those who want to bury the Midi City in darkness, now she has to use her guitar skills to fight the evildoers and save the world.

17. I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Maho Film

Getting transported inside a dating game is one of those concepts that will never get old, trying, again and again, to find the right answer can be a struggling endeavor.

Our protagonist is Aileen Lauren Dautriche whose life completely changes on the day of her wedding when the crowned prince she’s supposed to marry nullifies their marriage to be with her former lover Lilia Rainworth.

After this horrible Aileen recovers her memories and realizes that she’s stuck inside a dating game where she will always die in the end unless she manages to capture the heart of the crowned prince and marry him

18. Those Who Hunt Elves

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Group TAC

I know the entire theme of this list is to find shows where the main characters are transported to a strange fantasy world, but a series where guns and cannons are involved is bound to be interesting.

Or four protagonists are one day summoned into a strange magical realm by mistake from the priestess; however before she can send them all home, her magical spell is interrupted by something unknown and cause the fragments of the spell to scatter away.

The fragments are transferred to the body of elves and our characters set out on an adventure to collect those fragments so they could recast the spell to get back home.

19. She professed herself, Pupil of the Wise Man

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio A-CAT

She professed herself, pupil of the wise man is an isekai adventure series that is sure to make you fall asleep as you go through each episode, the series has an interesting plot of often loses itself in the details.

Dunbalf is a summoner mage in the popular fantasy online game, he is considered the strongest player to ever exist, some people even refer to him as one man army, he decides to create a kingdom with his nine wise mages.

However, all those players go missing without a trace left behind, Dunbalf falls asleep while customizing his character and wakes up inside the game and inside the avatar of a little girl. He travels to his formed kingdom to find his nine wise mages.

20. Ixion Saga DT

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Brain’s Base

Ixion Saga DT is a game-life fantasy adventure series where the characters are transported to an alternative fantasy world known as Mira and it flows with the strange energy known as Alma.

The series follows Kon Hokaze, a hardcore gamer who is one day teleported inside his game world known as Mira, and after defeating hoards of monsters to protect the princes. He struggles to understand the strange energy flowing around him.

21. Kyou Kara Maou!

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio Deen

Kyou kara maou! Is a shoujo isekai anime series where the protagonist is a handsome man with strong ideals, the series takes place in a fantasy place that resembles medieval Europe.

Our protagonist is a man with strong ideals who can never see anyone being taken advantage of, one day while he tries to defend someone from a gang of bullies, he ends up becoming their target.

The bullies shove his head down a toilet but instead of dirty toilet water, it’s a portal that takes him to another world where he is told he will reign as the new demon lord because of his black hair.

22. Otherside Picnic

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: LIDENFILMS / Felix Film

Everyone will know what the show is about when you see the white-haired girl holding a shotgun.

The survival twist on the isekai theme series definitely makes for an interesting plot, not to mention how exciting it is when the situation gets dire.

The Otherworld is a dangerous place where monsters reside that can easily kill humans, our protagonists venture through these dangerous places to find their lost friend.

They continue their quest to find their friend no matter how many horrors come their way, they will not stop until they find her.

23. Fushigi Yuugi

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Pierrot

It’s always a treat to see a female lead in an isekai anime series, the series is set in a historical era where our heroine will have to find a way to reunite with her lost prince with the help of some incredibly handsome young men.

Yuuki Maika and Yui Hongo are usually walking down a road when a strange red light appears and takes them to a strange fantasy world where they meet a hostile slave trader wanting to capture them but they manage to escape.

A few moments later, the red light appears once more and takes Yui Hongo away, and now Yuuki is left alone trying to find a way to reunite with her friend.

24. Conception

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: studio Gonzo

There are shows who just don’t explain much in the first episode and quickly take you right to the center of all things. This isn’t entirely bad as it sets the tone for the series but something it’s a bit much.

Our protagonist, Itsuki comes home from his high school graduation and his cousin tells him that she’s pregnant; however, right then a portal opens up that swallows him whole.

He’s tasked with the duty to protect the world plunging into the darkness, he meets the star maidens, and he’s given the task to produce star children otherwise he will never be able to go back home.

25. Drug Store in Another World

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: EMT Squared

Some shows need no explanation, not because they’re well known but because no explanation would make sense.

The life of a cheat pharmacist is a series that is full of excitement and all sorts of surprises for anyone who enjoys a wholesome vibe.

Reiji Kirio is a corporate slave who one day wakes up and finds himself in a strange fantasy land, he is also armed with immense knowledge of pharmaceuticals. So he decides to take control of his life and open a drugstore to make profits.

26. The Executioner and Her Way of Life

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: J.C.Staff

Imagine getting summoned into a fantasy world as a hero to save the world with your remarkable powers but the kingdom decides to discard you without a care in the world and you’re left all alone.

That’s the story of our protagonist, Mitsuki who is summoned into the fantasy world because he is considered to have strong magical powers but he’s kicked out because he wasn’t able to pass the first trials.

He then meets a priestess named Menou who takes him to her church to test the true nature of her ability and finds out that he possesses some incredible powers.

27. In the Land of Leadale

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Maho Film

Some shows know how to make you feel sad and in the land of leadale is definitely one of them, the story is sad at the start; however, it does get bright as the show progresses.

Our protagonist Cayna is transported to a world of her favorite fantasy game when the life supports keeping her alive suddenly fails, she wakes up to find herself in the body of her in-game avatar.

Although she has played the game, she notices there is something quite different from what she remembers.

28. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: EMT Squared

If you’re looking for a relaxing comedy isekai series, there is nothing better than watching kuma kuma kuma bear, the series is a blast of wholesomeness and explore the wonderful fantasy world at a nice pace.

Our protagonist is Yuna, a 15-year-old shut-in who only cares about this popular VRMMO game, one day she receives a gift from the administrators, it’s a bear costume which is somewhat embarrassing for her.

However, the costume gives her stats a big boost and that’s not all, after wearing the costume, Yuna is transported inside the game world. Now she roams the game-like world to find answers for getting back to the real world.

29. Reincarnated as a Sword

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio C2C

Characters are summoned from one another into strange and weird shapes, but a sword is the last thing you would except for someone to be in.

Our protagonist is Fran, a young member of the black cat who seeks revenge against the people who hunted, enslaved, and killed his fellow members. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to grow strong and take revenge.

Her life soon changes when she comes across a talking sword which is actually a man reincarnated from another world who is looking for a beautiful wielder. 

