Kingdom Of Ruin Manga Anime Adaptation: Review

The Kingdom Of Ruin Manga is quite popular in the manga community. The manga series enjoys love from fans around the globe. It started winning hearts in 2019, and there is no going back. After gaining enough fame, the anime adaptation came at the start of this year. And it’s not long ago since the anime was aired. 

There is a huge debate that has started regarding the Kingdom Of Ruin manga and anime. Some believe that the anime is good enough, while the rest believe the manga is better. Let’s discuss every bit of it and decide which one is better. 

Plot Of Kingdom Of Ruin

Long ago, Witches bestowed humans with magic that helped them excel in life. But now, with the scientific advancements, magic and witches have lost their value. Even worse, now, people, especially the Redia Empire, want humans to be free from witches. 

Thus, it has started a brutal witch hunt. In the darkness, a beacon of hope emerges, and that beacon is Adonis. He is the witch’s apprentice, and the  destruction of witches has left him furious. He vows to stand against them to take revenge. With time, his power develops and becomes the reason for the fans to stick to the story. I bet you’ll the fight involving magic users will intrigue you.

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It’s a dark story with a lot of violence and gore. It’s based on a revenge story, and it’s all about Adonis’ rage to take revenge. This isn’t recommended for those who prefer to avoid somber scenes. In fact, it has a lot of moments where characters die out of the blue. It’s a new entry in the dark fantasy anime genre, and it’s quite an enjoyable action anime with a touch of fantasy.  It’s definitely not a cliche simple story.

Kingdom Of Ruin Manga Art Vs Anime Review

kingdom of ruin manga
kingdom of ruin manga and anime cover

Credit: Kingdom Of Ruin Manga and Anime

Many times, when otaku love a manga, they wish to see their favorite characters on screen. However, there are a few who want the story to end in manga and don’t wish for the anime adaptation. This is because they are adamant about preserving the manga’s charm at any expense. Usually, when the anime airs, there is a 50/50 situation.

Some enjoy the character designs and animation, while others don’t. The situation mirrors that of the Kingdom of Ruin anime. There is a huge debate; many hate the animation as they believe many scenes are censored. Manga is original, and its art is pretty cool. While the others find the anime absolutely good. 


Many fans believe the animation and art of animation couldn’t meet the expectations of manga fans. Having read the manga myself, the art is commendable. The detailing, character design, crispness, and everything about the manga are simply perfect. In the manga, the compelling characters are what capture attention first. 

Unfortunately, the anime lacks HIGH quality. Though the anime is done nicely, it gives similar vibes to the anime produced in 2010. Having watched top-class anime like JJK, AOT, Chainsaw Man, and others have increased the viewer expectations. The animation of this anime is not up to the mark. It does look bland at times. 

Well, guys, honestly, we need to watch more of these anime. Watching popular anime has surely raised our standards, but we can’t miss these epic stories. The competition in the anime industry is indeed getting higher and higher. Keeping that in mind, that animation could have been better.  

Overall, the anime follows the manga, and it’s an engaging story. It’s a well-written action with fantastic style. The action scenes and the emotions won’t get you bored. Even if you are watching the anime, you should read the manga, as it’s worth giving a shot. 


Is it worth watching Kingdom of Ruin?

If you enjoy action anime with a fantasy approach centered around revenge, it’s worth giving it a try.

Is Kingdom of ruin getting an anime?

The anime is ongoing and its first episode came out in October,2023. 

Is there romance in Kingdom of Ruin anime?

It’s not a romantic anime. 


What’s your opinion on the Kingdom Of Ruin anime vs manga debate? Everybody has a different opinion on it. Let’s discuss it in the comments below. Which, in your opinion, takes the lead: anime or manga? If you enjoyed such a discussion, then stay connected for our anime updates.

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