New Berserk Anime 2023 Gets Teaser Trailer

Whether it’s going to be a new Berserk Anime 2023 or not? This is the hot topic these days that has been crowding the minds of otaku. Watching Berserk has never been boring, even though it’s the most popular long-running manga. This clearly shows how much fans love Berserk, as it rules a huge fandom. 

Berserk’s story is very close to heart thanks to Kentaro Miura sensei and then Kouji sensei for their work. It all started with the spellbinding dark story manga. Its fame later led Berserk to get an anime adaptation. 

New Berserk Anime 2023-Teaser Trailer

Recently, on X, Studio Eclypse made a very surprising announcement. They have officially made it clear that they are working on a Fan-favorite comic. Yes, it’s none other than Berserk The Black Swordsman. The anime is currently in the pre-production phase, but it’s official that there will be a 2D anime. 

This is not the first project of Studio Eclypse; in fact, they were recently working on Attack on Titan’s alternate ending. They took the source material from the fan-made manga, which is different from the original/canon ending.  

They presented this exciting news with a teaser trailer which is raising the fan’s hopes. The short teaser looks engaging enough that we can’t wait already for it to appear on screens. 

About New Berserk Anime 2023 

new berserk anime 2023 guts

The Studio usually creates fan-made stories. However, for New Berserk Anime 2023, it’s expected that the story will follow the original plot to an extent. This is something that makes the whole announcement even more exciting. 

Judging from the 27-second Teaser Trailer, the quality of the anime looks good. However, Studio Eclypse has already received criticism for tracing the animation of previous projects. So, the viewer expectations are not that high. 

We can expect something great from Studio Eclypse, judging from their fan-made creations. However, Studio Eclypse is just a group of anime lovers working on the project. Therefore, we can’t confirm whether the anime will be completed or not.

Originally, I bet we all know that it’s the work of the Manga Creator Kentaro Miura sensei. After his death, his friend, Koujo Mori sensei, took responsibility to continue the series. Studio Liden Films has been working previously on the Berserk anime. It has worked on 2016-2017 Berserk anime. 

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About Studio Eclypse (Fan Animation-Berserk)

Studio Eclypse is not your average animation studio that works on anime. Instead, it’s an online animation group of anime enthusiasts with multiple skills. They have joined hands to bring fan-made animations to the audience. 

From their Patreon account, we can say they take support from the fans. Which helps them with the budget required for the production. Those who support can get access to the Studio’s premium content. There the creators share their concept art, series composition, and sneak peeks. They also present the supporters with an exciting treat by presenting them with terms of art style, animation style and a lot more. 

The Studio claims that they specifically work on anime that are ignored by the creators. We can understand them since there are a number of anime we want to see completed. Let’s see what they’ve prepared for us.

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What Is The Release Date Of The New Berserk Anime 2023?

We are only confirmed about one thing, and that is the work that has been started on the project. Otherwise, no other details are shared. Animating an anime usually takes a lot of time. As the Studio is different from other popular ones, it may take years. Therefore, let’s wait and see when the creators of New Berserk Anime update us with the release date. 


Is there going to be a new Berserk anime?

According to Studio Eclypse, they are working on the anime production.

Is Berserk ever going to continue?

Hopes are high for its continuation.

Is it worth it to watch Berserk?

Berserk is a top-rated and popular story. If you enjoy dark fantasy, this is a must-watch.


Watching our favorite Guts on screen is no less than a visual treat. The news of the continuation of this dark fantasy anime has left the fans in awe. So, half of the Berserk fandom is supporting the idea of continuing the story. Only time will tell what the Studio brings to us. Till then, let’s stay optimistic. You can share your opinion about the coming New Berserk Anime. For similar anime updates, keep following AnimeFleek.

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