30. Now and Then, Here and There

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: studio AIC

The shows with a military theme are often amazing, there is nothing more exciting than seeing characters risking their lives to protect something they deeply care for.

Our protagonist Shuu Matsutani is an average high schooler with a decent life, he has friends, a crush, and a strong passion for learning kendo.

One day after his training, Shuu goes to climb a smokestack to enjoy the sunset where he finds a blue-haired girl, he tries to befriend the girl; however, before he can do anything a strange machine appears out of the sky and takes hold of her. Shuu tries his best to save the girl but ends up getting transported to a desert world.

31. Parallel World Pharmacy

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Diomedea

If you’re tired of all these Isekai shows having the same overdone premise with a slightly different plot then you should definitely give this show a try, it’s a wholesome isekai about medical aid in another world.

It’s a different vibe from all the other Isekai power fantasy ecchi series, you will find yourself lost in the wonderful world of Isekai pharmacy.

The world-class researcher and medical expert loses his daughter due to a tumor and dedicates his life to finding a cure so that no one else has to suffer the fate of his little girl.

However, due to his overworking habits, he soon passes away but luckily finds himself reawakened inside the body of a young body, luckily he’s part of an esteemed family that specializes in creating medicine.

32. Life with an Ordinary Guy who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: OLM Team Yoshioka

These long anime titles are getting out of hand, but you know what they say about anime with long titles, they are always amazing to watch and you don’t want to miss them.

Where one character is immensely popular with girls, he isn’t at all interested in the girls and the other who is desperate for a girlfriend can never have one.

The series follows our two main protagonists, Jinguuji who is extremely popular with girls but he isn’t interested in girls, and Tachibana who desperately wishes for a girlfriend but he can never get one.

In a moment of sadness, Tachibana wishes that he could turn into a beautiful girl and suddenly both of them are transported to a fantasy world with Tachibana as the girl.

33. Black Summoner

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: studio Satelight

There are many generic Isekai anime characters who fight for a greater goal of defending the town or defeating the demon lord and ending his reign but not this guy.

After getting a second chance at life, his only goal is to enjoy his new with the goddess who offered him rebirth. The series is filled with plenty of action and some series world-building.

A boy is summoned into another world and he is given a choice to sacrifice his previous memories for attaining more power, and as a bonus, the goddess offering him rebirth allows him to choose a companion to take along with his adventures.

He quickly chooses the goddess as he is deeply in love with her, however, to bring her physical form to the life he has to gather a huge amount of mana.

34. My Isekai Life: I gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: studio Revoroot

So, you like anime with long titles huh? Here is the longest title in the entire list and believe me when I say that you’re going to love this show because it’s simply fantastic.

We will have enough of these characters who overwork themselves to death and then get transported to another world to live a carefree adventurous life.

My Isekai Life follows the story of an average worker who overworks himself to death and wakes up to find himself in a fantasy game-like world with the lowest rank possible.

However, he discovers that he attained a second character class that allows him to tame monsters.

35. Girls Bravo

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: AIC Spirits

It’s not uncommon for boys to be a mess of social awkwardness in front of girls, but imagine being transported to a world where the entire planted is vastly populated by women.

While this may seem like a nightmare for many, our protagonist settles down and fights his awkwardness to become better at talking to girls.

Our protagonist, Kirei is a mess of social awkwardness, he has no idea how to talk to girls, and if a girl happens to touch him, he breaks down and has no idea how to react.

However, his life gets much worse when he’s suddenly transported to an invisible world orbiting the earth where the entire planet is largely populated by girls.

36. The Vision of Escaflowne

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: studio Sunrise

The vision of Escaflowne is certainly one of the old-school shows from this list, the series is popular for having realistic characters and an appealing overall world environment.

There aren’t many Isekai shows that put effort into the world-building so that makes this show a diamond in the rough, it’s a mecha fantasy series with a hint of romance.

Hitomi Kanzaki is an ordinary high school girl, one day she’s walking from school and encounters a young boy named Van Fanel fighting a vicious, he successfully manages to defeat the dragon but a blast of lighting teleports them both back to the fantasy world of Gaea.

37. Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: studio Gonzo

An Isekai anime series that features the element of cooking is a treat you don’t want to miss, and while there are plenty of other things to make this show exciting, food is the main course.

Kkuriyo: best and breakfast for spirits is a food rush anime series where the customers are spirits and the owner owes a huge debt to the ogre god, so she must repay her debt.

Aoi Tsubaki is born with the ability to see spirits, when her grandfather passes away, leaving her all alone, she’s summoned by an ogre god in a hidden realm, the ogre god tells her about her grandfather’s debt and that she must marry Oodana.

Tsubaki refuses and decides to open an eatery for the spirits to pay off her debt.

38. The Fruit of Evolution: Conquering Life Unknowingly

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: studio Hotline

There is no telling how these Isekai series will transport you to another world, how about an intercom throughout the school before they’re taken to a different world?

The possibilities are ended and the series does capitalize on that; however, there are plenty of other things that this show exciting. Fruit of Evolution is a light action, relaxed and hilarious series that you will enjoy watching.

One day a strange voice in a high school intercom orders all the students to form a pair so they can be transported to a fantasy world, and everyone makes a pair except for Seiichi.

However, Seiichi is still summoned to the new world, and everyone is summoned to fight the demon lord, Seiichi gets summoned to a faraway jungle, away from his peers.

39. Digimon

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Toei Animation

Digimon is one of those series that introduced us to the concept of getting isekai’d into a fantasy world. The series was a blast to watch and it’s still considered one of the best series to ever exist.

Digimon is a great watch for anyone wanting to watch an old-school anime, there is action, comedy, and top-tier music to hype every scene.

The snow starts falling in July and causes a strange phenomenon where a group of seven children is somehow transported inside a digital world where they meet strange creatures who call themselves digimons.

The kids befriend those creatures and try to find a way to get back home; however, things aren’t as simple as they seem.

40. The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent

Best Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio Diomedea

There can be nothing more distasteful that being isekai’d into a fantasy world to be the savior but the kingdom decides to go with the other choice and leave on your devices.

The saint’s magic power is omnipotent is a unique and intriguing series, where someone who is considered to be unimportant eventually becomes the ultimate savior.

Sei Takanashi is isekai’d into a fantasy world to protect the kingdom from the miasma surrounding it. However, she’s summoned alongside another human and she’s discarded by the king because there have never been two saints summoned.

