Yamishibai Season 12 New Visual Revealed

Get ready for a chilling good time because Theater of Darkness: Yamishibai is gearing up for its season 12.

If you haven’t dived into this spooky sensation yet, you’re missing out on some seriously cool “paper stage” vibes. This anime has been keeping us on the edge of our seats for eleven seasons straight. It also seems like we’re in the midst of a horror anime renaissance, my friends.

Yamishibai is riding this wave of renewed interest in horror. It’s also bringing its unique blend of suspense and legendary tales to the forefront once again. This anime’s got that special something that hooks you in, and its twelfth season is all set to keep the legacy alive.

Yamishibai Season 12 News

Big news for fans of “Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Series” – the official crew spilled the beans on November 16, 2023. Brace yourselves because the 12th season is hitting your screens on TV TOKYO from January 2024!

Yamishibai Season 12
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This time around, they’re diving into the theme of “Rules.” So, get ready for some fresh, spine-chilling experiences!

The Plot

“Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories,” is a cool 6-minute anime series that dives into spooky tales inspired by Japan’s urban legends. It’s like a modern-day horror show but with a twist.

Every week, like clockwork at 5 p.m., an old dude sporting a yellow mask (they call him the kamishibaiya or kamishibai narrator) rolls up to a kids’ playground. He’s got stories, ghost stories, straight from the myths and urban legends of Japan. Additionally, he’s perched on the back of his bicycle, using the classic kamishibai (that’s Paper Drama in English) style to spin a new tale each week.

In the third season, our storyteller switches things up. Instead of the old man in the yellow mask, we’ve got a kid (who later turns out to be the Kamishibaiya in child form) chilling on a playground slide. He’s singing, “Friends on that side, come to this side… Friends on this side, go to that side…” while sketching out the creatures from the stories.

Yamishibai Season 4 brings back the old man and his trusty Kamishibai setup, keeping it OG with a new voice actor each episode. In Season 5, the kids swap the swings for the call of the silhouette man. Season 6? Forest setting instead of a school. Season 7 goes down in a creepy apartment, and Season 8 takes us to a bustling urban intersection surrounded by mysterious passersby.

Season 9 throws a curveball – our storyteller is now spinning tales for the animals from the Chinese Zodiac. And Season 10? Lastly, the finale drops a bombshell with a spooky tale based on Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai.

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Yamishibai Season 12 Cast

Get ready for some serious talent to spice up your horror anime experience! We’ve got the vocal prowess of top-notch actors like Kanji Tsuda, Ryo Shinoda, Yutaka Shimizu, Ponzu, Shujumaru Honda, and Seiyuu Yoshida. Additionally, we have Asuka Nagatsuki, Yoh Koizumi, Yuuka Shidomi, Sakitoko Tsuchiya, and Saori Aoki.

Steering the ship is the skilled director Akira Funada, taking the helm once again at the ILCA studio in cahoots with ILCASHIPS. Behind the scenes, we’ve got a squad of talented scriptwriters including Hiromu Kumamoto, Mitsuhi Sasagi, Choji Yoshikawa, and Saori Aoki weaving the spine-chilling tales. Muto Shoma is the mastermind storyboarding the series, and check out this lineup of animators: Yū Ebihara, Momoka Higurashi, Jimmy, “nishiyama&rie,” Seidō Kawanabe, Utano Hongo, and Tadao Yamagawa

This whole project sparked a spinoff called The World Yamizukan back in spring 2017, and there’s even a Ninja Collection spinoff anime inspired by the OG.

A live-action series adaptation of the anime made its grand entrance in Japan. It’s safe to say, the Yamishibai universe is expanding, and we’re here for it!


With its distinct style and spine-tingling tales, this show has carved out its own space, and the twelfth season is set to keep that legacy going strong.

So, if you’re into anime with a historical twist, based on Japanese rumors and urban legends, Yamishibai is the show to watch. Get ready to be spooked and entertained in equal measure!

Stay tuned for the latest anime news and updates!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I stream Yamishibai Season 12?

Crunchyroll, the home of everything anime, has it in their catalog.

How many episodes are there in total?

It has had 13 episodes per season so, around 143 episodes.

When did it start airing?

The first season came out on July 14, 2013.

Source: YamiShibai’s Website

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