Top 10 Upcoming Anime Of 2024

This year was a blast for anime lovers, as we have enjoyed some epic stories. Nothing is less for the coming years. The upcoming anime of 2024 makes it harder for us to wait. There is a lot of anime in line to hit the screens and smash them. Not much time is left for 2024, and we are all set to see what the anime industry has in store for us. 

A number of novels and manga are getting anime adaptations. However, we will discuss the most awaited and the top ten upcoming anime of 2024. Some of the entries were extremely awaited as fans were waiting for years to watch. So, let’s dive in!

10. The Witch And The Beast Anime

The Witch And The Beast cover upcoming anime 2024

Credit: Crunchyroll

The Witch and The Beast is an action and dark fantasy anime. So get ready for some magic, action, and mystery. Guideau is the female lead who has a deep hatred for witches. She is in search of a witch to complete her mysterious task. 

On the other hand, we have Ashaf, a mage who follows Guideau to stop her from being violent. The duo journeys to a place ruled by a witch. People of the area believe that the witch is their Hero. However, the duo believes that witches can never be heroes as they always bring chaos. 

The anime looks interesting. Let’s wait to watch how the story unfolds later! 

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9. Mashle Season 2

9. Mashle Season 2 cover upcoming anime 2024

Credit: Crunchyroll

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is one of the most enjoyed anime of this year. It kept the fans intrigued throughout. Season one was received extremely well in the anime community. The good news is the creators didn’t make us wait longer. The 2nd season is about to hit the screens in 2024.  

Mashle introduces us to Magic and Muscles. Our protagonist is Mash Burnedead, residing in a world where individuals wield magical powers. Those deprived of powers are an outcast like Mash. Our Hero is special; though he lacks magical powers, he has some mind-blowing strength. When the higher-ups learn about his lack of magical powers, they give him an ultimatum. 

Now, Mash must prove himself to be a divine visionary if he doesn’t want to be terminated from society.

8. Fluffy Paradise Anime

Fluffy Paradise

Credit: Crunchyroll

Trust me, this anime is destined to be a fan favorite. Wondering why? Because the cute fluffy animals are there to win our hearts. The anime’s aesthetics are on point, and the characters are cute enough to make us fall in love. Nefertima is the female lead who gets a chance to restart her life in a new world.

She was born with a special ability, and thanks to that power, all beings love her except humans. Yes, apart from humans, she is friends with all beings, including animals, holy beasts, and a lot more. The story revolves around her and her friendships with animals. 

7. Atri: My Dear Moments Anime

 Atri: My Dear Moments cover

Credit: Crunchyroll

Get ready for some drama and romance! Atri is going to be one of the most entertaining upcoming anime of 2024. The story introduces us to a city half swallowed in water after the sea level rises enough to cause huge damage. 

Ikaruga Natuski lost a lot in an accident that left him with one leg Life has become even tougher for him as he is burdened with the debts of his oceanologist grandmother. On the advice of the debt collector, he starts his mission to find the ruins of his grandmother’s lab. Wondering what’s special about the lab? 

It’s believed that there might be treasure hidden deep down. Thus, he starts his journey towards the bottom of the sea only to find a mysterious robotic girl. For anyone, it would be hard to believe that she is not a human, as she knows all the emotions. The charming love story begins when the beautiful girl vows to support the boy through thick and thin.

6. A Sign Of Affection Anime

A Sign Of Affection cover

Credit: Crunchyroll

If you are a shoujo lover, then add this anime to your list of best romance anime ASAP. Yuki Itose is our beautiful girl whose hearing is impaired. She lacks the gift of hearing. Thus, she is not very interactive and stays in her own space. 

Rin is her only friend, and she likes her time with her. One day, love knocks on her door when she crosses paths with a handsome silver-haired boy. He was Nagi Itsuomi, the friend of Rin. Unlike typical people, Nagi didn’t let Yuki feel insecure and treated her the same way he treated her. 

The kind treatment left an everlasting impression on Yuki’s heart, and she started missing his presence. The story continues to bring the duo closer, so get ready for some sweet and cute moments. 

5. Shaman King Flowers Anime

Shaman King Flowers cover

Credit: Crunchyroll

If you have watched Shaman King and loved Asakura You’s journey, then you will love this one. Please note that Shaman King Flowers is not the sequel of SK. In fact, it’s the anime adaptation of SKF manga. The story will focus on Hana, the son of Anna and You. 