Now stuck in this fantasy world, unable to go back to her own world, she decides to study the art of medicine and making potions.

41. Didn’t I say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?

Isekai Anime
Credit: Project No. 9

It’s nothing for an Isekai series to have a sad lead who desperately wishes for a better life. And when you’re given a second chance at life, you have to make the best of it.

Didn’t I say to make my abilities average in the next life? Is a show that heavily focuses on character development, the story progresses at a nice space so you can enjoy the series.

Living a lonely life, our protagonist wishes that she could live a different life where she could enjoy the average lifestyle and makes friends.

After losing her life in a sudden accident, she wakes up to find himself reincarnated into a different realm and when she’s given a wish. She wishes to be reborn a normal person.

42. By the Grace of the Gods

Isekai Anime
Credit: Maho Film

There are no words to describe how precious this show is, you wouldn’t find some heavy action-packed fight scenes or ecchi themes, yet it’s very captivating.

By the grace of the gods is a slow-moving anime series that really captures the beauty of its surrounding world, it’s a show that you can just sit back and enjoy.

Because of the hardships in his previous life, he gets to live once again to savor the wonders of life. He spends his early life living alone and experimenting with different kinds of slime.

One day he comes across a group of wounded adventurers and decides to heal their wounds. He is then invited to join their party and go on adventures with them.

43. The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar

Isekai Anime
Credit: EMT Squared

We’ve seen some strange teleportation incidents but this one might take the cake. Having yourself sucked into another world after you take a selfie with the shrine of the old gods is something we haven’t seen before.

The series focuses heavily on the elements of harem and ecchi to keep the series exciting; however, that makes the show feel lacking in plenty of other ways.

Our protagonist gets more than what he bargained for when he goes exploring an urban legend near an abandoned shrine. Upon taking a picture of the shrine, he’s sucked into a fantasy world.

44. The Dungeon of Black Company

Isekai Anime

If you want to get rich quickly and live an easy life that this show is perfect for you, imagine working hard in your life to earn enough to sloth way your remaining life but a strange portal swallows you into another realm.

The dungeon of black company is an exciting series where the main character plans to get rich quickly and live an easy life.

Our protagonist spends his life working and building a massive business for himself so he could sloth away his remaining life, embracing the neet lifestyle.

However, before he can enjoy the fruits of his labor, he’s sucked into a strange fantasy world where he’s forced to work as a miner, what will he do to overcome the obstacle.

45. Kemono Michi: Rise Up

Isekai Anime
Credit: studio ENGI

We’ve seen all sorts of characters isekai’d to another world but never have seen a pro-wrestler summoned into a fantasy world.

However, in this fantasy world every species of humans and animals live together in harmony, the comedy in Kemoni Michi: rise up is top-notch, there is never a dull moment.

A wrestler finds himself in a strange fantasy world during his final match against the world champion. He goes on the mission to defend the kingdom and defeating the forces of evil.

However, his goals are much different, he would rather enjoy his time taking of care of pets and caring for the half-animal people of the kingdom.

46. Dog Days

Isekai Anime
Credit: Seven Arcs Pictures

Getting isekai’d as champion into a world of furries doesn’t sound so bad. And by that, I don’t mean full-on animals but furries who resemble humans but they do have animals’ ears and tails.

The series is a blast of wholesome. And while it is all about war and strategy, wars are fought much like sports tournaments so there are no casualties.

Our story begins in the human world where the two protagonists are traveling around the world when a strike of lightning transports them into a fantasy world where humans are furry ears and tails.

47. Harem in the Labyrinth of Another World

Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio Passione

The harem theme will always be victorious no matter what genre is it competing for, their ecchi elements certainly make the series a popular choice among degenerate weebs who will drop everything to watch an episode.

The series is just a blast of fan service from start to finish, it’s the ultimate fantasy of every male anime fan who wishes they could live in a different world.

Our protagonist wakes up to find himself isekai’d inside a magical fantasy game world. After getting familiar with the game settings, he decides to venture out of town and meets a slave trader who offers him the prettiest slave for a hefty price.

48. Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar

Isekai Anime
Credit: AIC Spirits / BeSTACK

Imagines getting kidnapped and brought to a different world to assassinate the opposing crowned princess but ending up working as her attendant.

The story is captivating and shows both sides of war, always keeping you in the loop. And there is also the ecchi element for those who are interested.

Our protagonist is kidnapped from his home and brought to a strange fantasy world. There he goes on a mission to eliminate the opposing princess, but he fails horribly and gets captured.

The empress captures him and decides to make him into one of her attendants, where he learns the truth behind this whole thing and decides to help.

49. The 8th son? Are you kidding me?

Isekai Anime
Credit: SynergySP / Shin-Ei Animation

Characters born in other worlds are all given unique and interesting opportunities; however, things turn out differently when our character is borns in the family of a poor merchant as the 8th son.

His only way to achieve greatness and financial stability is to use his magical powers to find a way to provide for himself.

Our main character wakes up to find himself in the body of an infant with his previous memories intact, unfortunately, he was born the 8th son into a poor family.

So he thinks of a way to change his starving situation, he soon discovers that he has a great aptitude for magic and realizes it’s his way to live a better life.

50. Uncle from Another World

Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio AtelierPontdarc

We’ve seen all sorts of anime isekai anime with strange characters isekai’d into a completely unique world. But never have we seen those characters going back to their old world with all their magical powers.

The series is a blast to watch, every episode is another hilarious plot in the life of Ojisan and the climb of his YouTube career.

A fatal encounter with the infamous truck Kun sends the uncle into a 17-year-long coma, after waking up he finds blabbers a strange tongue that no one can understand.

And when he slowly regains his old memories, he talks about how was living in this strange fantasy world where he had magical powers.

So he decides to open a YouTube channel and make a name for himself using his magical p

owers and knowledge of the other world.

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51. Trapped in a Dating Sim

Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio ENGI

Getting trapped inside a dating sim game might not be the worst thing, but for someone who despises these sorts of games, it’s a complete nightmare.

The show is filled with plenty of hilarious moments and unexpected outcomes as that is the essence of a dating game, it’s a series you don’t want to miss.

The protagonist is blackmailed into playing and finishing a popular dating game, something he truly despises. And after hours of grinding for the best possible ending, he finally manages to complete it.

However, the next morning he founds himself trapped in a dating game, where he has to find the best possible ending if he wants to escape.

