Top 10 Epic Big Three Anime Battles

Epic Big three Anime Battles

Absolutely no one can call oneself a true otaku without watching the BIG 3. In fact, the Big Three are the ones that introduce people to the world of anime 90% of the time. Big three Anime battles are the ones that one wishes to rewatch every single day. I bet Weebs can relate to it better than anyone else.

Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are the love of our lives. We have spent most of our time watching anime. The thrill and entertainment they provide can never be replaced. There are countless top anime, and they are so good, but NOTHING would ever be able to beat the BIG 3.

Today’s list will be all about the epic big three anime battles. You can watch them anytime, but if you are new to the anime world, then I would recommend watching anime right from the start. Here we BEGIN!

10. Ichigo vs. Grimmjow

epic big three anime battles

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Grimmjow was the Espada number 6, and trust me, he was SAVAGE! His aura, his personality, his powers, and the ability to scare the hell out of opponents make him the BEST. He fought with Ichigo two times, and the first battle resulted in Ichigo being heavily injured. 

He lost the battle, and it was an effortless win for this handsome blue-haired boy. This battle created enough curiosity and rage in the fans as they wanted to see Ichigo win. Thus, the next battle was spectacular and, indeed, one of the epic Big Three Anime Battles. Ichigo proved that he was remarkable. The battle kept the viewers on the edge of their seats throughout. 

Whenever we talk about the best Big Three anime battles, we can’t skip this one.

9. Madara vs. Might Guy

epic big three anime battles

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Might Guy is indeed a little goofy, but when it comes to fighting, you can not expect less from him. Despite using Taijutsu, he has beaten the hell out of Madara and that too at his prime. The battle between Madara and Might Guy is not only the best Naruto Battles but also the best anime battle of all time. 

He opened all his gates and risked his life to stand against Madara. He was so good that even Madara was stunned and was forced to praise him. The fact that Might Guy lacks nin and gen jutsu proves how hard-working he is to achieve this level. 

He is an absolute genius who was one of the toughest challenges for the overpowered Madara. This was indeed one hell of a fight.

8. Zoro vs. Dracule Mihawk 

epic big three anime battles

Credit: IMDb

Zoro has a different swag, and he is the greatest anime character ever introduced. Not only is his hair green, but he is a living green flag with all the right qualities. He’s ambitious and would never give up. Yet, if he has to choose between his friends and dreams, he will always choose his friends. 

All of his battles are watch-worthy and Oscar-winning. However, this battle holds a special place in the hearts of One Piece fans. His fight with Hawkeye was fantastic. Zoro couldn’t even scratch him and was no competition to him. This was the battle where he realized his potential and vowed to level up to defeat Hawkeye one day by being the greatest swordsman.

The fact that he was ready to be killed, facing death eye to eye, was the epic moment of the battle. Of course, it was an effortless win for Hawkeye. Still, he was impressed by Zoro’s bravery, leaving him alive only to see him being the BEST!

7. Zoro vs. Kaido

epic big three anime battles

Credit: One Piece Anime

Zoro has never let his friends or his fans down. He has been phenomenal in everything he does. All of his battles are noteworthy, but Zoro vs. Kaido is undoubtedly one of the epic big three anime battles. The respect he holds for his captain makes him stronger every single time. 

That was also one of the reasons he managed to give a remarkable scar on Kaido’s chest. If you are a One Piece fan, then you already know what a BIG DEAL is Kaido to the straw hats. Defeating him is such a task that fans pray to see him defeated. 

Despite getting beaten up, Zoro’s courage impressed Kaido and everyone on-screen and off-screen. Zoro showcasing his nine-sword style against Kaido was impressive. It’s not win or lose that makes a battle epic, but how entertaining it was makes it the best. 

6. Ichigo vs Aizen

epic big three anime battles

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Aizen was a big deal right from the start. He was a genius mastermind and extremely overpowered, who pushed Ichigo to his prime. The battle was fantastic as both Ichigo and Aizen kept on shocking everyone on-screen and off-screen. 

They were leveling up throughout, and the tension between them was EPIC. The fact that Ichigo had to seal Aizen proves how great of an opponent he was. This battle resulted in Ichigo losing all of his powers and returning to being an ordinary human being. 

