Villainess Level 99 Anime Promo Video Reveal Premiere Date & More

Villainess Level 99 anime is one of the most awaited isekai fantasy. Light novel readers are already familiar with its charm. Now, it’s time for the anime to spellbound the viewers with the same charm. 

Shoujo romance light novels always hit differently and the same goes for this one. Reading such amazing stories simply waters our delusions and makes us happy. Fans absolutely love the idea of such stories getting an anime adaptation. 

The good news is the wait is almost going to be over. The details regarding the release window and the theme song details are out. We already knew that the anime is for the winter anime season, and now we know exactly when to watch it.

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Villainess Level 99 Anime Release Date and More

villainess level 99 anime key visual

Credit: Crunchyroll

Any guesses about the anime debut? Well, be glad the next year is all set to amaze us with a BANG! January 9, 2024 is the day my fellas so mark your calendars for that. The news came with a character trailer. 

The voice cast, the character designs, and the animation meets our expectations well. Thanks to the chief animation director, the character designer, and Jumondo studios for doing a wonderful job in bringing the characters to life. In fact, the efforts of the whole animation production team are visible.

All the key visuals look fabulous with the right art and colors. A lot of information is out regarding the anime. The teaser trailers, and the teaser visuals also introduced a new character which is simply making us even more excited. Thus in the cast details, a new cast member announcement came to light.

We are absolutely in awe after watching the latest trailer with the dark, spooky and cool opening theme. The music composer has done a wonderful job. Myth & Roid singer Mayu Maeshima has beautifully lent her vocals to the anime. The music and lyrics have made the narrative more clear. 

It has added emotions and depth to the overall story.  All the promotional videos have made the fans super excited and it has become even harder to wait.

Villainess Level 99 Anime Plot

Eumiella Dolkness is the female lead and the main focus of the story. She is a gorgeous girl who has jet black hair and thus people hate her. Dark black hair is not likable and is hated for countless reasons. 

The female lead had a previous life where she was an anti-social college student and an introverted gamer. The realization that this life is the second life changes her in many ways. The more she wants to live a simple and quiet life, the more she finds herself in a mess. She is extremely talented and her powers are extraordinary. Unfortunately, her unexpected powers give people the wrong idea that she is the demon lord. 

Maybe her dream to live a simple life won’t be that easy!

Fans’ Reaction

Fans love the idea of Villainess who are the protagonists. The fact that these villainesses are cute makes the story interesting. Fans are finally happy because they have been waiting for this one to get an anime for a long time. 

Majority of the fans liked its manga more than the light novel. Thus they hope that the anime gets the manga adaptation rather than the light novel. Let’s see if the anime follows the manga format or not. Anime with Villainess themes are fan favorites. Thanks to the creators for introducing us with such phenomenal stories. 

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Where can I watch villainess anime?

As usual, Crunchyroll sensei is there for us to entertain us with our favorite anime!

Is Isekai a genre?

Yes, Isekai is a genre

Are there any villainess animes?

Yes, there are and the famous one is “My Next Life As A Villainess”.


Thankfully, only a few days are left to watch our favorite Villainess 99 anime on big screens. Let’s see how the anime unfolds and we hope it will be the same as the manga. The coming year is definitely going to be epic for the anime fandom!

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