52. Demon Lord, Retry!

Isekai Anime

Players getting transported inside the game is nothing new at this point, but it’s a different story when the game creator founds himself locked inside his own creation.

And not only that, founding yourself within the avatar of the strongest character in the entire game as the demon lord.

A popular online game is about to close in a couple of hours and one of the adult workers who manage the game founds himself to be trapped inside an MMORPG game that he helped create.

However, he founds himself to be in the avatar of the strongest demon lord, so he sets out to find what causes him to teleport to this world.

53. The Eminence in Shadow

Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio Nexus

Characters are often infatuated with the thought of getting stronger for a grand goal; however, our protagonist goes through rigorous training only to blend in with other people.

He trains so that he can spend his day with his friends and destroy biker gangs in the night, but his life is cut short after he does in an accident.

The main character is someone who doesn’t fit in with others so he trains hard to earn himself a spot among his peers, all the training he does is to protect those around him.

One day while coming home, he got in an accident and dies on the spot, wishing that he could just get another chance at life. He then wakes up and finds himself reborn in a strange magical place.

54. Skeleton Knight in Another World

Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio Kai / HORNETS

The realization that you’ve been transported inside a game you used to play can send shivers down someone’s spine but that isn’t the case with our great adventures.

The show has a laid-back tone where our character slowly explores the surrounding world and goes around helping whoever he can, it’s a relaxing adventure series.

A gamer one day falls asleep while playing a game and wakes up to find himself being inside the game in the form of his skeleton avatar.

Although he freaks out a bit at first but soon continues his adventures exploring the surrounding world and helping anyone he meets along the way. When we talk about the best isekai anime, we can’t forget to mention this one on the list.

55. Knights and Magic

Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio 8bit

Knights and Magic is an interesting series with an interesting plotline, the series focuses on introducing how magic can be used in engineering to create giant mecha robots.

While there are lots of other things happening throughout the series, our main character is only infatuated with creating better and more flashy mechs for his army.

A game designer dies from overwork and wakes up in a fantasy world where is born into a prestigious family and enrolls in the magical academy where he learns about giant mechs.

He pursues his passion for building mechs to protect the kingdom, and his creations grow stronger with each generation. Consider it the best isekai anime.

56. The Faraway Paladin

Isekai Anime
Credit: Children’s Playground Entertainment

One of the few things that make this series one of the greatest is the impeccable storytelling, while it’s nothing compared to some of the other shows in this list, the faraway paladin is unique.

The series put great details into the overall world-building and focuses heavily on the character development side of things and that is something you can always appreciate.

Maryblood William G is born in a completely strange world with no recollection of his past memories, he is trained by a skeleton who teaches him how to fight for his life, the ghost teaches him the art of magic and the mummy teaches him about religion and responsibility.

He then sets out to find the truth behind his reincarnation and learn about his past life. It’s one of the most fun to watch and the best isekai anime.

57. I’m standing on a Million Lives

Isekai Anime
Credit: Maho Film

There are shows with questionable premises but this series might be one that takes the cake, there is never an explanation given as to how the characters are transported to a fantasy world.

I’m standing on a million lives is an action fantasy series with plenty of action-packed fight scenes and heartfelt moments that will make you tear up.

Yusuuke Yosuya is an average high school student; however, he doesn’t like living in Tokyo and everyone around him, he would rather live his life in a virtual game.

One day while he is staring at his two popular girls in his school, he is suddenly taken to a different world where giant monsters reside, and his quest is to free the world from these monsters.

58. Sonny Boy

Isekai Anime
Credit: Madhouse

It is always refreshing when a series focuses heavily on its character and creates an impactful story for them which further helps to develop their character.

Sonny Boy is one of those shows where you can’t help but compare your own life to these amazing characters, there are times when you’re unsure of what is right and what is wrong but you blindly follow the rules.

The story is incredibly complex in the beginning, a strange phenomenon swallows the entire school and takes them to a void-like dimension, and some kids awake supernatural abilities.

These few students try to separate themselves from the rest as they try to enforce order, these conflicts led them to question the entire set of rules.

59. Ascendance of a Bookworm

Isekai Anime
Credit: Studio Ajia-Do

The ascendance of a bookworm is a series that is all about books and knowledge. The main character loves reading books, and her desire to consume literature topples her every other desire.

The series is impressive with its storytelling, it’s an interesting premise and definitely worth watching for anyone who enjoys reading or literature.

The protagonist is a young girl who loves books more than anything. And her only dream is to become a librarian when she grows up. However, her dream is cut short after she in an accident.

Before she draws her last breath, she prays to be able to read books in her next life, she then wakes up in the body of a five-year-old girl in the medieval era when books are scarce and quite expensive but that won’t stop her.

60. Isekai Cheat Magician

 Isekai Cheat Magician60. Isekai Cheat Magician
Credit: Encourage Films

There are Isekai anime where the power system is way too broken for anyone to make sense of it. It kills the aesthetic of the series and leaves no excitement.

Isekai cheat magician is a series with incredibly powerful anime leads, so much so that it makes you feel like you’re watching comedy series with gag characters. There is very little character development and the characters honestly feel bland.

Taichi and Rin are childhood friends on their way to school when their suddenly transported to a strange magical world, before they can understand the situation they’re in, a pack of wild beasts surrounds them.

A group of adventurers saves them and take them to a nearby guild to evaluate their adventurer rankings. Turns out that both of them have incredible powers.

61. How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom
Credit: J.C.Staff

Something that most anime series ignore is the element of realism, while it can be somewhat boring sometimes if you’re someone who enjoys technical anime plots, this is perfect for you.

How a realist hero rebuilt the kingdom is one of those satisfying series to watch that will keep you engaged in the story and throughout all of it.

After losing his only family, Souma is isekai’d into a strange fantasy world. There is set in charge of fixing the world’s problems, and the king soon offers his crown to him.

Souma reviews the kingdom’s problems and tries his best to solve every problem according to his best knowledge.

62. I’ve been Killing Slimes for 300 years

I’ve been Killing Slimes for 300 years
Credit: Studio Rvoroot

Something you just want to watch a relaxing anime series with light action and some adventure, and this show is all about just living a safe and carefree life without having to worry about trivial matters.

I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years is a laid-back fantasy Isekai anime series that you don’t want to miss, it’s an interesting show with lots of friendly characters and wholesome plots.

A normal salary woman overworks herself to death and when god offers her a second chance at life, she only wishes for a peaceful long life where she doesn’t have to do anything difficult.