Hana’s boring life took a 90-degree turn when his family started a fight with him. Family situations worsen, but that’s what makes the story spellbinding. The trailer makes it clear that the anime will be worth the wait. 

With the animation, character design, and visuals, everything looks perfect. Thanks to Studio Bind for animating the anime perfectly. The anime is scheduled to premiere on January 9th.

4. Blue Exorcist: Shimane illuminate Saga Anime

Blue Exorcist: Shimane illuminate Saga upcoming anime 2024

Credit: Crunchyroll

Blue Exorcist is one of the best shounen anime of all time. It’s a pure entertainer, and its last two seasons kept the viewers thrilled throughout. Anticipate a continuation of the same in the upcoming season. The story unfolds with Rin Okumura, the son of Satan.

Unable to enter the human realm, Satan sends his son in his place in the hopes of using him to take over humanity in the future. Rin grew up contradictory to his expectations and respects humans. To stand against the Demon Lord, aka his father, he vows to become strong enough to defeat him.

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3. Classroom Of The Elite 3rd Season 

Classroom Of The Elite 3rd Season 

Credit: Crunchryoll

This one is another fan-favorite anime that Otaku has been addicted to since 2017. Hearing the news of its arrival was no less than a blessing for weebs. It’s the kind of anime that takes its time before returning with a new anime season.

Season one came in 2017, and after a wait of 5 years, the second season came in 2022. Thankfully, the creators this time didn’t make us wait for longer as it returned after 2 years. It’s absolutely fun to watch the student lives of Koudo Ikusei High School. Apparently, it is an ordinary high school, but behind the curtains, a lot happens. 

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji is the mastermind, and watching him excel through every task is a visual treat. The plot continues to intrigue the audience with numerous twists and turns. Let’s wait to watch what Season 3 brings!

2. Chained Soldier Anime

Chained Soldier

Credit: Crunchyroll

There are not many anime where we see Women with immense powers fighting off the monsters. If you were waiting to see women in action, be glad Chained Soldier is all about girl power. 

The gates to multiple dimensions proved to be chaotic but also beneficial. Where it introduced monsters, it also led to the discovery of Peaches, a source of powers. Thanks to them, women became stronger than ever. The higher-ups create an anti-demon corps for these magical girls to join.

Yuuki Wakura is a high school student who found himself trapped in an entrance. He got lucky as the female lead, Kyouka Uzen, saved him in time. She offers the boy to join the anti-demon corps in order to help her with the tasks by serving as a slave. It’s an action fantasy anime with an ecchi theme, so hold your seat belt tight for a roller coaster of emotions.

1. Solo Leveling Anime

Solo Leveling upcoming anime 2024

Credit: Crunchyroll

It had to be on the top. Fans are extremely delighted to know that their favorite comic adaptation is hitting the screens soon. Solo Leveling Manhwa brought a storm in the comic industry. Fans loved every bit of it, especially its art, plot, and Hero’s character development. 

Crunchyroll confirmed in July 2022 that Solo Leveling will be getting an anime adaptation. It’s almost one and a half years, and finally, our wishes are getting fulfilled. 

Solo Leveling takes us into a world transformed by the sudden emergence of a mysterious gate. The gate introduced magic and monsters to humans who had no powers. But as soon as the chaos began, humans were bestowed with superpowers. Everyone has fantastic powers except our protagonist, Sung Jin Woo. 

Nevertheless, he persevered, and that’s when things began to take a turn for him.

From being a low-ranked Hunter, he becomes the top-ranked, and Solo leveling is all about his level up. The story, the art, and the animation look mind-blowing from the teaser trailer. Indeed, it’s worthy of being on the top of the list of top 10 upcoming anime of 2024. 


Is anime still growing?

The Anime Industry has, is, and will continue to grow in the future. Thanks to the Japanese creators for presenting us with epic stories.

What anime has 7000 episodes?

Sazae San has more than 7k episodes.

What are the 3 biggest anime of all time?

Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are famous as the Big 3 anime.


The Top 10 upcoming anime of 2024 are going to be entertaining, and we already know why. The stories of all these upcoming anime series are spellbinding. We want to watch them already. Comment your favorite anime from the list and why you are waiting for them! For frequent anime updates, stay tuned!

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