5 Best New Anime October 2023 To Watch: Ranked

The fall season has already reached two-thirds progress and it is time to decide who is the best new anime in October 2023. It is fair to assume that new anime is usually overshadowed by the sequel anime for the season. Moreover, we have popular series of this anime season such as Spy x Family Season 2, Shield Hero Season 3, Tokyo Revengers Season 3, and more.

But, in this season, we will have new entries that can compete with the sequel anime. We have chosen the new anime comprised of a wide range of genres. Who are they? Let’s enjoy the ride of the new anime ranking!

5. The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Love You Anime

new anime in october 2023 the 100 girlfirends
100 Girlfriend Who Really Really Love You – Source: @hyakkano_anime

The 100 Girlfriends successfully earned this spot as a new anime in October 2023. The reason is because it has a nice comedy. First of all, the entire premise of this series is entirely a joke. With how the MC has been rejected 100 times, the god takes pity on him and gives him 100 girlfriends.

Though sometimes the anime has sweet moments, mostly, you will be laughing so hard because of Rentarou’s antics. The story isn’t half bad for a romantic comedy anime. Not only that, every girl who has a romantic interest in the MC has individual traits attached making this series worth watching.

Visually, the anime has a solid animation that matches well with the story. Of course, the visuals aren’t as beautiful as My Happy Marriage. But it has a distinct style that makes the comedy livelier. To sum it up, The 100 Girlfriends has become the best rom-com anime in this season.

4. Shangri-La Frontier Anime

new anime in october 2023 shangri-la frontier
Shangri-La Frontier – Source: @shanfro_comic

When anime fans heard the game genre, of course, isekai anime was the one that first jumped into their brain. Not only that, the MC tends to get tasteless buff without any meaning behind it. Thus, losing the point of character development.

But, Shangri-La Frontier completely shatters those premises. The show becomes enjoyable because the MC has a solid background on why he becomes a strong gamer. It is fair to say that this anime is the best new anime in October 2023 that has a game genre. Moreover, this is 2 – cour anime.

For once, we have an anime that has no side genre besides “game”. Think about it, some of the anime will include life-and-death situations such as Sword Art Online, and some anime use games as a bridge for romance. Yet, Shangri-La doesn’t offer any of that. It has the pure purpose of someone enjoying the game.

Furthermore, Shangri-La Frontier is also well-adapted. The visual aspects literally ooz high quality, making the series the best C2C studio work so far. In conclusion, this anime has to enter the watchlist for Fall Anime 2023.

3. The Apothecary Diaries Anime

new anime in october 2023 the apothecary diaries
The Apothecary Diaries – Source: kusuriya_pr

There is no word that can describe this anime except remarkable. As the only new anime in October 2023 that brings ancient Chinese culture, this anime really offers high historical value. Not only that, The Apothecary Diaries is also equipped with astonishing music, fantastic artwork, and superb voice acting making this series one of the best historical anime ever created

Let’s talk about the MC. Maomao is such a well-rounded woman who can do anything in the anime. She has complex traits including intelligence, funny, and beautiful features. But, she is also quite mischievous as well. Remind you that she keeps herself low profile to avoid having trouble.

For an anime that focuses on the medical aspect, this show doesn’t always have a grim atmosphere where death awaits. Sure, the solid background story already emphasizes that the inner palace where Maomao works is like a battlefield. But, the plot of how she can solve the problem is the main selling point.

2. Undead Unluck Anime

new anime in october 2023 undead unluck
Undead Unluck – Source: @undeadunluck_an

This Anime has earned the right to crown itself as the best shounen anime as the new anime in October 2023. Just think about it, every aspect of this anime screams the shounen genre. There is a power scaling system, all attacks have names, mysterious organizations, and every individual has distinctive extreme features.

The notable one is how engaging the battle is in this series. The author clearly racked his brain to create a creative idea on how to use the power unorthodoxly. The defining feature of this show is of course the various power each individual have. It is bizarre to think that every one of them bears a curse to himself.

From the first episode, we already offered a dark twisted narrative where our protagonist almost kills herself. Yet, when the story goes on, the story doesn’t get brighter either. But at least, we realize that the first narrative is only the tip of the iceberg. It also means that Undead Unlcuk has more to offer than depressing MC.

1. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Anime

frieren: beyond journey's end
Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End – Source: @anime_frieren

There is no word that can describe this series other than EPIC. We usually take the existence of an elf in another fantasy series for granted. But, what if the story ends? What if all of the characters already reached their age limit? Well, for elves, life goes on.

Frieren shows a rational way of thinking of long-lived races. With life expectancy exceeding thousands of years, why bother thinking about short-lived humans, or even getting to know them? She always ponders about that and only realizes that the meaningful short journey is worth more than her hundreds of years of journey.

In a nutshell, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End tells us that we should cherish the moment because we don’t know what the future has to offer. Maybe that small moment is the one that built our personality. Just like how Frieren becomes Hero’s company resulting in her personality to soften a little bit.

If the feel of the captivating story isn’t enough, this anime also has superb visuals compared to other anime in this season. Madhouse Animation Studio really outdid itself this time. The anime captures the smallest details which blends well with the deep ambience of the story. Slight wrinkles change within years, dirt flips up in the wagon’s wheel, and items that sometimes change in Hammel’s cabinet can be found in the series.

Moreover, the music and sound also have a big impact on this series. The subtle sound effects blended with high-quality visuals seem to make the whole scene more real. It is fair to say that out of every anime in this season, this series comes out on top of new anime in October 2023. Well, scratch that, this anime possibly enters the top 10 best fantasy anime.


The new anime doesn’t always get overshadowed by a sequel of a popular anime series. Sometimes, there is a hidden gem buried in the watchlist. Fortunately, that hidden gem is shining brighter this incredible season. Those five certainly have the potential to continue their story for the next season as the new anime in October 2023. 

But who will have their second season announcement first? We can just expect that announcement to drop sooner. That’s why, stay tuned for more upcoming anime news in Animefleek!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I stream them?

For overseas anime fans, the series is usually streamed on Crunchyroll, Netflix, or HIDIVE. But, you can watch Shangri-La Frontier, The 100 Girlfriends, and Frieren: Beyond Journey’s Ends on YouTube if you’re in Asia.

Will there be a second season of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s Ends?

Unfortunately, there is still no news related to that.

Where can I read the continuation of manga?

VIZ media is the one you’re looking for as they have a big repository of manga. Just for a small fee, you can enjoy reading your favorite manga.

What is the best new anime in October 2023?

Based on the various Anime Community polls, Frieren: Beyond Journey’s Ends comes out on top.

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