She ultimately ends up becoming a witch to the townspeople and helping them, however, she can until warriors from other realms try and defeat her in battle.

63. Combatants Will be Dispatched

Combatants Will be Dispatched
Credit: J.C.Staff

Have you wondered what would happen if the Isekai’d characters were evil, I mean what if they don’t follow the set rules to become great adventurers or help the town’s people but instead steal from them and hurt them?

The premise of the series is quite unique and interesting, the system rewards our protagonist if they are mean to others so doing bad deeds may be evil, but not in this world.

A large of plants in the distance is overrun by an evil organization that plans on taking control of other planets in their solar system and two agents from this organization are sent to a faraway planet.

Their only goal is to set up a teleportation device between these two worlds so they can request reinforcement and take over this world.

64. Outbreak Company

Outbreak Company
Credit: Studio feel.

There might never be a series like this, Outbreak Company is the king of anime references. Every show is full of with some sort of anime references to make you engage with the series.

The series explores what it’s like to live the otaku dream and what are the things that we all remember from our childhood anime shows, it’s also a perfect blend of comedy and fantasy.

Shinichi Kanou is the ultimate otaku shut-in. She decides to abandon his life of misery and ventures out to apply for a job in the real world. However, the job he applies for is a ruse, and someone kidnaps her and takes her to a strange fantasy world as earth’s ambassador.

However, lucky for him, his job in this realm is to spread the otaku culture to all corners of the world.

65. So I’m a Spider, So What?

 So I’m a Spider, So What?
Credit: Studio Milipensee

There is no stop to these anime characters from being Isekai to another world but that’s not all, now these characters are turning into insects and slimeballs, maybe this is the Isekai evolution.

Something that really captivated me to watch the series was the game-like RPG elements where the character can hunt and evolve into stronger beings.

Everything is as normal as it can be until a catastrophe strikes the school and kills every student within, a few students are lucky enough to reincarnate as nobles in another world; however, that isn’t the case for everyone.

Our protagonist, Kumiko reincarnates as the weakest kind of spider. But she doesn’t let this get in her back, she discovers that she can grow strong by defeating low-level monsters.

66. Isekai Quartet

 Isekai Quartet
Credit: Studio PuYUKAI

I’m sure you ever wondered what would happen if gather all the people from all the Isekai anime shows into one room! What would happen.

Well now you have your answer, we have super analytical and overpowered characters like Ainz Ooal Gown. And some tragic characters like Subaru along with Kazuma, the gender equality ambassador.

The characters from different Isekai worlds find a mysterious red button. That if you press, you will be isekai’d to a completely unfamiliar world.

The already isekai’d protagonist can’t hold back their curiosity and end up pressing the big red button. And all of them find themselves in a strange world where they can meet and chill together.

67. The Boy and the Beast

 The Boy and the Beast
Credit: Studio Chizu

The boy and the Beast is a series that makes you fall in love with it, the story is just wonderful and the whole setting reminds you of a Studio Ghibli movie.

There are times when the flawless animation amazes you and the path the story is breathtaking. It’s about accepting your past and moving and learning to forgive others.

After the only person who cared for Young Ren dies in an accident, Ren escapes into the streets of Shibuya and while wandering the confusing streets, he ends up entering the mystical realm of Shibutam where he meets Kumatetsu.

Kumatetsu takes the young boy in and decides to tutor him in the ways of martial arts so that he may take his place someday.

68. Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG

Full Dive: The Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG
Credit: Studio ENGI

Have you ever wanted to play a super realistic MMORPG, well it sounds awesome. But you wouldn’t want anything like that for yourself. The whole point of playing video games is to escape reality.

There are times when the series gets extremely chaotic, and you don’t know what is going to happen. All your actions have consequences and you have to rethink your every move.

The protagonist is a former athlete. He decided to quit his professional career after embarrassing himself in front of all the scouts from universities.

The boy takes a dive into the world of full dive games to escape his sad reality. There, he comes across an ultra-realistic game that isn’t only realistic but also has consequences.

69. Infinite Dendrogram

 Infinite Dendrogram
Credit: Studio NAZ

You could call this series a major copy of SAO or any of the other popular Isekai game series. And you wouldn’t be wrong because this show literally feels like it’s parts of many popular ones.

You would expect a series like this to perform well but it really doesn’t land anywhere. And while the animation quality is decent, that’s all it has going for it.

Dendrogram is the newest full-dive MMORPG that is able to completely simulate the five senses. It makes it the ultimate choice for all gamers.

The protagonist, Reiji Mukudori is finally able to get his hands on this game. He decides to dive in to play with his friends. On their adventures he encounters something hidden from the rest of the world and decides to investigate it.

70. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero
Credit: Studio Arms

Aesthetica of a rogue hero is a series that has an overpowered protagonist. His abilities are unbeatable by those around him and he is quite brooding when it comes to other people.

It’s a fantasy ecchi series and that’s what it goes for, and that’s what more people remember about it. Because while there is a story, they hardly go into detail explaining it.

A powerful lets go of his peaceful life in the fantasy world for gifted people. He embarks on a quest to defeat the demon lord and ends up coming back with the demon lord’s daughter.

The two of them end up joining an academy for gifted people who have magical powers.

71. Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun

 Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-Kun
Credit: Banda Namco Pictures

The tragic story of Suzuki Iruma doesn’t end with sadness, although the series does follow a generic unfunny plotline. That shouldn’t stop you from watching this amazing show.

The series feels lacking in the first few episodes, but it picks up the pace and sucks you into its world of madness, so much so that you can’t wait to watch the next episodes.

After his family abandons him and sells him to a demon family. Iruma continues his life in a strange fantasy world under the guidance of his new demon master. He treats him as his own grandchild.

Iruma must join the demon school. And although he tries to keep a low profile, trouble seems to always find him no matter what.

72. The World’s Finest Assassin

The World’s Finest Assassin
Credit: SILVER LINK / Studio Palette

Plenty of anime series try to achieve what the world’s finest assassin achieved in a few weeks. The series was famous for its impeccable storyline, flawless animation, and great character development.

What makes this show great is that there are no teen cliches. The pacing of the show is nice and feels natural plus the characters are just impressive.

An experience hitman finishes his duty. But his company gives him one last mission and wants him to get to a place. However, this wasn’t just another mission, he was eliminated after his duty was complete.