Ichigo vs. Aizen will always be one of the best Big Three Anime Battles of all time!

5. Ulquiorra vs. Ichigo

epic big three anime battles

Credit: Wiki Fandom

This one was one of the scariest battles from Bleach and the best Bleach fights of all time. Ichigo lost control of himself and reached his prime at that point to defeat Ulquiorra, leaving not even a single trace behind. 

It is also one of the saddest battles in Bleach because nobody wanted Ulquiorra to die. Especially after knowing that he was innocent enough to not know what a HEART is. The battle was spine-chilling. Ulquiorra and Ichigo had an intense fight, leaving Ichigo almost dead and leaving a big hole inside his chest. 

Just when everyone thought Ichigo was dead, he woke up in his scariest form and took down Ulquiorra. 

4. Yamamoto vs. Yhwach

epic big three anime battles

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Yhwach is honestly a NIGHTMARE for everyone. The fact that he holds the power to write and alter the future makes him the deadliest. He is the most overpowered anime character overall, not just in Bleach. 

His battle with Yamamoto was spine-chilling enough to deprive the viewers of sleep. With no effort at all, he simply slashed Yamamoto, leaving his body cut into two parts. Yes, he did this to the captain commander of Gotei 13.

This battle simply gave a glimpse of his powers, making it harder for people to breath on-screen and off-screen. Yamamoto vs Yhwach had to be one of the Epic Big Three Anime Battles of all time.

3. Naruto vs. Sasuke (Final)

epic big three anime battles

Credit: Wiki Fandom

Naruto and Sasuke are the soul and heart of the anime. Without them, the anime world would have been boring. These two friends have proved their friendship every single time. In fact, kudos to Naruto for sticking to Sasuke till the very end. 

They have fought countless times, but the final battle between the both was the BEST. The two fought at their full potential, but none of them won. In fact, they ended up destroying their hands in the battle. At last, the two realized they would never be able to defeat each other. 

The whole Naruto fandom knows that the reason they could never win was because they never intended to kill each other, especially Naruto. The battle was not merely action or fight, but it was full of emotions. This battle just highlighted how precious is the bond that the duo shares. Naruto vs. Sasuke will forever remain the best anime battle of all time.

2. Luffy vs. Kaido

epic big three anime battles

Credit: IMDb

Whoa! This battle indeed left everyone speechless. One Piece fans were waiting eagerly for this moment to come. There have been many fights between Luffy and Kaido. However, this recent battle where Luffy fought with him after releasing his Gear 5 was simply fantastic. 

The goofy hero shocked the whole fandom. He fought this battle thinking out of the box, leaving Kaido and everyone impressed. Our boy defeating Kaido was one of the most awaited moments, and he did it, winning the hearts of millions of fans.

The battle was just a mood lifter as fans enjoyed every bit of it. Luffy vs. Kaido will forever be the best One Piece battle and also one of the best Big Three Anime Battles of all time.

1. Naruto vs. Pain

epic big three anime battles

Credit: IMDb

Naruto vs. Pain was indeed a roller coaster of emotions. It was easily one of the epic Big Three anime Battles. Pain was undoubtedly the phenomenal guy who simply gave goosebumps to everyone. Despite Nagato being ill, he impressively gave Konoha a challenging time. The fact that he destroyed the village with just his Shinra Tensei was PHENOMENAL!

If it was not for Naruto, his Sage mode, Kurama, and his Talk-no-Jutsu, Konoha would be gone for good. It was one of the scariest battles from Naruto as he broke his nine-tailed SEAL. There are absolutely no words that can justify the remarkability of this battle.

Both Pain and Naruto were impressive. Naruto, the hero, had once again saved his people and changed the hearts and minds of his opponent. This battle was a complete package as it offered everything from a range of emotions. This was, is, and will always be the best and most epic Big Three anime battle of all time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best anime among Big 3?

It’s actually a debate as the answer is truly subjective. Some fans like Naruto, others like One Piece and some like Bleach. 

What are Big 4 anime?

Naruto, One Piece, Beach, and Dragon Ball are the big three anime.


So, my dearest otaku, what are your favorite Big Three anime battles? I am sure you have a list of them, so be quick to share the list with us in the comments. It would be great to have a discussion on this topic!

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