Being unable to do anything, he calmly accepts his fate. And before he loses consciousness, a voice pulls him toward a magical realm where he meets a strange goddess. She offers him another chance at life but only if he fulfills her request.

73. Death March to a Parallel world

Death March to a Parallel world
Credit: SILVER LINK / Connect

Having adult characters getting reincarnated into another is always a treat. It’s great because there are no usual anime cliches to make the series feel repetitive.

Death march to a parallel world is a fantastic series with a somewhat enjoyable theme of unique plots and likable characters. Although the harem theme just makes it another generic anime.

The protagonist of the series is a game designer who dies due to overwork. He finds himself awake inside a magical fantasy world. And before he can understand what is happening, an army of monsters surrounds him.

He sees through his abilities and casts a magical spell that not only kills everything living creature in sight but maximizes his stats.

74. In Another World with my Smartphone

In Another World with my Smartphone
Credit: Production Reed

There are lots of generic Isekai anime out there but in another world with my smartphone has the most popular one. The title alone is immensely popular within the anime community.

The series takes the concept of overpowered and give it a unique twist for you all fans to complain about. The series has a somewhat similar theme and follows the same path as others.

God accidentally sends down a thunderbolt and kills an average teenage boy. To atone for his actions, god offers the young boy a chance to relive his life in a fantasy world with a unique power.

So he continues his new life into a fantasy with his overpowered cellphone that can do basically anything.

75. Philosopher’s Grandson

 Philosopher’s Grandson

If you ever wanted to see a more generic Isekai anime with a somewhat lacking but definitely interesting story. You should check out philosopher’s grandson. The series is a great watch with plenty of comedic elements to keep you captivated.

It’s a light action comedy series with a hint of romance to keep things exciting. The series was quite popular when it came out because of its beautiful animation.

Shin Wolford was an average salaryman in his past life. He gets a second chance at life into the strange fantasy world. He displays a talent for magic and combat from a young age and begins training.

Years go by and all he’s left with is his masterful combat skills. He enrolls in an academy to learn more about magic.

76. Drifters

Credit: Hoods Drifters Studio

Drifters is one of the most hyped series with a great focus on historical figures and the concept of war. The show is famous for being ruthless and not holding back when it comes to gore.

The series does a great job of covering all elements of war and strategy, including the immoral acts done during the aftermath. It can certainly be a bit much for certain anime fans and that’s why this show isn’t for everyone.

Historical figures, especially fighters and strategists from different Eras are iseaki’d into a strange sandbox setting. There the two sides battle against each other.

The army of the demon lord has taken over this land. And it is up to these fighters to defeat him and free the world from his clutches. 

77. The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero
Credit: J.C.Staff

The Familiar of Zero is a memorable isekai anime series with plenty of heartfelt and exciting moments to remember. The show has such a laid-back vibe to it that you can just sit back and enjoy it.

It’s one of those series you need to watch if you’re trying to learn more about the Isekai genre. The series has some original magical concepts set in an incredibly detailed world.

The series follows Louise Le Blanc, she’s a self-absorbed mage. She is unable to control her own magical powers. Ultimately leading her to earn the nickname Louise the Zero.

One day while performing a summoning ritual, she accidentally summons a young boy from another world. But little does she know, that boy bears the mark of a great and powerful familiar.

78. Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There

 Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There
Credit: A-1 Pictures

Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought there is one of the more realistic Isekai anime series. It answers the question of how is it possible for someone to willingly enter and leave the Isekai world.

The plot for the series is simply refreshing. There are many elements that will invoke your inner otaku and make you excited about the story. The show is every otaku’s fantasy.

Youji Itami is a former military personnel and a hardcore Otaku. He’s off from duty because he decided to pursue a different career. However, when a portal to a strange dimension opens. Then the higher ups calls him back to duty.

His duty takes him into the fantasy realm. There he has plenty of interesting characters and learns more about this unique world.

79. Saga of Tanya the Evil

 Saga of Tanya the Evil
Credit: Studio Nut

There is nothing more exciting than an isekai that is all about war and not some generic fantasy land where adventurers explore the surroundings and hunt monsters.

The saga of Tanya the Evil is one of the most chaotic isekai anime series that you will ever see. Every episode has action scenes that will leave you wanting more and guessing at every turn.

An adult management consultant usually takes care of the company’s budgets and fires people. One day he while he is waiting for a train to come by, an unknown entity pushes him onto the track.

During his last moments, he hears a strange voice inviting him for a second chance at life and he reluctantly accepts. He then finds himself reborn into a historical era of war but the technology is far more advanced.

80. Jobless Reincarnation

 Jobless Reincarnation
Credit: Studio Bind

If you’ve wondered which anime Isekai series stands atop all the generic isekai anime copies, you will be more than excited to watch Jobless Reincarnation.

The premise for the series is somewhat similar. However, the execution takes the cake from all others. The series is impeccable with it’s overall and the storytelling is simply incredible, not the mention the characters are so well-written.

A 31-year-old neet is kicked out from his apartment following the death of his mother. He then wanders the streets and founds a young girl about the run over by a speeding truck. Then, he uses his strength and protects the girl and ultimately loses his own life.

Later, he wakes up and finds himself inside the arms of a young woman. He then realizes that he’s reborn into a magical fantasy world, so he wastes no time and learns everything there is about magic.

81. That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime
Credit: Studio 8bit

If you’re looking for an adventure anime series, there is nothing I would suggest more than the adventures of a certain overpowered and lovable slimeball running his own kingdom.

TENSURA is one of the most adventurous and exciting anime series you will ever see. The story and the plots are interesting, the characters are unique and the comedy is top-notch.

One day a normal salaryman dies during a robbery. And he uses his last breath to tell his friend to remove his browser’s history.

Before he completely loses consciousness, he hears a strange voice inviting him into a strange fantasy world. He wakes up to find him turned into a slime and he continues to wander the cave. He comes across a massive dragon and befriends him.

82. Problem Children are Coming from Another World

Problem Children are Coming from Another World
Credit: Diomedea

People often say the longer titles make for an interesting anime. And that is the case for this fantastic anime series. There is hardly a moment when you’re not excited by the animation.

The premise for the show is interesting, and the characters are what makes this show great. Their unique powers are exciting and every fight scene feels powerful.

Children from the human realm need to take care of the problems of the magical realm. Demon lords rule over the kingdom and it is upon our young heroes to protect it.

These special children have unique and powerful psychic abilities. They help them fight against even the strongest demon lord general and defeat them without breaking a sweat.

83. The Rising of the Shield Hero

 The Rising of the Shield Hero
Credit: Kinema Citrus

Rising of the shield hero is one of those Isekai anime series that really shook the anime community. Even from the first episode that series managed to separate itself from thousands of other generic anime.

The series is the perfect story of an underdog rising to power all on his own. And taking back what was originally his’. And there is nothing more satisfying than a revenge story.

Four legendary heroes find themselves into a strange fantasy world. There calamities destroy the entire world. And they have to gather help to protect this land.

However, while all four heroes are isekai’d. The kingdom looks down upon the Shield Hero, treating him as an outsider and driving him out of their kingdom.

84. Arifureta

Credit: asread / White Fox

Arifureta is an amazing series showing the struggle of a fallen hero, although the series has some ecchi elements. It still does a great job with the action-packed fight scenes.

However, most of all the series is about never giving up and moving forward no matter how many obstacles block your path. There are simply many things to love about this show.

The story follows a fantastic plot where a few classmates are magically isekai’d to a strange fantasy world. And there all of the others have unique powers, Hajime ends up with weak and useless spells.

One day on their adventures, his friends betray Hajime and push him deep into an abyss. There he finds monstrous creatures lurking in every corner and also where he meets a loli vampire.

85. Recovery of an MMO Junkie

Recovery of an MMO Junkie
Credit: Studio Signal.MD

People often escape to the online world when the real-world troubles feel a bit much and that is the gist of this wonderful series. Although it’s a just fuzzy romantic game isekai, there is so much more to it.

The series shows us how real life can affect us in a way that we feel trapped within ourselves. And sometimes you just need a break from everything.

The story follows a working-salary woman. She’s had enough of her job and decides to embrace the NEET life. She gets herself a new computer to play a popular online game where she meets plenty of new people.

She soon meets people who help her come out of her shell. And she begins to accept her past and move on. It’s simply the best isekai anime.

86. Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to Another World

Restaurant to another world is a warm and fuzzy anime series that relates to combines food with fantasy. The series continues to wow the fans with each new episode, slowly progressing the story.

Something that makes the series great is that you don’t have to pay much attention to the dialogue. The animation speaks for itself and that is just amazing.

Restaurant Nekoya is a gateway to other realms and worlds. People from different Eras can visit the beautiful restaurant and enjoy the modern delicacies they can’t get anywhere else.

The story is of a demon girl who recently loses her job because she’s a demon. With no place to sleep or work, she finds a mysterious door that leads to an otherworldly restaurant. It’s one of the most intriguing and sweet among the best isekai anime on this list.

87. My Next Life as a Villainess

My Next Life as a Villainess

Light novel games are quite popular in the Japanese gaming community. These light novel games infatuate plenty of otaku where your decisions can lead to a different ending.

And that is the plot of my next life as a villainess. The series is full off all sorts of hilarious plots with each action leading to a completely different and unique ending.

The main heroine regains her memories inside a lover’s game she used to play. There she figures out a way to find a good ending for herself.

However, the only problem is that she’s the villainess in that story. And no matter what path she chooses, she ends up in a bad spot.

88. Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority
Credit: Studio CloverWorks

A series that Wonder Egg Priority only comes once a year. Te series doesn’t make much sense in the beginning, and the entire concept of entering dreams to fight monsters feels lacking in a way.

However, as we keep watching, we understand what those dreams truly mean. And what purpose these girls serve as the guardians battling the monsters.

This tragic tale follows Ohto Ai a normal high school girl. She stopped going to school after her close friend committed suicide. She sometimes escapes into a dream world. There she fights the monster and protects others.

She soon meets others like her and starts meeting them in real life. Her empty and boring real life soon becomes lively. It’s one of the most intriguing among the best isekai anime on this list.



The premise of the series is exactly what you’d expect from a comedy game isekai series. Although the series is severely lacking when it comes to game mechanics and detail.

There is no denying the series is entertaining. The goofy concept of putting all your stat points into defense is hilarious. And the series is full of plenty of interesting plots and cool funny game mechanics.

The series follows a teenage girl who isn’t that interested in video games. But finally decides to enter a full-dive RPG after talking with her friend. She is clueless about how to play the game or what to do.

And when she has to use her stat points, she puts them all into defense so she wouldn’t get hurt. She ends up becoming a powerful tank that is immune to basically everything.

90. Accel World

Accel World
Credit: Studio Sunrise

One of the more well-done games Isekai is Accel World, the overall world-building and the mechanics give an amazing cyber world vibe.

Some would say the series almost push the concept a bit further. Certain elements of this augmented reality game almost feel unreal but it certainly makes the series more exciting.

Arita is a social outcast in his school, he spends most of his time playing online games and making new high scores. However, his life turns upside down when he sees that the vice president of his school all his high scores.

He then receives an invitation from the vice president. He introduces him to brain burst, a program that only enhances your gaming performance. But also works as an augmented reality game where players battle against each other in their fancy avatars. You will surely find it the best isekai anime.

91. Log Horizon

 Log Horizon
Credit: Studio Satelight

Log Horizon is perhaps one of the most realistic games Isekai anime out there. The series heavily focuses on the elements of an MMORPG and put detail before flash which is something not many shows do.

Although there are moments when the series get a bit too technical. And it’s hard to keep track of what is going on but it’s nothing out of the ordinary for hardcore gamers.

Our protagonist along with thousands of other players suddenly found themselves inside a video game. They had no idea of how they got there or what they can do to get out. Later, they began exploring the world for any possible lead.

Then they continually learn more about this fantasy world and solve mysteries to better understand their situation. Guys, it’s one of the most fun to watch and the best isekai anime.

92. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online
Credit: A-1 Pictures

For many people, Sword Art Online is a phenomenal series. It was a gateway for many of us fans who dreamed of one day being isekai’d inside a video game.

SAO was one of the first series that introduced us to the concept of a game Isekai. The series is famous for its all sorts of game mechanics for all those MMO fans out there.

The show is a rollercoaster of emotions with all those action-packed fight scenes. There our characters fight for their lives against all odds, there is never a boring moment.

The anime opens with the grand opening of the newest full-dive game “Sword Art Online”. A total of 10,000 copies are sold and players from all across Japan experience it firsthand.

Everything goes well before all the players hear a shocking revelation. They’re stuck inside the game and unable to log out. The only way for them to escape is to finish the game.

93. Cautious Hero

Cautious Hero
Credit: White Fox

We’ve seen boastful heroes who don’t waste any time training and rushing to fight the next battle. But not this guy. Seiya is a cautious hero and for a good reason. He trains hard and overpowers every obstacle standing in his way.

Cautious hero is a comedy series with plenty of hilarious and funny moments to make you laugh. The series is also full of some amazing action fight scenes, emotional turmoil, and a bit of romance.

The series follows Ristarte a useless goddess. She is on a mission to clear an S-ranked world and save from the clutches of monsters. And she can summon one hero to help her achieve this goal.

Upon looking through the list of candidates. She comes across a powerful hero who just might be strong enough to help her clear the world. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most entertaining and the best isekai anime.

94. Overlord

Credit: Studio Madhouse

There will probably never be a better strategic power-fantasy series with an overpowered lead. There are so many things that make this is one of the most amazing and the best sekai anime out there. Overlord is a show you don’t wanna miss.

The series is a delightful treat to anyone who enjoys anime series with an overpowered lead. And although the series does look like a generic Isekai on the surface. Nothing even comes close to the among of detail put into it.

The series’ protagonist is enjoying his last moment inside the popular Yggdrasil game before the servers eventually close. He falls asleep while playing the game and wakes up to find himself teleported inside the game.

Although he is shocked at this revelation, he soon sets out to find the secrets that lie in this fantasy world.

95. How Not to Summon a Demon Lord

 How Not to Summon a Demon Lord
Credit: Studio Ajia-Do

It’s almost like the concept of getting isekai’d inside a gameworld is never going to get old. In-fact plenty of shows are now adding their own twist to make this genre feel exciting.

The basic elements of a game are easier to understand and make for an interesting plot, like how the entire plot would’ve been different if Diablo wasn’t wearing his magical ring.

The protagonist of the series one day finds himself inside a fantasy world that closely resembles his game. He is isekai’d with his in-game avatar and is familiar with most of the mechanics.

The two mages who summoned him were trying to enslave the demon lord but his reflective magical ring turned the spell against them and they both ended up being his slave. It the best isekai anime if you like action, fantasy, and comedy.

96. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

 Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash
Credit: A-1 Pictures

Grimgar is a relaxing, light-action adventure series that will make you fall in love with the Isekai genre. Although the premise is somewhat similar to other shows, there is something about the overall setting that sucks you in.

It’s quite a realistic to approach to showing how would a normal person react if they found themselves in a strange world with no clue about how things work.

The story follows our main characters, who are one day wake up in a strange fantasy world along with plenty of others. But they don’t know anything about how this world works.

Something that truly gives this series a unique feeling is how everything feels so realistic. There is no over-the-top action or strange fights, and everyone is fighting to survive. It the best isekai anime if you like fantasy, and adventure.

97. Devil is a Part-Timer!

Devil is a Part-Timer!
Credit: Studio White Fox

There are plenty of series where normal humans are isekai’d into a completely different fantasy world with magical powers and mythical beasts. But this series is different.

It’s kind of the reverse with a demon lord coming to the human realm and earning money while working at the local Mcdonald’s. The second season recently came out and you guys should give it a watch.

The story follows an evil demon lord in a fantasy world. He after losing his fight with the hero. He manages to escape into the realm of humans and start his new life working at mcdonald’s.

However, his life isn’t as boring as you might think. He’s living in a small one-room apartment with his former demon genera who is also great at doing house chores. Don’t forget to watch it as it’s the best isekai anime.

98. Konosuba

Credit: Studio Deen

If you love laughing and over-the-top comedy series, there is nothing more amazing than Konosuba. The series is a blast to watch with plenty of hilarious plots and with even hilarious characters.

There are oftentimes you’ll forget if this is even an Isekai fantasy series. The characters are very much relatable and likable with their own unique and somewhat weird personalities.

Kazuma Satou is the protagonist of the series but you might know him as the gender equality guy from the memes. He appears before the goddess Aqua who makes fun of him after he dies a somewhat hilarious death while trying to save someone.

He’s gets a new chance at life and thus needs to bring one magical item with him that will help his cause. But having none of the goddess’ mockery, he takes her down with him. Trust me, it’s one of the best isekai anime.

99. Re:Zero Starting life in another world

 Re:Zero Starting life in another world
Credit: Studio White Fox

Re:Zero is a series that looks all sweet and innocent on the surface but it’s very dark when you watch it. The series doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing the dark side of things.

The simple story of someone going into another world is a lot more complex the more you watch it. There are supernatural things at play that orchestrate the whole thing.

The protagonist, Subaru Natsuki is one day isekai’d to another world. It happens soon after he finishes his shopping at the nearest convenience store. He’s finds himself in a fantasy world where humans and beasts coexist.

However, that’s not all, he soon learns he has the ability to return back in time every time he dies. It is very similar to a checkpoint mechanic in a game. Re: Zero is famous as one of the best isekai anime that will force you to rewatch it again and again.

100. No Game No Life

No Game No Life
Credit: Studio Madhouse

Hands down the best series that made everyone fall in love with the concept of finding themselves to another world. It was indeed the fantasy of every gamer and anime fan.

The story was definitely intriguing. The two main characters famous for their extensive gaming knowledge and superior skills find themselves in another world where games decide everything.

The plot twists in every episode were exciting and unique. Everyone is trying to outsmart each other by exploiting the game rules or simply playing mind games.

The art style is what truly makes the show most memorable, everything is bright and colorful, and it’s captivating.

Overall the series is iconic and among the most loveable series of all time. Too bad there isn’t a second season coming.

I hope you liked this list of some of the most amazing and popular Isekai anime of all time. If you feel like I missed even a single show. Please let me know in the comments. Indeed, it’s one of the best isekai anime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Isekai anime protagonist is the strongest?

Although there are all sorts of overpowered characters ranging from humans to gods. However, if I have to choose one, I’d say Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord is the strongest anime character.

Why is the Isekai genre getting more popular every year?

The simple concept of isekai’d to another world is fascinating. Most people want to go to a fantasy world.

Which isekai has an overpowered MC?

There are a lot of isekai anime with an overpowered MC. Saga Of Tanya The Evil, and How Not To Summon A Demon lord are popular.


Finally, we are done with the long list of best Isekai anime. They are the ones that I enjoyed watching and I am sure you will enjoy them too. Some of them will make you laugh, and some will give you tears. So do not forget to update me about your watching experience later. Let’s a have a short discussion in the comments below.

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